Non-internet users face several barriers to meaningful connectivity. Here are a few of the challenges and how we’re helping to solve them.

Barrier 1: The high cost of data

Not having enough data prevents new internet users from fully enjoying the internet. That’s why we go beyond making internet-enabled devices accessible and also work to make data affordable. We do this by educating mobile carriers about the benefits of offering mobile data for free and at low prices.

Barrier 2: Low digital literacy

“Giving [KaiOS phone users] first-time access to the internet is kind of like handing a bucket of Lego bricks to a person who has never seen them and telling them, build anything!” KaiOS UX designer Tina Chen writes on Medium.

To help new users understand the possibilities of the internet and take advantage of them, we partnered with the GSM Association (GSMA) to create a digital literacy toolkit.

The toolkit is being used to teach customers the basics of the internet in stores when they buy their first KaiOS smart feature phones. Life app users are also accessing this content to gain digital skills.

Meanwhile, the KaiOS UX design team is working so that first-time internet users can gain digital literacy as they interact with their smart feature phones. Read Tina’s article to find out more.

Barrier 3: A lack of locally-relevant apps

Localized content gives newly connected people a reason to go online and stay connected. To ensure a continuous supply of KaiOS apps that address local needs, we provide developers with information, support, and opportunities.

We teach workshops, sponsor startup pitch competitions, participate in tech conferences, and visit coding schools in developing countries, all with the goal of raising awareness about KaiOS and recruiting new talent for our mission.

On occasion, we also work with developers directly to create content we deem essential to the KaiOS community. We recently partnered with KaiOS developer Valeriy Skachko to create Be Safe, a COVID-19 awareness and prevention app.

See the full list of apps we created in response to the pandemic.

Help us bring life-changing internet to everyone

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