Reach millions of new users through the KaiStore.

Already enabling over 160 million phones worldwide.

Why KaiOS

Easy to learn and adapt

Use simple coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build web-based apps, which are accessible even to beginners. Experienced developers and programmers, too, can easily adapt to web app development or transit existing native apps to web-based apps for KaiOS without starting from scratch.

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An audience of millions

Including first-time internet users from Asia, Africa, and South America who are hungry for relevant content that helps them make the most of their smart feature phones. The opportunities for developers to create apps with these specific consumers in mind are boundless.

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A chance to make a difference

Build apps that improve lives. Web apps don’t need to be overly complex to be impactful. Popular apps in the KaiStore are simple apps related to messaging, utilities, health, etc, because they address a specific need for users in emerging markets. This is the platform to put your content into the hands of the newly connected.

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A bold move

Stand out in a marketplace that isn’t crowded – yet. Developers can enjoy a less competitive environment and reach previously untapped markets through KaiOS as web apps are highly discoverable via internet search. App development for KaiOS is easy, so as the way to promote and maintain.

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Learn how to build KaiOS apps

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