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Press kit

Brand assets

Brand Standards & logos
Our company Brand Standards document, full logo lockup, logo, and standalone tagline.

Formats: PNG, PDF, SVG

Download (.zip, 25.2MB)

Product screenshots
Screenshots of KaiOS apps for smart feature phones.

Includes: KaiOS, KaiStore, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube.

Download (.zip, 11.1MB)

KaiOS video overview
Video overview of the KaiOS user interface.

Download (.mp4, 8.6MB)

KaiStore video overview
Video overview of the KaiOS app store.

Download (.mp4, 7.9MB)

KaiOS App Icons
Icons of KaiOS apps that are available on the KaiStore.

Download (.zip, 5.9MB)

Product video
Product video highlighting our mobile operating system’s USPs. Suitable for promotion towards end users in retail stores and online.

Download (.mp4, 17.6MB)

About the company

Boilerplate & company profile
Company profile & boilerplate.

Download (.zip, 1.37MB)

CEO information
Biography and headshot of KaiOS CEO Sebastien Codeville.

Download (.zip, 10.9MB)

Press inquiries

Use the button below for interview requests and other questions. Your email goes directly to our Communications team, and they will be in touch shortly.