Our mission

Advance digital inclusion and close the digital divide.

3.7 billion people have no internet access.

That’s nearly half of the world’s population left out of the digital revolution.

What's keeping them disconnected?

Smartphones are expensive. Data plans cost too much. The lack of digital skills and relevant apps makes them rather stay with the low-cost basic phones. They have yet to discover how to take advantage of the benefits of using the mobile internet.

Enable tomorrow.

KaiOS makes the internet accessible through light and affordable mobile technology.

KaiOS exists to empower people around the world through technology. It is more than a platform that takes 2G users to the next level with digital services, but also the ultimate enabler for digital and financial inclusion, bringing the first digital economy experience to the next billion. 

KaiOS enables the first-time internet users to transform and build a better tomorrow together.

Our platform brings wifi, GPS, apps, and other advanced features to phones that are affordable and easy to use.

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