• 4 Dec

    The First KaiOS-powered Smart Feature Phone Arrives in Indonesia

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  • 29 Nov

    New Apps and Utilities Now Available in the KaiStore

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  • 20 Nov

    AfricaCom 2018: Africa Joins the Digital Revolution with First-ever Smart Feature Phones

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  • 5 Oct

    Driving Innovation For Public and Social Services Through The Mobile Internet

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Tweets by @KaiOStech

Managing day-to-day activities is easier with the help of one of the #KaiStore’s latest additions: To-Do. Use this #app to easily record events, reminders, and ideas to give your brain a much needed break. https://t.co/QfpCQaUih9 https://t.co/qlJF1Okglo

Did you know the #WizPhone WP006 is the first #KaiOS-powered 4G #SmartFeaturePhone to launch in #Indonesia and our most affordable device to-date? #TheMoreYouKnow https://t.co/BjdkOtAhFt https://t.co/zTwSEnha8R

Coming Q1 2019, the #WizPhone WP006 will be available for US$7 (!) from vending machines (!!) at more than 10,000 @Alfamart stores all across #Indonesia. Learn more about this #SmartFeaturePhone via the #KaiOS blog. https://t.co/BjdkOtAhFt

Closing the #DigitalDivide in developing regions like Africa requires getting affordable devices in the marketplace. Together with @MTNGroup, we’re doing just that. More via @shapshak: https://t.co/qdz2EqII5h https://t.co/R0ss2iscvo

The launch of the #WizPhone WP006 marks another powerful addition to the lineup of KaiOS-powered devices — continuing our mission to eliminate the #DigitalDivide and provide internet access globally. Get the details on this #SmartFeaturePhone here: https://t.co/BjdkOtAhFt

It’s a common misconception that the #DigitalDivide is a problem only the developing world is facing, the US is experiencing the problem as well! https://t.co/Dt3KJrVYHs

We’re excited to be a part of this #SmartFeaturePhone partnership and hope it will generate positive momentum towards eliminating the #DigitalDivide! https://t.co/8kovsPm05u

#ICYMI – be sure to check out this @TechAltar video to discover the journey we’re taking toward becoming the third major #mobile OS. https://t.co/lIcVQvSnRQ

The feature phone reinvented

KaiOS brings smartphone-like functionalities to affordable phones: the KaiStore for apps. Video calls over 4G. Mobile payments through NFC. Even dual-SIM support.


  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • KaiStore
  • The Google Assistant
  • Facebook


  • Guardians
  • Plan.ET
  • Birdy
  • Gems

Social & messaging

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Messages
  • Video Call
  • Email

Long battery life