• 19 Nov

    KaiOS Technologies Brings Disney’s Beloved Characters to the KaiStore

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  • 14 Nov

    AfricaCom 2019: KaiOS Technologies Announces New Partnerships, Devices and Demonstrates a Growing Content Ecosystem

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  • 14 Nov

    Tigo Launches Their First KaiOS-powered Smart Feature Phone in Tanzania

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  • 13 Nov

    Vodacam, Azumi, KaiOS and MediaTek Forge Partnership to Bring Tanzanians Online

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Tweets by @KaiOStech

Are you ready to take the challenge of #DigitalDetox with the newly launched Red Nokia Flip 2720 powered by #KaiOS? Test it out this weekend! https://t.co/W1xrwWXjLT

We’re partnering with @Disney to bring the world’s most popular characters to KaiOS-powered #SmartFeaturePhones! Learn more here: https://t.co/6mMeChf14n https://t.co/7nvmuTUqPl

Powered by #KaiOS to boot? Very excited about this sleek new color! 😍 https://t.co/nJ9PtNOlQF

Congratulations to our partner, @Orange in winning the Best Connected Consumer Device Award at #AfricaCom! 👏 It was a pleasure to launch #Sanza together earlier this year to bring the #KaiOS-powered #SmartFeaturePhone to #Africa. https://t.co/aP4uh7HZG1 https://t.co/V4VWv2Mqcb

Join us at #GoogleForMobile in Bangalore, India to meet #Googlers from @Android, @googlechrome, @FlutterDev and #GooglePlays teams for the latest updates and tips across #developer platforms, on which the tools could also be developed for the #KaiStore. https://t.co/zDHWUqSDMv

In their latest report on the state of broadband worldwide, the @UNBBCom recommends that broadband be treated as a public utility, and made available, accessible, relevant, and affordable. Read it here: https://t.co/UfLWHSDHoe.

.@qz explores the evolution of the #internet, and how the history of digital communications leads us to a future of mobile connectivity: https://t.co/mVnlCJozTO https://t.co/O9VMZG54Dd

“Switching to a feature phone disabused me of the illusion that my life will come to a halt without my smartphone. It made me realize how insignificant most of what I used to do on my phone actually is.” Read more from @phonesolider, @DigitalTrends https://t.co/8ClVkyvh7D

The feature phone reinvented

KaiOS brings smartphone-like functionalities to affordable phones: the KaiStore for apps. Video calls over 4G. Mobile payments through NFC. Even dual-SIM support.


  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • KaiStore
  • The Google Assistant
  • Facebook


  • Guardians
  • Plan.ET
  • Birdy
  • Gems

Social & messaging

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Messages
  • Video Call
  • Email

Long battery life