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How we work

The best partnerships are those where everyone wins.

By providing opportunities for collaboration and shared revenue generation, KaiOS creates successful partnerships that bring value to everyone. Discover the advantages of partnering up with KaiOS – as a carrier, a manufacturer, or other.

Mobile operators

Grow your business by bringing the internet to customers you previously couldn’t reach.


Connect the unconnected

Bring the internet to an entirely new customer base.


Migrate existing customers to 3G/4G

Free up valuable network spectrum.


Increase revenue per user

Help feature phone customers move from voice+text-only to data subscriptions.


Build phones that meet the needs of new customers.


Expand your reach

Meet the needs of first-time internet users in emerging markets.


Build a product you can vouch for

We can customize KaiOS for you, or offer an out-of-the-box configuration so you can launch a device in months.


Get help along the way

With offices in Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong, we’re near the manufacturing action and available to help.

Other partners


We work with developers and content creators of all types, from corporations like Facebook and Google to individuals coding from their garage. Discover KaiStore apps.


Qualcomm, Mediatek, and UNISOC support KaiOS out of the box on several of their models.

Public and nonprofit organizations

To close the digital divide, we align our goals and actions with governments, nonprofits, and other public sector initiatives.


Launching a new operating system is the digital equivalent of sending rockets to Mars; we couldn’t do it without support from the world’s best investors.

Partner with us

Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We agree. Choose a category below to explore building something greater.