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Start with our Brand Standards to understand how you can visually utilize the KaiOS brand in your materials. The Implementation Requirements guide you through packaging design and app placement.


Brand Standards (3875 downloads) Implementation Requirements (3288 downloads) Logos (3046 downloads) Enabled by KaiOS badge (3645 downloads) KaiStore badge (3443 downloads)

Sales training materials

You can use the following materials for training sales and marketing teams.

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In-store marketing materials

You can use the following materials to promote and explain KaiOS in retail environments.

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Product video (2796 downloads)


Use the following materials during the package design process. Also make sure to read our Implementation Requirements for a full understanding on how to work with these materials.

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Packaging templates (3093 downloads) KaiOS apps strip (2943 downloads) Screen cling graphic templates (2030 downloads)


When you display a KaiOS product in your marketing materials, use one of the below screenshots to insert into the screen of the device.

Home screen (2018 downloads) Apps Screenshots (2649 downloads)

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