Updated: You’ll find a list of projects we’re involved in below. We’ll keep updating this list as new initiatives are launched.

Low-income individuals are more susceptible to contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. They’re also the most impacted by lockdowns.

That’s why, together with our partners, we are championing initiatives that help KaiOS users, most of who are low-income and live in developing countries, cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

We’re supporting our developers in creating solutions and working with carriers to promote them to the largest number of users.

COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention

Through the apps below, KaiOS users have access to reliable and practical info about the coronavirus disease and prevention measures.

Be Safe

Be Safe provides users with essential information about the coronavirus disease and how to stay safe. All the content comes from the World Health Organization (WHO) website and is available in English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Urdu, Arabic, Swahili, and Russian.

We’re working hard to get this life-saving information in front of as many people as possible through push notifications and texts (sent by carriers) promoting the Be Safe app. Since its release on KaiStore on March 23, Be Safe has become the second most downloaded app of the month.

COVID-19 Stats

COVID-19 Stats tracks the number of reported cases, deaths, and active cases around the world and per country. It also features a “top 20” list of countries and their confirmed cases, deaths, and recovered cases. It’s available in English and in French.


The app that equips first-time internet users with tools and resources in digital skills, health, education, and other essential topics now includes coronavirus-related info from UNICEF and the WHO. It also gives users access to the WHO’s WhatsApp chatbot, which answers questions in real-time.

To ensure this essential information reaches the largest number of KaiOS users, we’re running ad campaigns for Life in other KaiOS apps, including games.

COVID-19 Coping

With 1.5 billion kids out of school, resources for online learning are more important than ever. We’ve partnered with various organizations that give kids free access to educational content.

With schools shut down for the unforeseeable future, virtual learning is becoming the norm in most developed countries. We work with a local digital agency in Nigeria to make virtual learning possible for children there too, with an app that allows students to learn, take quizzes, complete assignments, and prepare for national exams, all on a KaiOS-enabled device. More details about this exciting partnership will be announced soon.


Thanks to Worldreader, kids and adults everywhere can access a digital library of high-quality, culturally relevant books, including titles across different languages.

Users can access the library from any KaiOS-enabled phone, choose from over 10,000 titles, and save them for offline reading.

In light of the current crisis, Worldreader has made a number of resources available to parents, caregivers, and teachers, including a collection of stories curated for children from birth through primary grades. 

Worldreader is just one of the reading apps for KaiOS – to explore all of them, visit the KaiStore and choose the Book/Reference category.

Read the latest blog from our partner, A4AI to learn why it’s now more important than ever to ensure everyone gets connected in times of crisis.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’re staying safe.