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Tim Metz chats with Vimbayi Kajese, founder and CEO at #Adtags. Vimbayi discusses her personal experience of not seeing herself represented in the media and of being “the only black kid” in the spaces she frequented—including China Central Television (CCT), where she became the country’s first African anchorwoman. Vimbayi also talks about the critical work she’s doing to increase the representation of people of color in advertising through her innovative startup, #Adtags.

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More on Vimbayi

Vimbayi is the founder and CEO of #Adtags, a marketplace for trendy images of people of color. The first African woman to headline news in China, Vimbayi has received numerous honors, including a World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader nomination in 2017. She is a sought-out interviewer and public speaker. 

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Other show details

Host: Tim Metz — Marketing Director KaiOS
Recording date: 24th of July 2020