Upgraded Design for a Better User Experience

A mobile device’s interface and design greatly impact the overall user experience, and for this reason Kai strives to make improvements to our operating system at every opportunity. Take the new KaiOS-powered MTN devices for example, which feature an updated and intuitive home screen.  

The updated user interface, known as a carousel design, showcases key applications on the home screen including Google Search, Google Maps, The Google Assistant, YouTube, and Facebook.

Thoughtfully designed, the keypad offers different shortcut features for a better UX experience. By pressing the left key on the D-pad, the side menu will appear with the carousel design. This shortcut previews preloaded applications, which can be toggled through by pressing the Up and Down keys. By using subtle transitions such as this, the user’s experience is streamlined for efficiency.

The purpose of this update is to make it easier for users to navigate the home screen, and find the apps and utilities they use most frequently. 

Our goal is to make smart feature phones with 3G/4G LTE capability, comprehensive interfaces, and rich user experiences accessible for everyone. With this latest update, we’re demonstrating our commitment to fine tuning the KaiOS experience at each step along the way. 

How can we improve further?

At KaiOS we’re constantly developing best practices and products that meet the demands of our users, and to do that, we need your feedback. We’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts on KaiOS, its features, and core functionality, so visit us at @KaiOSTech on Twitter. 

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There are 62 Comments

  1. Allen.Guo

    Why Whatsapp is not available on KaiOS? Whatsapp is a very important feature of smart feature phone.

    • Enver R.

      I’d like to see Viber app.There are too many games instead to have more important apps for mobile users.

      • Kai Helps

        Enver, we are doing our best to make sure our customers get the best apps including the ones for instant messaging like Viber. Please keep an eye on our updates to be first to know more about what is released. Thank you!

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Allen, WhatsApp is indeed available in KaiOS, on numerous devices already. We hope to extend its availability in the near future – please follow our updates here, on our blog.

    • When will we get news features so that we can access 4Generation Network?
      Thank You

  2. When will come 3.0 update in jio phone f90m plz

  3. steve

    according to wikipedia kaios v3 is announce for july. also the new design this post is mentioning seams to be for kaios 3.

  4. Ashish murmu

    Jio f220b softawar

  5. Christoffer Sahlgren

    Is there an emailing list you can be on for info/updates regarding the OS?

  6. 3.osoftware jio f41t viber and new app insstall IPHONE OS INSSTALL

  7. Shahriar

    the model of phone is awesome.can you relis this phone in bangladesh? it would be the best feature phone in banglaeesh.i can’t wait to for this phone.

  8. an

    whatsapp is now available on the cat b35 after applying the kaios2.51 update

  9. an

    kaios2.5.1 new pop up design when pressing the left arrow is good. however it is not for everyday practical use. this is because the pop up list only have a predefined list of apps(store, facebook, assistant and youtube).
    kaios should allow users to customise the list of apps in this pop up list because not everyone may have a high priority for these predefined apps.
    for me, i would more prefer the messaging app assign to the left arrow like it was in the kaios 2.5.
    another issue is the performance when navigation using read-out screen reader is reduce. example when navigating you have to wait from 0.75 to 1 seconds to get spoken feedback. this was not present in the kaios2.5.
    whatsapp is also not working with read-out; no spoken feedback is given when reading messages, navigating the options and sending voice notes.

  10. David

    How can I customise the carousel? I won’t use these default apps.

    Thank you very much.


    • Kai Helps

      Hello David! Could you specify your question please?

      • David

        Hi, can I change the list of 4 apps in the ‘left button’ carousel? For example, could one be ‘messages’?



    • Kai Helps

      Hi David, currently, there’s no way to customize the carousel apps. We understand that this can be a great feature request, therefore, we forwarded it to our developers.

  11. an

    the carousel is the list of apps when you press the left arrow from the home screen.
    i think david wishes to modify this list to add user defined instead of the predefined apps.

    • Anon

      I cannot believe the choice of apps in the “carousel” or home screen apps list. I love your product, but seriously – this is a phone and there is no longer a quick link or button to get to the messages/SMS app? Wow. Or email? Calendar? I guess I’ll just start checking the Store and YouTube more often as that’s what the developers seem to think I would want to do. On a more serious note, this most recent update broke several strong features of this phone: easy and fast usability (ridiculous carousel apps and no option to edit them), the battery-life which seems to have taken a hit, the sound profiles (I can no longer designate a sound/ringtone for calls and “none” for notification sounds), and the favorites on the web browser no longer work either. Hmmm. Well, I certainly look forward to your next update and hope something better happens. Thanks for the good effort.

      • Kai Helps

        Hi there, it is great to hear from you – you spotted so many points to improve in our system. All this feedback has been forwarded to our product team – they will surely have a look at it. Should you have any other questions or issues, feel free to send us a message here: https://support.kaiostech.com/support/home

    • David

      Hi an,

      Yes, exactly that 🙂 .

  12. Peter

    Great job, but how can I authorize a bluetooth-device (car radio) for calling list access without prompting a request on the phone everytime I start my car? Here in Germany it is a criminal act if the driver touches a phone when the engine is running. Phonebook access works without asking.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Peter, this is a great point – thank you for bringing this up. Have you checked if your car Bluetooth profiles match with your device? Here are the profiles that work with Nokia:A2DP 1.2

      AVRCP 1.3

      HFP 1.6

      HSP 1.2

      OPP 1.1

      PBAP 1.1.1

      MAP 1.1



      If some of them doesn’t match with your car or missing, please contact Nokia directly.

  13. an

    hi david,
    hopefully the ability to customise the carousel apps will come in the next update.
    for me i prefer the 2.5 interface better because it was faster in response time and also the more productive messaging app was assigned to the left arrow instead of the less productive apps in the carousel on 2.5.1.
    i am aware that kaios has a close policy, however, when bringing out new version they should allow beta testing by user to obtain user feed back so as to make a better user experience and this will help to make the os more in tuned with the user.
    i have pointed out over 20 issues to kaios hope they can fix at least 2 in the next update.

  14. Mark

    I second the custom carousel option and would like to add that the media player needs a navigate and play folder option. I often find my music listed as 5x the same interpret, but with only one songfile each. Who uses this except Itune users anyway? Also the mobile network, wifi and Internet shareing setting should be grouped, this way one doesn’t have to scroll through all the settings list each time. Getting numbers while typing should work with a long press or simmilar, eg getting the “1” needs scrolling through all the other characters as its on the end. Cheers

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Mark, we appreciate your feedback. We hope there are more features on our way and we will be glad to share them with you. Additionally, we have passed over your suggestion to our product team. Thank you!

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Himansu, are there any apps which you want the most?

      • Krystnero

        I would really love to see Shazam music discovery app, have it on my Nokia E5(SymbianOS) which i still use from time to time.

      • Nici

        I would like to have TELEGRAM…

      • blaisepaschal

        include apps in the kai store like yahoo mail with a yahoo instant messenger that will be able to give notices to the notices page and a notification sound at the same time and for g-mail as well, then a pdf reader and if it is able to edit and print from the printer via wifi it will be appreciated also, and an office tool like word office e.t.c., a way in which its possible to send documents to the printer after typing via wifi will also be appreciated

        note! making the pdf reader able to edit and print via wifi from a printer and a printer app.
        from my own reasoning
        installing the ”office apps” from the kai store (i.e. word document, power point/presentation, excell/spread sheet, and printer. seperately )
        the reason is – the apps would work together i.e. to be able to edit the pdf file, it have to automatically convert to word document file, the printing part will be automatically the printer in which any document can be printed there even from the web browser

        • Kai Helps

          Thank you for detailed requirements! I will forward it to our engineers and product team.

        • Kai Helps

          It makes sense – thank you for taking your time and sharing all that feedback with us. We have forwarded it to our product team for a further review. Feel free to let us know if any other questions arise.

  15. an

    1. there should be a search feature in settings. this will be benefitial because users will not have to scroll through all items to find what is required.
    2. there should be the ability to assign different functions to the left and right soft key
    3. when inputting data, there should be the ability to long press a button to get number digits instead of having to use the #key to switch.
    4. add feature to see call duration during a call

  16. I was interested with this KaiOS phone, it smart phone, but for Store feature is not allow us to search new app or new other
    Thank you

  17. Johar Wahyudi Susanto

    1. Custom message tone. Custom only available for call only.
    2. Delete pre install YouTube app, since native app available@ store.
    3. Simple account switch in email apps.
    4. Dark mode like Twitter app.
    5. Shortcut to open app

    • Kai Helps

      Hi, it is great to hear you’ve got some feedback for us. Could you specify the device model this feedback is intended for?

  18. vijay kumar

    when coming feature of status or and emoji in jio black f120bmodel?

  19. Uddipta

    Please make the Kai phone for a true Kai OS experience.

  20. RABIU

    why my contact name is apear in call history

  21. Felix

    Would be nice if we had a better music player, one that doesn’t crash that often and hangs up when I have 900 songs, maybe play by folder selection, “nokia 8110 4g canada on bell mts” its a great OS but you have iron out the bugs!

  22. Kukundakwe Esau

    I opened an account to support antitheft of kaios and forgotten my password.what can I do in order to visit my account.thankyou good afternoon.

  23. Ahmad Tahir

    When will the ability to edit the carousel apps be included? Thanks.

  24. Adam

    Hey KaiOS, nice work so far.

    I’m looking to design an app for KaiOS, having read through the Design Guide I wondered what functional elements are available to access? Particularly, around the “UI Components”.

    I’ve noticed that most third-party apps don’t utilise these components and generally look, feel, behave differently to the tools/games from the KaiOS team.

    Do you have plans to make these components available (beyond the specs), such as code, or another way to ensure the implementation matches closely with design work? I’m eager to create an experience that is consistent with the platform.


    (FYI, I tried to send this through the contact form on your developer site but it gives an error page)

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