We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Indonesia mobile device company WizPhone and franchise convenience store Alfamart. Together we will officially launch the WizPhone WP006, the first KaiOS-powered 4G smart feature phone in Indonesia and the most affordable device running on KaiOS that is currently available in open markets.

The WizPhone is a groundbreaking smart feature phone unlike anything ever offered in Indonesia; it is the result of a new business model that couples retail and banking incentives to make the device more affordable. Customers can get a WizPhone WP006 from vending machines at more than 10,000 Alfamart stores for just USD$7 (IDR99,000)1. Then, with the built-in AllWizapp, customers can unlock shopping benefits in Alfamart by scanning barcodes on each product and making their purchase directly via the app on their WizPhone.

Google has also been instrumental in this launch by ensuring their digital services operate on the WizPhone via the KaiStore, so consumers have access to a suite of Google apps, including Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Search. Further, Google Assistant works in Bahasa Indonesia, bridging the digital divide by allowing users to easily access the internet and apps through voice.

Pictured Scott Huffman, Vice President of Engineering for Assistant in Search announcing the KaiOS-powered WizPhone WP006 with Google Assistant at Google for Indonesia on December 4

This launch will mark another successful addition to the powerful lineup of KaiOS-powered devices — continuing our mission to provide internet access to users across the globe. As of now, KaiOS runs on more than 50 million phones across North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Based on HTML5, KaiOS and the KaiStore will provide top-of-the-line features like games, messaging, streaming apps, and social media to WizPhone users. The device runs on Qualcomm MSM8905, making 4G/LTE more accessible without sacrificing functionality and battery life. It also supports important functionality like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

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1Initial selling price of the first batch of devices and it will then be further reviewed

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