The First KaiOS-powered Smart Feature Phone Arrives in Indonesia

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Indonesia mobile device company WizPhone and franchise convenience store Alfamart. Together we will officially launch the WizPhone WP006, the first KaiOS-powered 4G smart feature phone in Indonesia and the most affordable device running on KaiOS that is currently available in open markets.

The WizPhone is a groundbreaking smart feature phone unlike anything ever offered in Indonesia; it is the result of a new business model that couples retail and banking incentives to make the device more affordable. Customers can get a WizPhone WP006 from vending machines at more than 10,000 Alfamart stores for just USD$7 (IDR99,000)1. Then, with the built-in AllWizapp, customers can unlock shopping benefits in Alfamart by scanning barcodes on each product and making their purchase directly via the app on their WizPhone.

Google has also been instrumental in this launch by ensuring their digital services operate on the WizPhone via the KaiStore, so consumers have access to a suite of Google apps, including the Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Search. Further, the Google Assistant works in Bahasa Indonesia, bridging the digital divide by allowing users to easily access the internet and apps through voice.

Pictured Scott Huffman, Vice President of Engineering for Assistant in Search announcing the KaiOS-powered WizPhone WP006 with Google Assistant at Google for Indonesia on December 4 

This launch will mark another successful addition to the powerful lineup of KaiOS-powered devices — continuing our mission to provide internet access to users across the globe. As of now, KaiOS runs on more than 50 million phones across North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Based on HTML5, KaiOS and the KaiStore will provide top-of-the-line features like games, messaging, streaming apps, and social media to WizPhone users. The device runs on Qualcomm MSM8905, making 4G/LTE more accessible without sacrificing functionality and battery life. It also supports important functionality like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

CPU: Dual Core 1GHz (Qualcomm MSM8905)
Screen size (inches):2.40
Internal storage:4GB
Camera:Rear: 2MP
Front: VGA
Battery capacity (mAh):1,800
Standby time:250 hours

1Initial selling price of the first batch of devices and it will then be further reviewed

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There are 40 Comments

  1. JS QT

    Great news!

    When will devices in this price range be available in western countries? A $7 KaiOS phone with access to the internet would be very popular as a backup phone in Europe and far more practical than the current alternative: a low end smartphone running a (very) out of date operating system.

  2. eko prasetiyo

    does this work with all operator in Indonesia? does this has wifi tethering capabilities?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! In general, KaiOS supports WiFi tethering in Version 2.5. Please note that we are working with device manufacturers (OEMs) and in some cases, they will determine if a certain feature is implemented or changed. We recommend reaching out to the respective device manufacturer for more specific information about WiFi tethering as soon as the device comes out. As for the operators, it still depends on the carrier/OEM partnerships, so we would recommend checking this information with them too.

  3. Robert

    Dear KaiOs,

    I am interested a lot into your feature phones, however i cannot switch from android unless the new phone has whastapp.
    Will this new wizphone support it?
    Thanks in advice

  4. does it support dual sim and/or external storage?

  5. I’m very interested in this phone because it’s very cheap and I really like it, can’t wait to try it ..

  6. India is all sim card will be installed this phone ? Yes &no

  7. Rio

    Does kaios support whatsapp ?? Please let me know I can’t find the information anywhere

    • Kai Helps

      Rio, WhatsApp is currently not supported, but we are aware of its importance and we are constantly working on expanding the range of apps and services we can offer you. Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the near future.

  8. Angga Arya S

    I hope this phone have wifi tethering

    • Kai Helps

      In general, WiFi tethering is supported in KaiOS. However, some baseline features may be changed or left out by the OEM – the device manufacturer. For more specific information, please contact the device manufacturer directly.

  9. Afrizal

    Hi I Would like to know if this Wiz phone will support for accessibility feature such screen reader? I think Blind android users will switch to KaiOS wizphone since it has fisical keyboard.

    • Kai Helps

      Afrizal, in general, has various accessibility features including the Readout feature. However, we are working with the device manufacturers and, in some cases, they may choose to change some baseline features in the KaiOS. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to the device manufacturer for more information on the matter.


    I want a dealership wizphone in India..
    Waiting for response

    • Kai Helps

      Abdul, thank you for contacting us. In this case, we recommend reaching out to WizPhone directly as they are the device manufacturer. Feel free to let us know if any questions arise.

    • Kai Helps

      Abdul, in this case, we recommend reaching out to WizPhone representatives since we are not the device vendor nor the device manufacturer.

  11. Navin

    HI team, Can you also integrate NFC into your phones so that in future when phone based payments become possible and popular your customers are able to enable it as well? As you know that cashless payments is a strong agenda for many governments as well as banks and payment technology companies. Since your devices are targeted at the masses, enabling them for NFC can fast-track adoption of mobile based payments linked to a debit card or bank account a possibility. Please explore this urgently.

    • Kai Helps

      Navin, thank you for this suggestion. NFC is currently not supported but we hope to add more features to our devices in the future. Please note that we are not the device manufacturer, therefore, it also depends on their decision to implement such functionality. You may contact the device manufacturer you had in mind and suggest this feature to them.

  12. Sunil

    Dear kaios
    i want kaistore in jio phone

  13. Diar

    I would like to know that this phone has native VoLTE and support FDD850 and TDD2300 frequency.

  14. Nukareddynarasareddy


  15. Md. Aman Ullah Talukder

    KaiOS powered phone like Wizphone is most suited for countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where there are huge demands of this handset. Thanks.

  16. we are waiting from bangladesh

  17. Nugraha

    It’s already May 2019, but I haven’t hear any news about this device anymore in Indonesia, it hasn’t even be launched yet.
    Looks like the manufacturer abandons KaiOS devices altogether. Could someone please confirm it?

    • Bob Tutup Oli

      It’s Oktober 2019 now. I would like to know, too.

      When will the WizPhone WP006 become available in Indonesia?

      Are the WizPhone WP006 still going to be sold through Alfamart?

  18. Ali

    Apakah sudah ada yang memiliki hp ini??

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