SivooTV, the widely adopted app of SIVOO, Inc., is an on-demand entertainment platform that caters to a global audience. Available on KaiOS-enabled smart feature phones, SivooTV offers a treasure trove of ad-supported, high-quality, low-bandwidth streaming video shorts.

What SivooTV Brings to KaiOS

As downloads are increasing in the United States and countries across Africa, the SivooTV app is positioned to conquer the global stage through prominence in the KaiStore. With a vast array of entertainment programming sourced from third-party providers, SivooTV takes care of video content licensing, encoding, transcoding, and streaming. This collaboration ensures that KaiOS users in over 150 countries have access to a rich variety of content: both language-agnostic and in several high-demand languages, breaking down barriers for those with limited literacy.

News, sports, music, lifestyle, and kids’ video programming are some of the core content verticals that make SivooTV a versatile and inclusive platform. To enhance your viewing experience, SIVOO offers premier content packages, allowing you to tailor your entertainment choices to suit your preferences.


Founded in 2000, Sivoo pioneered a digital streaming network of on-demand multicultural entertainment over the Internet. With users in over 100 countries, it serves telcos and mobile operators across the world with thousands of hours of quality on-demand content that is available in both freemium (ad-supported) and subscription platforms for PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

As we step into 2024, SivooTV on KaiOS continues to redefine the entertainment landscape, making high-quality, diverse content accessible to smart feature phone users globally. Embrace the future of on-demand entertainment with SivooTV on KaiOS!

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