We’re excited to announce two new KaiStore features: search and automatic updates.


With the growing number of apps in the KaiStore—over 700!—we thought it was time to implement a search feature.

For users, the search feature makes finding apps easier. Now, instead of endlessly browsing for what they’re looking for, all they need to do is enter a keyword in the search field.

The search function then filters across app names, categories, publishers, and descriptions to display best-matching results. This works in all languages and accommodates partial keywords and even misspellings.

For developers, the new search feature improves app discoverability, especially for apps that support multiple languages and have clear and accurate descriptions.

Automatic Updates

With the latest release, the KaiStore is automatically updated by default. Users will no longer see notifications about updating to newer versions.

For the KaiOS developer team, not having to support older versions of the KaiOS app store means more time for building even more exciting features.

What’s Next

The new KaiStore is currently being tested in select countries. We’ll be rolling out the update globally soon.