KaiOS was at CES® tech event 2024 — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. 

By participating in those key events, our team works tirelessly to drive innovation and extend the influence of their devices. At CES 2024, KaiOS has consolidated its pivotal role in the democratization of Internet access worldwide and global innovation, especially in the dynamic field of 5G, slated for an early 2025 rollout on your KaiOS device.

The primary objective of KaiOS 5G Smart Feature Phone project is to tackle the key issues present in current phones, with a particular emphasis on the markets of United States, Japan, India, and China. The main goal is offering a swifter internet connection, enhanced performance, broader market accessibility, access to popular applications and a user-friendly experience. Our focus is on tailoring software and features for the US market’s primary audience — senior individuals and non-tech-savvy users, particularly those using flip phones. We aim to simplify sharing, enhance AI-driven sorting and searching in the library, and drastically simplify text composition for SMS, emails, and other messages.

Just as the KaiOS team was able to do at CES 2024, dive deep into the future with these articles from Theverge and TechCrunch highlighting the latest in AI and groundbreaking technologies from CES 2024. Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead as KaiOS continues to thrive in the era of 5G, unlocking new possibilities and reshaping the mobile landscape.