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In a pioneering move to connect the unconnected populations of Africa, KaiOS Technologies and Mobihive Lab have announced a strategic partnership, focusing on offering Smart Feature phone on easy instalments to unbanked customers using their proprietary digital platform having features like eKYC, CRM, credit profiling engine, AI-generated instalment plans and locking and unlocking mechanism. The collaboration aims to bring 4G KaiOS Smart Feature phones to first-time users and existing 2G subscribers in Zambia, Rwanda, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone.

Unlocking Connectivity with Affordable Solutions

This partnership empowers consumers with affordable options, allowing them to pay a deposit from as low as $10 and walk away with Smart Feature device, followed by affordable weekly or daily repayments. By alleviating financial barriers, the initiative aspires to drive digital inclusion and internet adoption across the targeted regions.

Connecting the Unconnected

Dale Strydom, Business Development Director MEA of KaiOS Technologies, said, “This collaboration with Mobihive Lab is a leap towards bridging the digital divide in Africa. By offering accessible and budget-friendly smart feature phones, we are unlocking the potential of digital connectivity and enabling millions to access the internet and the benefits it brings.”

In the partnered regions, Mobihive Lab will leverage KaiOS’s robust device financing locking technology to make the 4G KaiOS Smart Feature phones available, thus playing a crucial role in connecting the unconnected and fostering digital empowerment.

Enhancing Digital Footprint in Africa

Chetan Dogra, MD of Mobihive Lab, expressed, “Our partnership with KaiOS Technologies symbolizes a shared vision of enhancing digital inclusion in Africa. By introducing affordable payment plans, we are not just making technology accessible but also fostering a digitally literate society that can leverage the benefits of connectivity.”

The partnership will see the launch of Mobihive Lab in Zambia, Rwanda, Liberia, and the DRC, reaching out to diverse communities and ensuring the availability of smart feature phones.

About KaiOS Technologies

KaiOS Technologies powers an emerging ecosystem of affordable digital products and services. Its flagship product, KaiOS, is the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones with more than 150 million activated devices in over 150 countries.

About Mobihive Lab

Mobihive Labs Limited is a UK-based fintech company specializing in smartphone financing services, specifically Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions for unbanked individuals in Africa. Its state-of-the-art digital platform offers various features, including instant credit profiling, psychometric analysis, eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer), and AI-generated instalment plans. As an added security measure, if a customer fails to make payments, their smartphone can be locked. Its mission is to connect millions of Africans.


This partnership between KaiOS Technologies and Mobihive Lab is not just a business collaboration but a collective step towards a more inclusive and connected world. The companies’ shared mission to make digital connectivity accessible and affordable reflects their commitment to fostering global digital inclusion and literacy.