KaiOS is proud to stand alongside Global Digital Inclusion Partnership (GDIP) in celebrating a year of remarkable achievements in advancing global connectivity. 

As a valued partner, KaiOS recognizes the importance of meaningful connectivity and applauds GDIP’s commitment to bridging the digital divide. GDIP has made significant strides, impacting lives and communities worldwide. From playing a key role in the Women in the Digital Economy Fund to advising the World Bank on gender-responsive policies, GDIP’s contributions are both diverse and impactful. 

As GDIP embarks on groundbreaking research, supported by the ISOC Foundation, KaiOS eagerly anticipates the insights that will emerge, shedding light on the economic consequences of digital exclusion. GDIP’s advocacy at various international forums underscores the organization’s dedication to shaping inclusive policies. KaiOS encourages support for GDIP’s mission and invites all stakeholders to join in advancing global digital inclusion. 

For further details on GDIP’s impactful initiatives this year, please refer to their detailed summary at: https://globaldigitalinclusion.org/2023/11/21/one-year-of-gdip-in-action-advancing-meaningful-connectivity-impacting-lives-and-communities/