The second version of our Life app has daily content updates, in-app web browsing, and the ability to save and search posts. We’ve made these improvements based on feedback we received from tens of thousands of users of Life v1 and are now rolling out version two in 30* countries.

The new version of Life app can reach millions of new users across Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and beyond

With Life, first-time internet users in emerging markets can learn about the world through tips, advice, and information on these core topics:

  • Upskilling
  • Kids Learning
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health
  • Digital Literacy
  • Agriculture
  • COVID-19

Content for these topics comes from selected companies and non-profit organizations such as Audiopedia, Worldreader, Justdiggit, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Girl Effect, wikiHow, Mosabi, GSMA, and many more! Thanks to these partnerships, the original Life app has steadily been in the top 5 apps on the KaiStore. In this new version, we’re delighted to welcome even more partners to join us, providing engaging and easy-to-follow content in various local languages to accommodate different needs and literacy levels.

Feature Details

The second version of Life brings these four new features.

  • Dynamic feed with daily new content: We’ve changed how we display information in the app to resemble KaiNews, our news app. This approach with daily updates keeps readers engaged and ensures all content is topical and relevant at all times.
  • In-app web browsing and multimedia support: With in-app web browsing, Life users enjoy a seamless experience when viewing our partners’ content. The newly integrated video and audio player also ensures uninterrupted browsing.
  • Search and save posts: Life v2 includes a search function based on keywords so that users can quickly find the topics they want to learn about. You can now also save content for later reference.
  • Regionalized content: Partners can tailor their content per region to address local needs, cultural differences, and other localization requirements.

How to download the new version of Life?

It is available on KaiOS devices in 30 countries with:

  • Both 256 and 512MB RAM
  • The latest Life version 3.1.0


We believe in enabling communities around the world through mobile technology with trusted, life-changing resources. If you’d like to help us provide content to Life users, please fill out this form to suggest content, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

*Check the countries/regions with Life app supported: