KaiOS Launches Developer Portal

The KaiOS Developer Portal is here, and it’s got everything developers need to start building and distributing KaiOS apps.

Tools and resources include:

In addition to these resources and support, KaiOS gives developers access to a large, unique user base which includes first-time internet users in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Running on over 100 million devices worldwide, KaiOS is already the world’s third-largest OS – and we’re growing.

“We’re delighted to welcome more developers, designers, and engineers into our ecosystem, and can’t wait to see all of the incredible content they create,” said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies.

Click here to visit our Developer Portal. To find out the answers to common questions that tend to come up during the development process, check out our FAQ.

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There are 11 Comments

  1. Hello i buy tecno T901 but refused to download opera app,always saying your device is not support or invalid.what is the problem? Thanks

  2. kotz

    will u be developing facebook messenger for kai os?

    • Kai Helps

      We often receive this feature request about Facebook Messenger. We are aware of its importance and our product team will consider it for the future update.

  3. Unable to turn on developer mode on tecno t901, any way round this. And is there any alternative to the outdated Firefox Web IDE???

  4. Olaide Nojeem Ekeolere

    justbought tecno t901to develop appsfor the kaiOSbut i cannot see the developer mode, how do i enable this? Thanks.

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