For many of our users, their KaiOS-powered device serves as their first touchpoint to the internet, so it’s important that we provide valuable services and information they’ve never had access to before. As social media and digital news services continue to outpace newspapers as the leading news source, we know that it is pivotal for our users to have access to the breaking news and headlines that matter. That’s why we’re proud to introduce News, the first news app in KaiStore developed in-house with content powered by Opera News. With News, users gain access to a tailored feed of relevant news based on their location, language, and genre/category. Users can choose from the 44 available regions and languages to customize news specific to their location. Updated every 15 minutes, users can personalize their newsfeed from 12 categories such as business, sports, entertainment, food, and more.
  While News will not come pre-installed in KaiOS-powered devices, it can be downloaded for free via the KaiStore now. For more information on all apps available on KaiOS-powered devices please visit, Meet The Apps Available On KaiOS.