2018 will be a year of transformation in developing, underserved markets. Here at Kai, we’re laser-focused on working with our partners to bring affordable phones with smartphone-like functionality to these groups. And, we’re not the only ones helping bridge the digital divide. Here are a few recent stories of new tech advancements and folks helping to provide emerging communities with digital opportunities.

Google Assistant is coming to India

Last month, Google announced that its Google Assistant would be arriving to feature phones, and the first phone to receive it is JioPhone. Despite its humble appearance, the phone offers support for downloadable apps, video calls, and NFC payments. In addition, the handset will be accompanied by its customized version of Google Assistant. This month Google Assistant is already available in JioPhone with positive feedback on its accuracy and convenience. This event brings innovation and advancement to the phone industry across the country filling the gap between smartphone and feature phone users.


New ECC rules will bridge digital divide

Last month, the UK’s Electronic Communications Code implemented new regulations that will allow telecom operators and utility providers to pay reduced rents to landowners. According to the minister for digital, Matt Handcock, these new changes will help people who are struggling with poor connections by reinforcing mobile and broadband services. Matt also believes that the new rules will accelerate investment, enabling mobile operators to improve their networks in unconnected places.


KaiOS transforms the Indian market through launch of JioPhone

Also this month, we announced our successful launch and growing presence in the Indian market. Our KaiOS mobile operating system powers the JioPhone, a revolutionary lite phone offered by Reliance Retail Limited, which is now available for purchase. This launch makes KaiOS accessible to millions of new users in India, after successful launches in the U.S. and Canada through partnerships with Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.


CES 2018 showcased all the trends

As one of the biggest shows of the year, the Consumer Electronic Show featured major tech news and announcements. NewsWatch predicted that augmented reality, wireless charging, and IoT would be featured prominently.


Facebook will invest in the Indian startup Ecosystem in 2018

Facebook is offering new opportunities for startups and those who are looking to develop professional skills in India. Ankhi Das, director for Facebook in India, said that Facebook will invest in shaping digital skills in that country. Specifically, the company will focus on small businesses, particularly ones that are run by women. Das also reported that the company has been providing training skills to 12,000 women entrepreneurs, as well as 60,000 small businesses. With all those initiatives, Facebook is infusing the Indian startup ecosystem with big investment and skills development opportunities. It is also a step to expand its largest market, which has more than 450 million internet users and 616 million mobile users, according to Groupe Speciale Mobile Association.


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