KaiOS Technologies, in partnership with VMK, is pleased to announce the launch of the Elikia Moké 2. This event marks a historic moment for VMK, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary by introducing its iconic product. The Elikia Moké 2 relies on the power of the KaiOS operating system to offer a better experience to users. 

The first Elikia Moké was introduced a decade ago and captured the market due to its exceptional quality, durability, and affordable price. Elikia Moké 2 is a successor that reflects the evolution of the technological needs of modern users thanks to the KaiOS Technologies operating system, designed with the support of Google and Facebook, to make life easier for basic phone users. 

One of the key features of the Elikia Moké 2 is its efficient integration with KaiOS. Users will have access to the KaiStore, a platform that offers more than 1,200 apps in addition to those pre-installed on the phone, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, and many more. 

“The Elikia Moké 2 is more than just a phone, it is an extension of our commitment to our users,” said Vérone MANKOU, Founder and CEO of VMK. “By combining the power of KaiOS with our expertise, we have succeeded in bringing to market a product that will satisfy the widest range of people.” 

Dale Strydom, Business Development Director for KaiOS EMEA, commented on the partnership, saying, “We firmly believe that this collaboration will not only celebrate VMK’s remarkable journey but also provide consumers with a device that caters to their evolving technological needs. It’s more than just a phone; it’s an extension of our commitment to empowering people around the world through technology.” 

To celebrate this 10th anniversary, VMK expresses its gratitude to its community and users, who have supported the brand throughout this decade. The Elikia Moké 2 symbolizes the continuation of VMK’s commitment to meeting the ever-evolving technological needs.