At KaiOS, we are thrilled to collaborate with companies that share our vision of a more connected world. Today, we are excited to introduce Panita, a smart feature phone powered by Logan, a Venezuelan company with over 25 years of experience in technological solutions.

Key facts about Panita:

Market Presence: Mainly in Venezuela, with successful sales in Uruguay.

Market Success: Panita has emerged as the most affordable smart feature phone in the Venezuelan market. Empowering over 85,000 people, they are on track to connect over 200,000 by year’s end!

Unbeatable Prices: Logan believes in making quality technology accessible to everyone, reflected in their competitive pricing starting at just $27.

Personalized Attention: Going beyond sales, Logan offers exceptional customer service experience.

Social Impact: Logan takes pride in not just creating a recognizable brand but also in their philanthropic efforts. The establishment of “Fundación Panita” reflects their dedication to providing rural schools access to information, thus enabling students to continue their education.

Discover key features about Panita smart feature phone on the KaiOS website here!

KaiOS and Logan: A Team for Connectivity

At KaiOS, we are proud to partner with companies like Logan who share our commitment to bridging the digital divide. By offering accessible and user-friendly KaiOS devices, Panita is helping to connect the unconnected to the ever-expanding digital world!

You can follow Logan’s journey across their social medias ( on Instagram) or on their website.

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