World Laughter Day is an annual global celebration dedicated to spreading awareness about the incredible power of laughter. Did you know that laughing not only boosts your mood instantly but also contributes to your overall well-being, potentially adding more years to your life?

So, let’s make this day extra special by embracing laughter in all its forms! Whether it’s watching your favorite comedy, diving into a funny book, or exploring the laughter-inducing apps on your KaiOS device, let’s make every moment count with contagious laughter.

On this special occasion, we have curated a selection of five apps to keep you entertained throughout the day!

  1. Daily Dad Jokes:

Powered by Qubic Ventures, offers you 100s of hilariously funny dad jokes to get you laughing! Share jokes with your friends and family!

This app, powered by Plusminos, contains more than 40.000 jokes, each and every one of them extremely funny! Laugh to your heart’s content!

Thanks to this app powered by Cypien, you get a vast collection of the best dad jokes existing! Send these to your son or tell them in front of his friends for the highest embarrassment.

A collection of the funniest jokes to lighten up your day, powered by Narr.

Fun ON, powered by M Zubair Talha is a fun-filled application that provides users with endless jokes and humor. We’ve updated the interface and added a share option, so you can now share jokes with your friends and family. Additionally, we’ve updated our collection of jokes to keep you entertained. With a vast collection of jokes in Urdu, Bengali, and English, this app is sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you in splits. Whether you’re feeling down or just want to brighten up your day, Fun ON is the perfect app for you. 

Here is to a day filled with endless giggles, hearty chuckles, and belly laughs! Happy World Laughter Day from all of us at KaiOS!