(left) JioPhone – launched in Sep 2017  
(right) JioPhone 2 – launched in Aug 15 2018

Thanks for your interest in the JioPhone and KaiOS. If you have additional questions, feel free to visit our Help Center or reach to the Jio Customer Support! Since KaiOS is running on tens of millions of these smart feature phones in India, we’ve listed below the four most asked questions about the JioPhone and KaiOS.

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When will the KaiStore be launched on the JioPhone?

Every KaiOS-powered device has only one store for apps. On most phones, this section is called the KaiStore, but some partners can decide to customize this. For example, on the Nokia 8110 it’s called “Store,” and on the JioPhone it’s called “JioStore.” In Reliance Jio’s case, the content of the JioStore is also determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link.

When is WhatsApp coming to the JioPhone? Also, what about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other apps?

We’re delighted to share that WhatsApp is now available on the JioPhone, together with other apps such as YouTube. If you’re waiting for another app to come to JioPhone, we recommend you follow both Reliance’s and our social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest app release announcements (@kaiostechdev.wpengine.comtech and @relianceJio on Twitter, and @kaiostechdev.wpengine.comtech and @Jio on Facebook).

Can I develop apps for the JioPhone?

You can learn more about developing apps for KaiOS on our developer portal. Development and submission requirements for the JioPhone might differ slightly from other KaiOS-powered devices. When specific documentation on development for the JioPhone becomes available, we’ll let you know through our social channels (@kaiostechdev.wpengine.comtech).
Reliance Jio determines the content of the JioStore, so we at Kai can’t guarantee whether your app will be made available on the JioPhone.

Can the JioPhone be used outside of India?

The JioPhone is SIM-locked, which means you can’t use the device with any other operators other than Jio. Users can purchase international roaming pack offered by Jio when using outside India.

Thanks for your interest in the JioPhone and KaiOS. If you have additional questions, don’t forget to check out our Help Center! Have a partnership idea? Click here to fill out the form. Our sales will get in touch with you shortly.