Frequently Asked Questions About The JioPhone and KaiOS

(left) JioPhone – launched in Sep 2017  
(right) JioPhone 2 – launched in Aug 15 2018


The Kai Support team receives many questions about the JioPhone. This comes as no surprise since KaiOS is running on tens of millions of these smart feature phones in India. Below, we’ve listed the four most asked questions about the JioPhone and KaiOS.

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When will the KaiStore be launched on the JioPhone?

Every KaiOS-powered device has only one store for apps. On most phones, this section is called the KaiStore, but some partners can decide to customize this. For example, on the Nokia 8110 it’s called “Store,” and on the JioPhone it’s called “JioStore.” In Reliance Jio’s case, the content of the JioStore is also determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link.


When is WhatsApp coming to the JioPhone? Also, what about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other apps?

We’re delighted to share that WhatsApp is now available on the JioPhone, together with other apps such as YouTube. If you’re waiting for another app to come to JioPhone, we recommend you follow both Reliance’s and our social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest app release announcements (@kaiostech and @relianceJio on Twitter, and @kaiostech and @Jio on Facebook).


Can I develop apps for the JioPhone?

You can learn more about developing apps for KaiOS on our developer portal. Development and submission requirements for the JioPhone might differ slightly from other KaiOS-powered devices. When specific documentation on development for the JioPhone becomes available, we’ll let you know through our social channels (@kaiostech).

Reliance Jio determines the content of the JioStore, so we at Kai can’t guarantee whether your app will be made available on the JioPhone.


Can the JioPhone be used outside of India?

The JioPhone is SIM-locked, which means you can’t use the device with any other operators other than Jio. Users can purchase international roaming pack offered by Jio when using outside India.


Thanks for your interest in the JioPhone and KaiOS. If you have additional questions, don’t forget to check out our Help Center!

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There are 441 Comments

  1. Budi Heru

    I’m waiting for KaiOS to implement Whatsapp live chat on my Nokia 8110 4G. Any update or news when this implemented?

  2. inugala shiva

    please kaios improving the systems
    1 file manager
    2.copy & paste support
    3.any files move & copy full screen view
    5.any file rename option
    6.ringtone creative option
    7,hotspot support,videos,music personal lock app
    9.twitter,uc browser,paytm,vidmate& any usefull apps

  3. Kai Helps

    Hello Vemula! Thank you very much for your feedback. I have forwarded it to our product team, so they could consider making the necessary improvements to the contacts sharing in the future versions of the KaiOS. As for the issues related to the apps (auto-rotate setting in the Video player, File Manager, app lock), please contact Reliance Jio, as they are responsible for the apps on the JioPhones and they also determine if certain features that KaiOS offers are implemented or changed on the JioPhones:

  4. Ahmed

    Is there list of phones running KaiOS? Would be nice to have an easy overview of the supported phones, ideally with the links to appropriate kernel sources and images.

  5. Raj D'Souza

    Hi, I’m using Jio Phone F120B. When I will get file manager and cut, copy and paste option? Plz help???

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Raj, thank you for reaching out. In general, the File Manager app is supported in KaiOS. However, some features may be subject to change by the device manufacturers (OEMs). Since the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio, we would recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS.
      Be sure that I have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them to the next software version.

  6. Kai Helps

    Hi there! My apologies here, but now we only have English-speaking support only. Currently, the feature of blocking particular contacts or calls is not supported. You can rest assured that we will work on bringing more features in the future. As a workaround, you may try to use the call barring feature provided by your mobile carrier.

  7. Kai Helps

    Hi Rishi, Currently JioStore is the only app store you can get on Reliance Jio. Maybe you can let me know which particular app you are interested in that makes you want to have a pure KaiStore on your device?

    • ajith

      this jio phone is good . please update voice recorder,whatsapp directive file location , instagram app in jio store and send audio files in whatsapp (mp3) facilities then it will be the massive sale phone in india.

  8. sunit sagar

    your html browser in jio phone is very slow it stucks many times and freezes . as every mobile user is familiar with the legacy of opera mini browsers, tell them to develop the app for your os. and thats how everyone is going to benefit including you me & company.

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable feedback.
      Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS.


    When will be the apps (Whatsapp) will be available on Nokia 8110 4G?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! We cannot comment on the specific release dates before the official announcements are made, hope you understand. Please follow our blog to keep yourself updated on the latest news and app announcements. Thank you for your interest!

  10. Tony

    When like whatsapp will come

  11. Kishan

    whatsapp kab aane wala he

  12. arun

    Am using jio phone 2 for past two days
    1. make us allow to keep ring tone from file manager
    2. i could find contact by type the first letter (every time to search i should press enter key)
    3. need emoji (basic smile)
    4. hike app needed
    5. i couldnt find jio games in my phone
    6. but bring contact share via sms

    and i love the way u powered to import contacts from gmail through browser thank u for this

  13. Aaron

    Hello, when the Nokia 8110 will get whatsapp in the store?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Aaron. Hope you understand that we cannot comment on the specific release dates and plans unless the official announcement is made. You can always follow our blog to stay updated on the latest news and app announcements.

  14. Soumadeep

    My phone is JIO PHONE.
    Please add –
    1) file manager system
    2) copy paste system
    3) add downloads option in browser

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! Thank you for your feedback! As much as we’d love to help regarding the variety of apps, the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  15. I have not got any whatapp update in jio phone.

  16. Kai Helps

    Hello! Thank you for your feedback! You can contact Reliance Jio directly in regards of update and hardware issues .

  17. Kai Helps

    Please note that the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. As a starting point for more information about the JioPhone, JioStore, and apps please check 🙂

  18. Kai Helps

    Hello! What device are you using?


    What will get kaios 2.5 version in jio phone f30c?

  20. sanjoy bag

    I am using whats app on jio phone , all is ok but where the image save on which i download through whats app, image not show in jio phone galary ?

  21. Aditya

    Havnt got kaios 2.5 update. still on kaios 2.0. and so i cant run those newer apps. still waiting… please help!

  22. SemiColon

    how can i download and install kaios(kaios iso file) on VirtualBox ???

    • Kai Helps

      Hi! KaiOS is currently available as a pre-installed OS on the select number of device models. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded as an image file or installed directly on any device.

  23. defdefred

    Signal app on KaiOS please !!!

  24. when will messager app jio phone. make quickly so please please

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Rakesh! We appreciate your feedback – we at KaiOS are constantly working on adding more apps and features that are essential for a modern-day user. However, if you want to request an app specifically for JioPhone, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly as they are in charge of the JioStore. You may reach out to them via this link:

  25. Dennis

    Is Nokia 8110 going to have whatsapp or not?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Dennis, WhatsApp is not supported in the current version of KaiOS. Please note that we cannot comment on the release plans or future updates until they are live. We hope you will stay tuned!

  26. jenish

    when was my jio phone is update.(kai os 2.0 – kaios 2.5

  27. Please reply your jio phone new app upcoming name

  28. Kai Helps

    Priyanshu, we appreciate your comment here. We recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly as they are in charge of the JioStore and all the updates performed there. You may reach out to them via this link:

  29. George CX

    I am having JIO digital life phone,(1st version) is there any updation in it’s KAI OS for tethering so that I can use the phone to get internet connection in my PC

    • Kai Helps

      Hi George. In general, USB tethering is supported in KaiOS. However, we are working with the device manufacturers (OEMs) which may change or leave out some features available originally. For more information about this feature, please contact Reliance Jio via this link:

  30. Mahinder seervi

    When kaios 2.5 come jio phone model no. F81E

  31. jio phone ! A feature of google had been taken.(4,5.6,7,8,9,*,0,#)

  32. Mera jio phone ios launcher nahi ho raha hai aur play store me download nahi ho raha hai mera

  33. jitendra bag

    KaioS 10 September at 21:13

  34. Arya

    Jio phone f30c not opening watsapp . Which date it open

  35. Rishav Agrahari

    Hi, I recently bought a jio phone an transferred all my contacts using bluetooth……but i cannot find those received files in file manager, please help

    • Kai Helps

      Rishav, you should be able to find them all under the ‘Notices’ option on the main screen, on the right-hand side. Please let us know if this helps.

  36. dwipayan

    My jio phone f61f version is when i got update for 2.5 plz inform me

  37. prbaror

    Hi Kai OS,
    I am using Jiophone F120B, there is not hotspot, USB or Bluetooth tethering. Why ???
    If you’re plan to update these supportive features in your next version or not ??? Bcoz without these features how we use our jiophone internet pack in our PC. Please update soon…

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! Thank you for letting us know about the issues you have. In general, various tethering options are available in the KaiOS, like WiFi or USB tethering. However, since we are working with OEMs (the device manufacturers), some of the features are changed or left out. For more information about the features, please contact Reliance Jio directly:

  38. your kaios2.5 my jio phone f61f not update you please solve the problem

  39. Sk abbasuddin

    How is possible in whatsapp video calling in jio phon

  40. pawan

    my jio phone me softver 2.5 kab aaya ga

  41. Md salik nafis

    Mera update nahi aaya hai abhi tak kaise kare update

  42. Goutam

    jio phone f101k me 2.5 software kab aaeyaga

    • Kai Helps

      Goutam, as much as we’d love to help regarding the variety of apps, the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  43. yukeshwaran

    please update emoji in whats app

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for the suggestion. We hope to bring more apps and features like adding emojis in the future. However, if you are interested in improving The particular app like WhatsApp, we would recommend reaching to the app developer directly. Here’s the WhatsApp support email:

  44. Apurba Panja

    My Jio phone powered by kaios has been locked due to forget password.
    How can I solve this?

  45. Abhilash

    Bro i didnt get my file maneger software update v 2.0 when i will get my update

  46. shyam pradeep shah

    My phone is not up to date please show which day to update file manager app f61f jio phone model update

  47. Akshay kumar

    Jiophone model:-f30c file manager nhi aya hai bhaiya ji aur kafi dino se new update bhi nhi aya aur video screen rotation bhi nhi ho rha hai please help me sir ji mera phone me abhi 2.0 hi chal rha hai please mera problem solved kar dijiye

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Akshay, thank you for reporting your issue. As much as we’d love to help regarding the variety of apps (including the File Manager), the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  48. kirok ckz

    F30c main 2.5 ka updates kab ayega

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there, thank you for reaching out. As much as we’d love to help regarding the software update, it’s Reliance Jio who eventually decides when the software update will be pushed. If you have questions regarding the software update or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  49. Chinmaya

    please devlope a dictionary app in jio phone

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for your suggestion! We have passed it on to our product team so that they can take into account. Feel free to let us know if any other suggestions or comments arise.

  50. musanur

    f61f me kaios 2.5 ka update nahi mila


    My Jio F41T model is not starting and even flashing is also not accepting showing error as Repartition ,Failed:unknown device

  52. Saroj manoharkalhan

    My f61f model me 2.5 ka update kab aaye ga

    • Kai Helps

      Saroj, as you may know, the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. If you have issues with updating your device to the latest version, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link: and ask for more help.

  53. Mukesh Daimary

    i need to know, jio phone f3oc is not updated at version 2.5 please launch new version

  54. vikash kumar

    hamare jio phone model no f41t hai isme abhi 2.5 ka update nahi aya hai please jaldi bheje please

  55. anuj

    I have not received kaios 2.5 on f61f model

    • Kai Helps

      Anuj, As much as we’d love to help you get the software update on your device, Reliance Jio decides when the updates are being pushed on their devices. If you have questions regarding the software update, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  56. Dhairy Tripathi

    Just wondering could we flash stock kaios in jiophone to get kai store and stock feature and if yes will our network still work?

  57. Akshay Chauhan

    Im using JIO Phone F90M KaiOS 2.5 System is up to date I have perfect Internet connection.

    When I try to send some images or uploading some images through a third party app such as Whatsapp or Facebook it takes me to gallery. But inside gallery no images or videos are available. When I opened Gallery app there was nothing inside it. I have clicked many images but are not showing inside Gallery. When I check those images inside file manager I can find those images without any problem. If I share those images from file manager I can do the image by opening File manager clicking Right top button and choosing ‘Share’ option then Facebook, whatsapp and bluetooth appears and after that by choosing whatsapp I can send it to any person. But while I try to add a new profile picture UI takes me to gallery but nothing is there in gallery.

    Please help

    • Kai Helps

      Akshay, we truly appreciate you reporting this issue to us. I have forwarded your request to our engineers for a further troubleshooting. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

      • Akshay Chauhan

        Your Welcome!! One more thing, If I put a music mp3 file in Jio Cloud using my computer can I download it from Jio Cloud that I have installed on my same Jio Device that I mentioned in my previous post.

  58. my jio phone update jaldi aane do please my model no.f61f

  59. i need 3.0 software update plz give me

  60. i need 3.0v software update my jio phone f90m

  61. Chetan

    Pls launch ios in my jio phone and new play store update

  62. Piyush

    Mere jio phone me model no f61f me 2.5 ka update kab ayega pls update bhej do

  63. Rohan

    I have jio phone F120B. This KaiOS is completely sucks. unable to connect to PC. unable to share to other Android. Only Bluetooth option available to share. And that also failed to transfer files.
    I am using for 1 months and i will now resale to someone. Coz i don’t need this Shit.

  64. My jiophone schreen is dameg

  65. Deepesh tiwari

    Sir! Jiophone F30C me 2.5 version kab ayega. Please update it.

  66. Nirmal

    I have not found my phone’s upgrade option

  67. Jiostore is not getting in jiophone

  68. Ayush rathi

    Model F101K

  69. Chetan

    Please put appstore and send my MSISDN number imidetly

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Chetan, could you be more specific about your queries? We would be more than glad to assist you further. Thank you in advance!

  70. Mudit

    Mere f120b me hotspot update nahi aya hai

  71. Hotspot is coming in jiophone by update,but why not came in my jiophone lf2403n.(please help …this is 100% real)

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Sagar, have you tried reporting your case to Reliance Jio first yet? We would appreciate if you can reach out to Reliance Jio directly for a preliminary analysis since they are indeed in charge of pushing the updates to their devices. Here’s the link for your convenience:

  72. jio phone f101k update 2.5 nhi aaya hai update kar do plc.

  73. ej martini

    I love alternate os systems like you guys I think that if you implemented snapchat, Instagram, Google, or other widely used apps, into your os, maybe as bloatware or simply included in your app store, I think that you guys would do much better as a development team or as a company in whole

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Ej, we appreciate your honest feedback – it is very nice of you. We are working together with our partners and developers to introduce more apps and features, so we hope you keep yourself posted on the news and updates on our social media channels and the blog:

  74. Harsh

    At Jio phone 2 app store Jio Switch app not available.

  75. Adhil

    No emoji in jiophone

    Please set emoji in jio phone

    • Kai Helps

      Adhil, thank you for the feedback. In general, emojis are not supported in KaiOS but we are working on adding more apps and features to it along the way, so we appreciate your thoughts on improving it.

  76. sahoo

    can we use hotspot in our jio phone?

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Sahoo, in general, KaiOS supports hotspot feature, like in WiFi or USB tethering. However, some features may be changed or left out by the device manufacturer (OEM) or a mobile carrier. Therefore, we recommend checking this first with REliance Jio via this link:

  77. svsvsvsv

    mane jio phone ko 12 january ko update kiya to jio phone me internet sharing ka optiojn aa gaya lekin uske kuch din baad dobara updbte aaya to update karne ke baad internet sharing ka option remove ho gaya please help

  78. Manoj saini

    Dear sir my jio phone not open in main display this phone only show me with big jio logo and downloaded complicated and than switched off problem plz tell me solutions


    mere jio phone f30c mein kai os 2.5 ka update nahi aaya hai.

  80. Igor

    I’m waiting for the following features:
    – Copy and paste, or maybe selecting text and saving to notes application, or at least making screenshots;
    – Whatsapp;
    – Saving PWA (Progressive Web App) shortcuts to the menu.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Igor, we are glad to hear the suggestions from you. Our product team is already aware of that so we hope they will take it into consideration. Feel free to let us know if anything else comes up – we will be glad to hear from you anytime!

  81. jio phone modal no f61f me hotspot @ play stor@3.0 ka software update kab tak ayega hame dedho

  82. ADESH

    jio phone F90M (black) not update

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Adesh, we appreciate you reporting this case. Have you checked your issue with the update with Reliance Jio yet? We recommend doing so for a preliminary analysis.

  83. Aprajit

    I am not get my jiophone F101K UPDATE

  84. shubham

    My jio phone model f50y got update in january which created a lot of software issue like gps turning automatically on. slow response on keys.UI freeze. bad battery life etc.tried resetting but that doesnt work out. i am helpless as jio is unable to provide any help through software fix.

  85. Aj

    Hi,can you please provide playstore,tik tok,share it and other apps in the next software update in my jiophone.

    • Kai Helps

      Aj, as much as we’d love to help you with the app content, it is managed by Reliance Jio. If you want to request an app, please share your feedback with Reliance Jio directly. Thank you!

  86. sangram singh

    version 2.5 is a bad one
    after upgrading mine jio f120b starts hanging alot
    there is nothing in the phone memory no photos no songs even i didt instal whatsapp but it still hangs many time
    kindle help me to downgrade my os version
    provide me a solution of it

    • Kai Helps

      Hello Sangram, thank you for reporting this issue to us. Could you send us more details via our Customer Portal: ? We would be glad to assist you. Thanks in advance!

      • Animesh

        Your support team replies with generic responses. I have 2 different models F30C and F90M of JioPhone and both of them started hanging ALOT after the update. I went to the service center and they re-installed the firmware but the problem persists in both of them.

        • Kai Helps

          Animesh, we apologise for the inconveniences this has caused you. Would you mind sending us a message via with as many details as possible? We would be happy to help you!

  87. Aj

    How i can operator services in my jiophone f101k

  88. Nilesh Jagat

    Sir mujhe kaios ka firmware chahiye

  89. Kartik

    Sir mera jio phone sd card show nhi kar raha hai model f30c

  90. Nishikant singh

    can you not upload games on jiogames like pokemon or other based on stories or missions

  91. Ketan patel

    Jio first mobile software update ka charge kitna he???

  92. S

    After kaios 2.5 update , JioPhone has become too slow than it was before the update

  93. Jiophonef220b me whatsapp status update de ji ye app stord update

  94. How to developer mode on in jio phone

  95. Arthur

    Hey Kais (guys), I just kinda wonder that, I bough a Nokia 8110 4G at Malaysia, which is a amazing back up phone for me and I love it, but I find out that there is no Twitter nor Facebook that is available to download via the Kai Store, I know WhatsApp wasn’t widely available other than Jiophone 1 & 2, but is the Twitter and Facebook apps are regional lock as well? Thanks.

  96. Samiran Giri

    my Jio f61f model me jio location automatically on ho raha he . mey bar bar off kar raha ho manually.. phir se on ho jata hey. battery bahut kha raha hey…. keya karo….pls HELP

  97. Abhik Talukdar

    What is the Latest Software & Build for Jio Phone 2 (f300b) model

    • Kai Helps

      Abhik, the software version of JioPhone is 2.5. As for the software build, it is managed by Reliance Jio so we would recommend checking this matter with them.

  98. Arpit

    I didn’t get hotspot update In Jio phone

  99. Aneemesh V

    Hi, great job on KaiOS 2.5 so far! Facing some issues/bugs though:
    – Can’t type ‘0’ in text fields
    – UI crashes frequently (for example when removing from charging, using JioSaavn, etc) and phone doesn’t respond/wake up from sleep.
    I’m using JioPhone 2 (model F300B).

  100. This is good knowledge jio phone and other

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable feedback. Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS.

  101. Jio phone buttons are not working. Quality of keypad is very bad

  102. Gaurav Bhardwaj

    Sir i want to ask when kaios gave 3.0 version & about its new feature

    • Kai Helps

      Gaurav, we don’t comment on our plans or future releases until they are live. Stay tuned for more news and announcements.

  103. how to on my jio phone hang on and not restort

  104. suprit naik

    my jio phone mai application storage fill ho raha hai

    • Kai Helps

      Hi! Would you mind sending us a message via with more details? We would be glad to assist you.

  105. suprit naik

    new apps and online games to play with friends and other apps will come on jio phone

  106. Sahil gautam

    Kaios in jio phone f90m is too slow in opning even call logs and say no quick responcive take time to open after pressing key.. Plz make an upgrade to fast up the software working and fast boot.. Thankyou.. People say and feel its so annoying when it take minutes to open dailled numbers or msgs….

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Sahil, we are grateful for your message. Could you tell us more about the issue in the direct message here: We look forward to hearing from you.

  107. Himanshu

    Respected sir i have jio phone Version f41t and its software is corrupte how do i Reinsteel it by PC

    • Kai Helps

      Himanshu, could you specify what exactly is wrong with the software? You can try to simply reset your device and see if it works any better. We look forward to hearing from you.

  108. Arppith

    I am one of the user of jio phone ! Sir plese can u bring hotspot in the jio phone . But in my phone there is no updates so plese bring hotspot option fast in every jio phone

  109. Sanskar Keshri

    How we can make downloaded files support in the Jio phone

    • Kai Helps

      Sanskar, if you mean File Manager, as a rule, it is supported in KaiOS. However, the device manufacturer may leave out such a feature. We recommend checking this with Reliance Jio for more information regarding this functionality.

  110. Rahul

    Im using F41T. I had mailed to Jio support but they forwarded the mail back. Please, give us an update for hotspot. It doesnt have copy and paste either.

    • Kai Helps

      Rahul, thank you for getting back to us. The Hotspot feature is supported in KaiOS, however, we work with OEM and they indeed decide whether to include it in the final build or not. As for the Copy/Paste function, it is currently not supported and we hope to add more features that improve the everyday usage of our system.

  111. Aman Pathak

    My jio phone is not starting on, whent try to swirch on it automatically switch off

  112. ganesh

    I have sim card problem with my jiophone (LYF2403N) please help me

  113. GulTion

    i am fan of kaios.
    my question is only about the apps for kaios.
    when i extract games of kaios , i found that they were build in ‘construct 2’ which is game engine for making games for kaios.
    just like that their is another software which is able to make apps for kaios, but i don’t know it’s name.
    i am requesting you ,please tell me the name of software in which app of kaios is build.

  114. Rahul

    Can you make Skrill app?

    • Kai Helps

      Aditya, we don’t usually tell about news and updates prior to its release. For more information, please check our updates here, on our blog or on our social media platforms. Thank you!

  115. Bhai f220B Mai firase software update dijiye

  116. knut willy


    Is there a way to get KaiOS 2.5.1 to work with emojis in sms?

  117. Rehan

    Why shoud not i recieve recharge of 51 on my jio number

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Rehan, if you have any mobile carrier-related issues, please contact your carrier directly for more help.

  118. Erik

    I did have the whatsapp application but now it does not show. I have lost “social” category in the store so I cannot reinstall it.
    running, OS 2.5.1, Hardware rev qcom, Platform Version 48.0a2, Build Identifier 20190426091443. the phone in question is a brand new Nokia 8110 4g.

    Thankyou for all support

  119. kk


    When I try to make a call from my jio phone ( F120B ), it says “call failed” and there is a animation in network symbol. When I am calling this number from other number it says my jio phone number is switched off.. Need your help

  120. chetan

    pls put omnisd update on our jio phone f220b imedetaly pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  121. Gurpreet Singh

    without flash any solution so plz tell me

  122. in my jio phone the clicked images, videos (on camera) are not being saved. i need a solution for the same.

  123. usha

    When you give an update for Jio Phone ( F120B ) software to support hotspot.

  124. What is boot key to download software in jio phone f61f, (select, jio, keys not working)

    • Kai Helps

      Hello. If you want to have a JioPhone with KaiOS, then you can buy JioPhone2. Kindly note that you can’t install our OS yourself on any phone.

  125. Jio phone f61f hang on logo after switch on and i remove battery to switch off and every time when I plugged in to charge it start automatically and again stuck on that jio logo.

    Need your serious help.

  126. Mate Mikulic

    Hi, I just bought CAT B35 phone, running v2.5 LTED02082B3518081628 version. When I stared the phone, I wanted to install Whatsapp. When I open KaiOS store I see Whatsapp, but the notification appears “Update found KaiOS store will close and update automatically. Please come back in a few moments.” I see buttons “Cancel” and “Update”. When I press update, no reaction, nothing happens. I left it like this for an hour, still nothing. When I press cancel, it exists the application. I’ve tried rebooting the phone, it didn’t help.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. This is a known issue. And our engineers are investigating it.

      • Anders Strange Nielsen

        I got the same problem on B35 with “KaiOS will close and update automaticly” – and only thing I am able to do is to press “Cancel”

        Please provide a solution 🙂

        Best Regards,

  127. Rahul

    Can you update Bluetooth tethering instead of Hotspot?

  128. achal kashyap

    mere jio phone me koi bhi update nahi hai tleas update dal de omnisd app ka updet dal do pleas ya omni sd instal karne ka code dal do pleas …model number f220b dal do na pleas pleas .;mndel number.f220b, mobail number 9696397646 pleas pleas peleas:

  129. Rahul

    What did they say?

  130. Alex

    Could I use any Html5/Js Game Engine to develop simple games to the platform (Including JioPhone)? Which one is supported? Could I use PIXI or P5.js for example?

  131. S R Moharana

    Why Nokia 8110 in india is having Store, which is basically jiostore. Can we get Kai store? It does not ave file manager etc

  132. Rahul

    Update the Browser to latest version. I couldn’t watch videos on .

  133. Rahul

    No update no nothing;(

  134. Mongal duley

    When we receive 3.0 update on jio phone| my model no is f90m

  135. manjunath

    My is phone is jio F120B. Problem phone memory is shown low 30Mb, i saw that application memory is full, but i cleared internal memory also it shows 950Mb free of 968Mb. this the problem that my phone frequently hanged please give solutions. how delete unwanted preloaded applications. I am suffering from 1 year for this problem.
    “KaiOS” you to do some thing give update when solve this problem this will help 12crore people of India.
    Thanking you from Manjunath

  136. manjunath

    12crore people of India.who are using this type of phone

  137. Rahul

    It is a pity that I don’t have Hotspot to connect androidtv;(

    • Kai Helps

      Hi! The hotspot is a very useful feature, no doubts. As much as we would like to help you, the content of features on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio.

  138. Deepak Namdeo

    Lyf f120b problem with latest update “170919” can’t read info in edl mode and can’t flash.

  139. Armedious

    Why my Jio phone lock the operation but in other phone my Jio sim is working please help me sir

  140. Rahul

    When UC Browser will be available on JioStore?

    • Kai Helps

      We can’t comment on a specific update. I respect your desire of UC Browser, however, it would be better if you contact Reliance Jio directly.

  141. Rahul

    Atleast tell me the file extension of the apps on JioPhone. You know that, right? I just want to know.

  142. Rahul

    It’s ok, they doesn’t care.

  143. sobitra moran

    JIOPHONE doesnot have request desktop rite in browser. so i am having a big problem. thanks.

  144. sobitra moran

    request desktop site jiophone

  145. Hassan

    I bought Nokia 8110 4g but there are only jio apps. It isn’t other apps and kai os store .

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