We are delighted to invite KaiOS users to try the latest thrilling gaming experiences from Gamezop, the creator known for delivering engaging HTML5 games that don’t require a Wi-Fi connection to play. We’ve been busy adding more apps and utilities to the KaiStore, and now fan-favorites like Astro Knot, Coin Grab, Dodgy, and Flexi Snake are available for download with even more entertainment on the way!

Read on to learn about your next favorite obsession:

Astro Knot

This new take on a jumping game puts you in control of little Astro, a hero whose spaceship has crashed and needs your help returning to outer space. In this game, you keep Astro jumping to achieve the highest possible score. But be on the lookout for moving platforms and other surprises – it’s harder to reach the stars than you may think.

Coin Grab

Piggy and his friend are hungry for coins, and it’s up to you to fill them up. This game is all about strategy – to pass a level, you need to guide Piggy through the maze to gobble up all the coins. As you reach the higher levels, the game gets more difficult with more features and surprises. Remember to plan ahead because Piggy doesn’t like to backtrack.

Cuby Zap

You have a loose cannon on your hands! In this game, it’s all about quick reactions and staying alive for as long as you can. Shoot the red cubes until your lives run out but keep your eyes peeled – you don’t want to zap the blue ones!


Poor little Dodgy the cat is stranded on an island and needs your assistance. In this addictive reflex game you’ll need to collect rubies in order to increase your score,  all while helping your little feline hero stay alive by avoiding incoming fireballs crashing towards her from all directions.  Stay alert and be quick because surprises are coming your way!

Falling Through

The sky is falling, the clock is ticking, how will it all end? To win in this game, you just need to guide the ball through the gaps, but try to stay alive as long as possible and win as many bonus points as you can!

Flexi Snake

A modern spin on the old-school Snake classic, Flexi Snake is sure to evoke nostalgia. Now with enhanced graphics and super speed, test your skills and see if you can wiggle your way about the screen and guide your snake to incredible lengths.

Fly Safe

This is an easy game, end of story. Just kidding! Fly Safe is a fast-dodging, easy-to-play but hard-to-master bird game. Control your little hero with the left and right keys to collect as many coins as possible, but be quick to avoid the incoming crates.

Grumpy Gorilla

Ever been so frustrated that you just want to chop down some trees? Join Grumpy Gorilla on his mission to bring down the tallest trees, but make sure you don’t bang your head as the branches come down!

Jimbo Jump

This game is all about how high you can climb, jumping from floor to floor and avoiding the ghosts! Here’s a tip: Use long jumps to move up levels, and short jumps to dodge the ghouls. But be careful – some ghosts are quicker than others!

Monsters Burn Too

Your little zombie has just risen from the dead but he’s a little clueless on what to do next. Guide him to collect all the goodies while escaping fire balls and other traps dropping from the sky.

Rock the Dock

The ship is ready to sail, but have you loaded enough cargo? Stack containers strategically to accommodate as many containers as possible and beware, the higher you go, the harder it gets.

Twin Hop

In this never-ending game, the Jumper must always be on the same color as the pillar it wants to jump on. Can you keep up?

Watch the Walls

Little bee is trapped inside a massive beehive and the walls are covered in spikes! Help your hero navigate the hive without running into danger. Can you keep him buzzing?

Please let us know what you think about these games, and all the other apps we have to offer. If you have any questions or experience challenges, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket here or head over to @KaiHelps on Twitter.