This month, we chat with KaiOS’s first and only indie developer from Japan. Yuuki Yamashita is 36 years old and lives in the beautiful city of Fukuoka, famous for its ancient temples—such as the Tōchō-ji, home to a 10-meter wooden Buddha—and its modern shopping malls. 

In true Fukuoka style, Yuuki owns both an ultra-modern iPhone and a minimalist KaiOS phone. A full-time engineer, he builds KaiOS apps in his free time. He’s the creator behind Dungeon Slime and Multi Counter. Learn more about Yuuki below.

How does it feel to be the first KaiOS indie developer in Japan?

I’m proud to be the first KaiOS indie developer in Japan. I hope that the number of Japanese KaiOS developers will increase in the future. KaiOS is not so well known in Japan. If KaiOS devices start being sold here, the number of developers will increase.

How did you discover KaiOS?

I learned about KaiOS devices and how to develop KaiOS apps from overseas sites.

What inspired you to build a KaiOS app?

I had previously developed an app for Firefox OS. I started developing an app for KaiOS with that experience. Also, since there are no KaiOS app developers around me, I decided to be the first.

What challenges did you face getting started?

I had a hard time getting a KaiOS device. They are not sold in Japan, so I used eBay.

What’s your favorite part about developing KaiOS apps?

I like that KaiOS apps can be developed with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Are there KaiOS apps that you enjoy? Which ones?

AirshipCombat3D. I’m amazed that it’s possible to create 3D games on KaiOS!

Visit Yuuki’s website:

Connect with him on Twitter: @mikufuworks_y_k