Apps on feature phones? Everything you need to know about the KaiStore


It sounds like an oddity: apps on a (“dumb”) feature phone. Until now, the smartphone has been the domain of apps and their stores. With the launch of the KaiStore on KaiOS-powered devices, this smartphone-monopoly on apps ends.


The similarities

Conceptually, the KaiStore is no different from a store for apps on other devices. You can browse app categories, like social media and games. You can read a preview, find info on the developer, and download the apps you like. Many are free, some are paid, others offer in-app purchases. KaiOS also supports push notifications, just like a regular smartphone.

Another similarity is the type of content you can find in the KaiStore. We have signed up many of the world’s most popular apps, like Facebook, Twitter, and several from Google (Google Maps, Google Search, and the Google Assistant). In the coming months, many more titles will be added in categories like gaming, streaming entertainment, travel, social media, and health.

So far, so similar. Now let’s look at what makes the KaiStore different!


Closing the digital divide

Our mission at Kai is to close the digital divide, and the KaiStore plays a central role in this effort.

Reducing digital inequality doesn’t end by solving device affordability, digital literacy, and data pricing (more details on these issues in this post). Resolving these problems is crucial, but they’re only the beginning.

The next important step is to create relevant content (including apps) specifically for those who access the (mobile) internet for the first time. For example, we partner with Google and make Google Assistant available in the KaiStore. Users can use their Google Assistant to find answers, get things done and open apps using nothing but their voice – all they have to do is press and hold the Google Assistant button to get started. Simple and convenient! So in the coming months and years, we will be turning more of our attention to help bring more apps to the KaiStore that are developed with this unique target audience in mind.



The KaiStore will be curated for the foreseeable future. Any developer can submit suggestions for apps and all of these will be reviewed by the KaiStore team.

From these submissions we will select the apps that are most fitting for KaiOS and our target audience, to guarantee the best possible experience for our users. We will make the review criteria transparent and easy to understand in order to improve the chances of a successful submission.

While we want to provide as much relevant content as possible, we also want to ensure a high level of quality and make it easy to discover new apps. We can only do this by slowly increasing the amount of content, making improvements to the KaiStore as we grow.



The entire KaiOS platform is based on HTML5 and supports JavaScript. This means it’s relatively easy to create apps (and other content) for KaiOS, especially when an HTML5 website is already available.



To support our unique form factor and target audiences, we’re building an entirely new advertising solution specifically for feature phones. This product will help app developers monetize their apps in the KaiStore.

KaiAds will support innovative ways of monetizing content on (feature) phones, for example with a lock screen solution, as well as pre-rolls and post-rolls at specific moments in the app.



When? When? When?

The KaiStore will go live in several countries in May (details to follow) and continues to be rolled out on a country-by-country basis from there onwards in close cooperation with our partners. We expect the KaiStore to be live in most countries and on most devices by the end of 2018*.

Curious about developing apps for KaiOS? Head over to our Developers page and leave your email address. We’ll notify you shortly when we have more detailed information about developing apps for the KaiStore.


* Please note that while technically the platform is the same, app development submissions and content for the JioStore (the store for apps on the JioPhone) is being managed by Reliance Jio.


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There are 156 Comments

  1. mandeep

    its good to know that kai has it appstore and iwould like to know when kaistore is live in Inida?

  2. lathief

    can kai os supports whatsapp

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Lathief, WhatsApp is not supported. However, we are constantly working on bringing you as many applications as it is needed to navigate the modern-day world. Please stay tuned for the updates.

      • Nicolas

        Hello ! Thank you for your work. I’m also waiting for the Whatsapp port on KaiOS! This will be the last step before my total move to my Nokia 8110.

        • Kai Helps

          Hi Nicolas! You will definitely see an announcement on our blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter when there are any news regarding WhatsApp on the Nokia 8110 4G. We truly appreciate your interest in the KaiOS-powered devices!

          • Kavija Nemsara

            Hi. I’m using nokia 8110 4g. Actually kai os is one of the best os i have used. But there are some things to be updated. During playing videos when i close the slider the screen turns off. And also the browser is too much slower and the os was crushed and the phone restarted when i was trying to watch a video in a website from the browser (not in youtube). And also browser become stucked when scrolling. And also facebook and twitter apps are also slow when scrolling down (sometimes stucked). With that please add GPS and HOTSPOT icons also to the shortcuts menu. Expecting those fixed quickly with the next update.

    • sanmati harijan

      i laike

    • I am help video calls jio phone ..?

  3. Kushal

    When whatsapp come to jio phone!!!

  4. Stuart

    Is the phone that is being shown in the preview available for purchase? If yes, where & what is the price?

  5. Majster

    In kaios need fille manager and document reader (PDF,word, excel, powerpoint and more). In this moment is Nokia 8110 my best phone.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! Thank you very much for your feedback. The File Manager is not available on the Nokia 8110 4G. We are working with device manufacturers and they may determine if a certain feature is implemented or changed. I’m afraid it was Nokia’s decision not to include the File Manager on their devices. As for the document reader apps, I have forwarded your suggestion to our product team, so they could consider it for the next versions of the KaiOS. We appreciate you being so engaged!

  6. Daniel Essayag

    Importing contacts from gmail is nice, but Sync will be much better.
    until then, is there a web based access to import contacts ?

  7. Daniel Essayag

    On SMS (Messages) app, when you have the list the Call button is not working to call sender.
    When opening message detail, also call button is not supported. (In options menu, there is a call entry).
    Please add this intuitive call key functionality.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable feedback. Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS. I have forwarded your request to our product team so they could include this feature to the next version.

  8. Kai Helps

    Hello! Thank you for your comment! Regarding your question about apps such as LINE (lite), Skype, WeChat, Telegram, I cannot comment on specific dates and release. But be sure that We are working every day to extend the range of apps we can provide to you and hope for your understanding during this time.

  9. Stephan

    Hello KaiOS! I’m just about to leave my Android flagship to try KaiOS for a while. I find smart phones too much of a distraction and waste of time. It seems that KaiOS and the new Nokia 8810 makes for the perfect phone that is simpler and less distracting but also capable enough to do everything required on a day to day basis. I can still use my Bose earphones to listen to music over Bluetooth with the Nokia, I can still use Google Maps to find my way around London, and most importantly I can do all this without worrying about having to recharge my phone every day. Furthermore the money that I’ll save if I end up not upgrading to the Note 9 will pay for a really nice camera!

    Too bad about WhatsApp still being missing. But I think you guys know that it’ll be a huge boon to KaiOS to have WhatsApp and I’m sure you’re working on it. As more and more people are getting tired of being glued to their phones 24/7, WhatsApp will come to you if they know what’s good for them.

    I just have one question, when will the KaiOS store be rolled out in the UK?

    Thanks for everything!

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are planning to bring KaiOS to many more countries in 2018. However, I cannot pinpoint to a specific time when the UK will be included. We are working with OEMs (device vendors) and the delivery plans are under their control. I would recommend contacting the device manufacturer you had in mind directly for more specific information.
      Feel free to follow our Twitter account (@KaiOStech) to stay up to date and receive the latest news.

  10. Please please make jio phone fb messanger app sir

  11. jio phone messanger app how to download

  12. jio phone messanger app detail

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Rakesh, may I ask you to specify your request?

    • Ahmad Ashraf

      Can you please bring Line messenger to KaiOS? My recent company use Line to communicate & I want to get rid of smartphones all along. If Line messenger can be installed on KaiOS, it would be a great help.

      • Kai Helps

        Thank you for your advice. Currently, Line messenger is not supported on KaiOS devices. Sorry about that. We understand its importance.
        I will let our product team know about your request. Meanwhile, you can use such social apps as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter.

  13. Mohamed Faizan Cassim

    Are the VOIP calling apps on KaiOS compatible with Skype audio. This is so that VOIP calls can be done between the Nokia 8010 and an iOS or Android device?

    • Kai Helps

      Mohamed, in general, VoIP is supported in KaiOS. However, there are no apps that could use VoIP. We are of importance of such apps and hope to introduce more apps and features in the future.

  14. Paul

    A cheap smartphone is coming to South Africa (made by China Mobile & branded under MTN service provider) first quarter 2019 which will be running KaiOS. Will WhatsApp be available by then?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in our progress.
      Please note that we cannot comment on specific updates and/or release plans. However, we are constantly working on expanding the range of apps and services we can offer you.
      For specific information about release dates and the latest news, feel free to follow our Twitter account (@KaiOStech).

  15. Danny


    Can you download Banking apps to use on devices that uses KaiOS?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Danny, currently KaiOS doesn’t feature any banking apps. However, we are doing our best to introduce more apps, including the ones you need for navigating this digital world we live in. Feel free to follow our blog for more news and announcements.

  16. waleed abdul hameed

    My nokia 8110 4G does not synchronize all gmail contacts any solutions.

  17. Nathan

    Is Spotify available in the App Store?

    • Kai Helps

      Nathan, Spotify is not supported in the KaiStore. We understand its importance and hope to introduce more new apps and features in the future. We hope you keep yourself updated on our news 🙂

  18. Mervin Dsouza

    Is Whatsapp download supported on Nokia 8110 ? what about Facebook ? I can only see Twitter available for download in the store. I feel i am let down by the person who sold and told me that Whatsapp was available on 8110. This was taken as a back up phone for the battery life.

    • Kai Helps

      Mervin, thank you for reaching out. Indeed WhatsApp is only available for JioPHone users in India. However, in Nokia 8110 4G, Facebook and WhatsApp are currently not supported. We totally understand their importance in a modern-day world and hope to introduce more social media apps in the KaiStore in the near future. Please stay tuned for the updates.

  19. Aoyama

    Can you suggest developer to make line app in kaiOs? And also Japanese language for phone. Thank You

  20. Tom Hark

    Can you download BTNotification to connect a smart watch? Thank you

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Tom, BTNotification is not supported in KaiOS as well as the Bluetooth watch connection. However, we are working on adding this functionality in the near future and hope you stay tuned for the updates.



  22. Kamal samant

    Can you please! Make jio phone support java also! It should make some profit for kaios..

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for the suggestion, Kamal! We have forwarded it to our product team. Feel free to let us know if any other question arises.

  23. you can apply to kaios store

  24. Music streaming (Nokia Banana)

    Hi! is there any way to use my Nokia to hear streamed music? Spotify, Deezer, Tidal

    build Youtube … goes out when slider covers keyboard – it is really poor for me!

    • Kai Helps

      As of now, KaiOS doesn’t have any apps for music streaming. However, we are working on adding more and more apps to help a customer with daily activities on his device. Regarding your second question: could you specify what exactly happens when you close the slider?

  25. Syed Fayaz

    I can’t make call using jio Sim.. Please fix it… And waiting fr what’sapp too..

  26. Syed Fayaz

    Hi I have Nokia 8110 4g but I can’t make call using jio Sim.. Please fix it… And waiting fr what’sapp too..

  27. Erik Løvendahl

    Can i download java apps (j2me) on KaiOS operated phones? I’ve downloaded countless apps for my Cat B30 , and it would be a shame if this is no longer possible. Please prove me wrong as i’m considering purchasing Cat B35.

  28. jio phone me tiktok app nahi aaraha he a sator me dalo who app

  29. I bought a Nokia 8810 4G which runs KaiOs but I’m not seeing apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Assistant and other apps alike as in above description. What went wrong and what do I need to do?

  30. The web browser in KaiOS is disappointment, even when compared to the likes of Opera Mini, as it lacks tabbed browsing, the ability to save pages for offline reading, and an ad blocker. I hope the developer will improve soon.

    • Kai Helps

      Your opinion was heard. Thank you for the comments – we will surely communicate this to our product team. 🙂

  31. Kavija Nemsara

    Hi. Does kai store support Sri Lanka? And what are the advantages of having a kaios account?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your question. KaiOS already powers devices throughout the world. You may find the list of devices and their specifications, including the countries/regions they are sold in here:

      Please kindly note that the distribution plans are eventually managed by the device manufacturers (OEMs). For more information about the availability of a particular device in your country, please contact the OEM you had in mind directly.

  32. Kavija Nemsara

    In these days facebook and whatsapp has become an essential need of people. Missing of those apps in nokia 8110 is becoming a reason to not to buy this phone. Please make at least one of them available as fast as possible. Otherwise people who already use it will also go to a better choice.

  33. Kavija Nemsara

    Actually kai os is the best keypad phone os i have ever used. It is marvelous. But there are some problems to be fixed. I’m using nokia 8110 4G. The main thing is the browser. It is too slow and it stucks some times. I was trying to watch some videos in some webpages (not in youtube) and the browser stucked, os crushed and phone restarted two times. It is a big problem. And also when playing videos in youtube and also videos app when i close the slider the screen turns off. It is very hard to watch videos while the slider is open. And also in the youtube app when playing videos in full screen the controls become hidden and not working only the back button is working.

  34. Kavija Nemsara

    And also facebook app is too slow and when scroling it stucks sometimes. And also the comment box is covered when typing comment. And also in whatsapp when i press back key from a conversation it automatically close the app. And also there are some requests from me too. Please add GPS, SETTINGS and HOTSPOT icons to shortcuts menu. And also when playing music make it appear in notices with some controls like “play/pause, next song, previous song, exit”. Hoping these defects fixed and new features added quickly with a new update as fast as possibble. Thank you.

    • Kavija Nemsara

      Forgot to say that google assistant searches everyword we say in the browser. When we say hi it searches it also in browser. Please fix this too. Hoping an update with all these fixed.

  35. Jamie Karl

    From a western ‘minimalist’ pov, I’d like to see the following:

    FB messenger
    Google Maps w/ car navigation
    Outlook and Google Calender sync
    A good camera app with HDR

    That basic stuff people use smartphones for, but don’t really need smartphones for.

    I also think a feature phone might appeal to outdoorsy types, so some fishing/surfing/weather services might be handy.

    Some people also take ‘burner’ phones to concerts, so perhaps something to help people find each other in a location?

    Lastly, old people. A ‘big text’ option for the screen, and system wide voice input/dictation, could help create phones for those types.

    If you had something like these, you’d have all the main groups of western consumers interested in feature phones covered, as well as helping at vital features to emerging markets as well.

    • Kai Helps

      This is very important feedback, Jamie. It has been forwarded further to our product team which would be gladly checking it. Feel free to let us know if anything else comes up. Cheers!

  36. ajimal

    I use nokia 8110
    In my point of view
    We want some upgrades on kaios
    Make playlist on musicplayer,
    Whatsapp upgrades like status,emojis,call
    File manager
    Photo editer
    Select alarm tune in library
    Instagram app
    And awsome utilities

    Thank you fr the best os

  37. babayaga

    Kaios team,
    Upgrade your browser app or give other browsers

  38. babayaga

    How to take screen shots in kaios???????☺

  39. Kavija Nemsara

    Hi again. Sri lankan news is not supported in kai news. That’s very essential. You know the value of news right. And also “Sinhala” typing is a big mistake done by the developers. We can’t type even a word when i selected sinhala as the input method. Plz find more about our language and how the letters are formed in sinhala language. And also whatsapp status, sticker support and calls are essential.

  40. Thomas Endorf

    why don’t my store have the facebook app?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Please check your software version. If there is an update available, then start from updating your phone. Let us know if Facebook appears after that.

  41. i appreciate kaios for making communication easy but i would request that yo improve on the facebook app it disturbs and then i would love that you make operamini avaliable for kaios devices. my model-M561M3

  42. Karel Vopat

    Will KaiOS support Telegram in the near future?

  43. Sander

    Request for Telegram and for Spotify! With that, I might even switch from Android to a very long lasting Nokia. Do you have a time frame for introduction?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a time frame. We are working with OEMs and they can determine what app will be implemented in the future.

  44. jiro_nakata

    How can I disable full screen ads?
    When launching a basic app, full-screen advertisements irritate me.
    I understand that the advertising business is important. However, Excessive advertising is bad for the user experience.
    If possible, I’m glad to limit it to banner or text ads.

    • Kai Helps

      Screen ads are the usual concern of our users. We have forwarded this issue several times and hope that it will be solved in future updates.

  45. Matt

    Kaios is very promising. I hope LINE app is given serious consideration or in development in the very near future.

  46. chander mohan

    ome body guide me to call record on my phone kIOS

  47. Ehlert

    Hi (Nokia 800 tough owner)
    It happens very often that The APN setting was ok after inserting a SIM card and then after couple minutes it appeared blank that it just said Add APN on the corner. Then after depressing Add APN, nothing happened. I hope to get a good answer based upon the problem to be solved. Thank you

  48. Vodacom Smart Kitochi, have chrome ?

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