Alcatel GO FLIP 3 and Alcatel SMARTFLIP launch in the US

Smart feature phones aren’t a thing of the past, nor are they for low-income individuals only. Quite the opposite: two new models hitting US stores this month show that there’s growing demand for smart feature phones by new audiences in North America.

With their ability to withstand shock better than the typical smartphone, their impressive battery life, their affordability, as well as their retro charm, the Alcatel GO FLIP 3 and the Alcatel SMARTFLIP cater to outdoor workers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, senior citizens, and minimalists.

The newest additions to the line of smart feature phones by Alcatel – the first model was the Alcatel GO FLIP, launched in 2017 – the GO FLIP 3 and the SMARTFLIP, like their predecessor, come with 4G LTE connectivity, which makes voice calls clearer and more natural-sounding; a quad-core processor, which helps increase overall speed; a 4GB built-in memory that can be stretched to 32GB of expandable microSD memory storage; and battery that lasts up to 7 hours of continuous 4G LTE talk time.

What sets the GO FLIP 3 and the SMARTFLIP apart is that they also support Google Services – including the Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search.

Users of both devices will be able to send emails, surf the web, watch videos, use voice command to complete tasks, and choose from over 150 apps to download from the KaiStore. (Click here to see all the apps.)

Those interested in buying the Alcatel SMARTFLIP can do so at AT&T and Cricket Wireless starting today. The Alcatel GO FLIP 3 will be available at Metro by T-Mobile by the end of the month and at T-Mobile in October.

For more information about these devices and their availability in US stores, please visit Alcatel’s official website.

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There are 24 Comments

  1. Kevin Myers

    I just got the Alcatel flip, everytime i try to access the store it says connection error, and it will not let me create a kaios account either, it says not available.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for bringing up the issue with the KaiStore. Please make sure that you have a valid SIM card inserted on your phone. Then you should go to Settings -> Device -> Device Information -> Software -> Software Update and update your software version to the most recent one.

      • Kevin

        The store seems to be working fine now. I am loving the little games. Why is it that under social there is only twitter?

        • Kai Helps

          Dear Kevin, under social apps there should be Facebook and WhatsApp as well. Did you insert a SIM card on your phone? If you didn’t, please do and you will see more apps.

  2. Hi, where can I buy a KaiOS cell phone with international shipping?

  3. Chukwuemeka Nwaoha

    How does a manufacturer in Nigeria get the phone powered by KiaOS

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! I can’t describe the whole process. We are working together with OEMs in order to create a good product for our users.

  4. Diogenes

    I have a copy of the original Alcatel Go Flip 2 from AT&T and just bought for my son the new Alcatel SmartFlip. I like the upgraded version a lot. There are two features which I wish it had, however, that I can’t seem to find. First, I wish it supported group texting and second, I wish there was a user option to route automatically to voicemail calls from numbers not in Contacts (that’s how I screen robocalls on my iPhone as real callers will often leave a voicemail while robocalls don’t). I assume both could be added as updates to the OS. Any possibility of those features being added?

  5. Zen

    I currently use the Alcatel Myflip, through Tracfone, in the US. I like Tracfone because it is a very flexible company for a casual, minimalist phone user. My question is this: will this new “smart” flip become available through Tracfone? Or, will it become available unlocked?
    Thank you.

  6. Harry Trilling

    Can the Alcatel Go Flip 3 and Alcatel Smartflip be used with a TracFone monthly plan? Is Tracfone as a carrier compatible with these phones? Thanks

  7. Harry

    Can the Alcatel Go Flip 3 and Alcatel Smartflip be used with a TracFone monthly plan? Is Tracfone as a carrier compatible with these phones? Thanks

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! That’s a good question. I would advise you to contact Alcatel support on the matter because I am not sure if I have valid information.

  8. Dee

    I just purchased the Alcatel smart flip on AT&T however I cannot get my voicemail to work. I pressed & held 1, it consistently says the customer isn’t available and doesn’t prompt me to create my voicemail. Thoughts?

  9. John Rennie

    I have an Alcatel 4044 flip phone but I’m unable setup my email account (gmail). Keeps saying invalid information. Google sent me an email saying that KaiOS was granted access to my account. What’s the problem?

  10. Salvador Compean

    I want to get an Alcatel Smartflip but as far as I know, it runs in KaiOS 2.5 and for me lack of Whatsapp is a deal breaker. Is there any chance to update firmware to 2.5.1+ in order to run whatsapp?
    Or does 2.5 OS runs Whatsapp?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello Salvador! Thank you for keeping in touch. I appreciate your interest in KaiOS devices. It’s important for you to know that WhatsApp is available starting from 2.5.1 version. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on a specific update. A software update is determined by Alcatel, not by KaiOS.

  11. Lynz

    Hey just got the smartflip, loving it. The AT&T model is working on tracfone, just had to input the apn settings a few times before I could send and receive MMS. The only thing is that (and I’ve seen others online say it too) that the notification tone does not change for texts when you change it in settings which is very strange. And sometimes when I click the email app it takes me all through the setup again

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