Flip phones is a loved category among Feature phones users.

With its foldable clamshell design, protecting the keys and display from damage and unintended use, KaiOS Flip Phones are durable and strong devices. Flip Phone also often benefit from larger components than in other types of mobile devices such as screen and battery for a long and comfortable usage.  

We love to Answer/end a call by opening/closing the phone. It is such a familiar and ingrained gesture; flip phones definitively offer the most intuitive phone handling. 

Keeping the core spirit of KaiOS, with a focus on essential phone features, including calling and texting, these devices maintain user-friendly interfaces while embracing 4G connectivity for improved internet access supported by its app store allowing users to enhance their experience and key applications such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps or Google Search. The voice assistant for searching or texting enhances accessibility and efficiency for everyone, making daily tasks even more convenient and enjoyable. 

KaiOS flip phones provide an accessible and versatile mobile solution, making them a popular choice to users seeking a simple yet modern mobile experience. 

Exploring the defining features of KaiOS flip phones:  

  • Display Size ranging from 2.8” to 3.2”, the compact display offers a functional viewing experience.  
  • 2 screens to display notification even when the phone is locked. 
  • Camera Resolution Up to 5Mpx, capturing moments with reasonable clarity.  
  • Battery Life Boasting a standby time of up to 19 days and supporting up to 9 hours of talk time.  
  • Form Factor: The foldable, clamshell design ensures a more compact and protective build, minimizing damage and unintended use.  
  • Very pocketable 

Flip phones perfectly meets the demands of everyday life. 

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