Earlier this year, KaiOS Technologies shook up the feature phone market through partnerships with mobile industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. As we near the end of 2018 and fueled by our mission to close the digital divide, we’re adding a new wave of entertainment and utility apps to the KaiStore.
Productivity functions such as to-do lists and a QR code reader, combined with mobile gaming, help to round out what many expect from a modern mobile experience. Now, those without a smartphone can also enjoy these essential functionalities thanks to the KaiStore’s latest additions.



QR Reader
It took some time, but QR codes have proven their worth and are here to stay. As the versatility of this barcode has always been exclusive to smartphone users, Kai saw an opportunity to bridge this digital gap by rolling out a KaiOS QR code app, inviting all smart feature phone users into this part of the digital revolution.
The benefits of QR code use have been observed in several emerging markets.
In India, for example, many businesses utilize QR codes for marketing and promotion campaigns. This means that companies can incorporate additional information — including a website URL, email, calendar event or business card — into QR codes. Consumers only need their device to decode QR codes and access the information contained within them. This makes it easier for businesses to convey important information quickly and efficiently, as well as improve customer engagement.
QR codes are also used across India to promote cashless transactions — many train stations are adapting QR codes for ticketing. This ensures a quick and seamless payment process for all passengers.
Furthermore, schools are using QR codes to improve school safety. Parents can be identified when visiting their child’s school by checking-in via QR code — which is embedded in their digital ID cards.
With all these valuable real-world applications, the QR app is a must for all smartfeature phone users. It’s also super easy to use. To get started, simply open the app, scan the barcode, and unlock the benefits.

With the To-Do app, you can record events, reminders, and ideas at your convenience — from grocery lists to appointments and errands. Whether you’re a student, running a small business, or managing a household, the To-Do app will make managing your day-to-day activities much easier.
Through the To-Do app, you can boost your productivity and simultaneously give your brain a break by making use of the embedded reminder functionality.

This app helps you count anything.
Having troubles tracking your caloric intake, steps made, or how many visitors have stopped by your market booth? Counter has you covered. To get started, simply navigate to “New” and input the name a category that you want to count — people, cars, or calories — you name it. Then it’s a matter of counting the number up or down using the OK and Down buttons. You have the option to reset and delete categories, and there’s no limit to the amount of categories that can run simultaneously.

Crazy Eggs
Games are no longer the exclusive domain of computer geeks. Mobile gaming is a favorite pastime for players from all walks of life and are enjoyed everywhere, at any time.
In addition to providing entertainment, gaming also boosts intelligence and other skills according to research published by APA. Their findings even showed playing games may help children improve their problem-solving and social skills.
To ensure smart feature phone users can also enjoy themselves while giving their intelligence a boost at the same time, the KaiOS development and UX teams are always thinking up new gaming titles for the KaiOS platform. Crazy Eggs is one of their newest creations and now available in the KaiStore.
Crazy Eggs is a 3D title with several challenging levels, suitable for both children and adults. Players see a lot of baskets on their screen and must guess where the egg is placed. Initially you get a hint as to where the egg is placed but then, all the baskets get shuffled and figuring out where the egg is placed gets more challenging, especially when the speed increases when you reach higher levels. Be warned, this game will challenge your eyesight and ability to concentrate!
Do you want more?
More titles for the KaiStore are in the works: utilities, games, and other apps from third parties. If you want to be the first to know when a new title is released, then keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
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