New Apps and Utilities Now Available in the KaiStore


Earlier this year, KaiOS Technologies shook up the feature phone market through partnerships with mobile industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. As we near the end of 2018 and fueled by our mission to close the digital divide, we’re adding a new wave of entertainment and utility apps to the KaiStore.

Productivity functions such as to-do lists and a QR code reader, combined with mobile gaming, help to round out what many expect from a modern mobile experience. Now, those without a smartphone can also enjoy these essential functionalities thanks to the KaiStore’s latest additions.




QR Reader

It took some time, but QR codes have proven their worth and are here to stay. As the versatility of this barcode has always been exclusive to smartphone users, Kai saw an opportunity to bridge this digital gap by rolling out a KaiOS QR code app, inviting all smart feature phone users into this part of the digital revolution.

The benefits of QR code use have been observed in several emerging markets.

In India, for example, many businesses utilize QR codes for marketing and promotion campaigns. This means that companies can incorporate additional information — including a website URL, email, calendar event or business card — into QR codes. Consumers only need their device to decode QR codes and access the information contained within them. This makes it easier for businesses to convey important information quickly and efficiently, as well as improve customer engagement.

QR codes are also used across India to promote cashless transactions — many train stations are adapting QR codes for ticketing. This ensures a quick and seamless payment process for all passengers.

Furthermore, schools are using QR codes to improve school safety. Parents can be identified when visiting their child’s school by checking-in via QR code — which is embedded in their digital ID cards.

With all these valuable real-world applications, the QR app is a must for all smartfeature phone users. It’s also super easy to use. To get started, simply open the app, scan the barcode, and unlock the benefits.



With the To-Do app, you can record events, reminders, and ideas at your convenience — from grocery lists to appointments and errands. Whether you’re a student, running a small business, or managing a household, the To-Do app will make managing your day-to-day activities much easier.

Through the To-Do app, you can boost your productivity and simultaneously give your brain a break by making use of the embedded reminder functionality.



This app helps you count anything.

Having troubles tracking your caloric intake, steps made, or how many visitors have stopped by your market booth? Counter has you covered. To get started, simply navigate to “New” and input the name a category that you want to count — people, cars, or calories — you name it. Then it’s a matter of counting the number up or down using the OK and Down buttons. You have the option to reset and delete categories, and there’s no limit to the amount of categories that can run simultaneously.


Crazy Eggs

Games are no longer the exclusive domain of computer geeks. Mobile gaming is a favorite pastime for players from all walks of life and are enjoyed everywhere, at any time.

In addition to providing entertainment, gaming also boosts intelligence and other skills according to research published by APA. Their findings even showed playing games may help children improve their problem-solving and social skills.

To ensure smart feature phone users can also enjoy themselves while giving their intelligence a boost at the same time, the KaiOS development and UX teams are always thinking up new gaming titles for the KaiOS platform. Crazy Eggs is one of their newest creations and now available in the KaiStore.

Crazy Eggs is a 3D title with several challenging levels, suitable for both children and adults. Players see a lot of baskets on their screen and must guess where the egg is placed. Initially you get a hint as to where the egg is placed but then, all the baskets get shuffled and figuring out where the egg is placed gets more challenging, especially when the speed increases when you reach higher levels. Be warned, this game will challenge your eyesight and ability to concentrate!


Do you want more?
More titles for the KaiStore are in the works: utilities, games, and other apps from third parties. If you want to be the first to know when a new title is released, then keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to reach KaiOS customer support? Have a partnership idea? Would like to work for KaiOS? Click here to fill out the form, our support agents will be in touch shortly.


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There are 38 Comments

  1. Robert

    What about Whatsapp? (I know that it was released for the Jio phone, but I cannot buy it cause i do not live in India)
    It is the only thing that i care about in a phone, and i see it as necessary for making the big step of moving out from android.
    Is it in development right now or not?
    Thanks in advance

  2. technical suraj

    Jio phone me kaios 3.0 updat kab ayaga pilz batao ore ka apps anabla ha

  3. daniel zambrano

    venezuela please

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Daniel, thank you for reaching out. We are working with OEMs (device vendors) and the delivery plans for devices, which generally include the store, are under their control. For more specific information, I would recommend contacting the device vendor you had in mind directly.

  4. Richard

    I would be delighted to move from my Samsung to an 8110 in the UK if I was assured that Whatsapp was going to be available in a short timeframe. Can you confirm this? Thanks

    • Kai Helps

      Richard, we cannot provide you with the exact timeframe due to our policy. However, you can check our updates on our blog and social media to keep yourself posted. We hope for your understanding here.

  5. Krapal singh

    How to jio phone new 3.0 update date and what 3.0 update gta game in jio phone

  6. Pablo

    Spotify is the app that make me move to KaiOS. Please, make happen.

    • Kai Helps

      Pablo, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts about apps you want to see in KaiOS. We hope to bring more apps and features in the future, so we hope you stay tuned.

  7. Dilkhush kumar

    i have need new apps

    • Kai Helps

      Dilkhush, could you specify which apps you would like to see in KaiOS? Also, what is the device model you have?

      • jacob.

        could you please add google assisent youtube google maps facebook and facebook messager and spotify i am using a alcatel MY FLIP model TFA405DCG i hope you can make these apps avilble my carrier is TracFone wireless and could you also make calldector and the tracfone my account app these apps would be great on the Kaistore. just got this phone yesterday it is just plain fast and by the way in the next update please put a battery percentage indactor right beside the battery

        • Kai Helps

          Jacob, it’s great to see you gathered quite detailed feedback and want to see KaiOS evolve into something more helpful in our modern-day usage. We will surely take this into account – our product team will look at your feedback too. Once the KaiStore is live in your country, you will have access to a variety of apps, including social media, instant messaging, navigation, streaming entertainment, and games. Please stay tuned to our updates. Thank you!

  8. Mr.Maduraikaran

    When will Opera Mini browser be available for Jio-Phone?

  9. Ben

    The most important app will be whatsapp. My nokia 8110 is still not in use till whatsapp is on kaios. Till that moment i will use my android phone. When will whatsapp be released?

  10. jio phone play store,vidmate,truecaller

  11. Bas

    i would like to see (nokia 8110)
    -(data) usage counters
    -user changeable shortcuts (turning on and off hotspot)
    -signal messenger

    • Momade JUSSUB

      Hi Bas,
      Good list!

      I’d second that list.

      WhatsApp is already available for JioPhones 1 & 2, albeit in a limited version (i.e. no calls), this might be due to a business strategy (eg. Jio already uses 4G for calls – VoLTE). This also means that: it should be relatively simple for the WhatsApp to port it to other KaiOS devices (they’ve a done the hard part already – creating a version for KaiOS), but without compromising their intelectual property.

      Secondly, there was already a version of Telegram for the FirefoxOS, so it should be possible to port it over to KaiOS, but it depends on the community, I think.

      I have no idea about the Signal Private Messenger, but it would be a welcome addition for me.

      Also, food for thought for the KaiOS team:

      In the past years, there were a lot of games released for the J2ME plataform and some were especially made for that platform and not released for any other platform.
      Most of these are forgotten now…
      You could create an emulator for it, make some agreements with game software companies in order to re-release their titles on KaiOS, taking advantage of this emulator, and making them profit all over again, lol. But, seriously, it could work, for all parties involved.

      Also, how are KaiAds coming along?

      Momade JUSSUB

  12. Ashok

    My jio phone Version is old 2.0
    Why not update new verison 2.5
    JIO F61F

  13. Hello
    Will there be any functional navigation available?
    thank you for answer

  14. abbas

    jio phon me whatsapp video call option kab ayega

  15. Md shahabuddin

    I am using jio phone F41T but it does not support file manager and screen rotate why? When another model support both

  16. how do i open my kaistore account? so i can upload my created app and what is the process for same.
    please reply soon .

  17. Deepu

    Whatsapp me video call kab se hogi

  18. pampa chowdhary mondal

    when would come kaios 3.0 software update in jio phone ?

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