Meet The Apps Available On KaiOS

Last updated: Sep 20, 2019

KaiOS brings apps to where no other apps have gone before: feature phones. Our goal is to make advanced digital services accessible to everyone. An important part of fulfilling that mission means providing content that is impactful for our users.  

With this in mind, we recently launched a suite of new apps and utilities in the KaiStore. We will continue to expand the selection to bring localized, sophisticated, and entertaining content directly to KaiOS-powered devices.

Each app falls into one of these two categories: 

  1. Popular global apps that are essential to the modern mobile experience, for example the Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  2. Regional apps that have user-followings in specific countries or are created by local developers to solve unique problems for that region.

Below is an alphabetical overview of the apps you can now find in the KaiStore. We will continue to update this article as new content becomes available on KaiOS, so don’t forget to bookmark this link.  


Please note: while the JioPhone runs on KaiOS, its app store is managed by Reliance Jio and called the JioStore. For this reason, we can’t guarantee the below apps will be available on the JioPhonenor does it mean apps available on the JioPhone are available in other countries.


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Fun and addictive version of 2048 for KaiOS. Use the directional keys to merge numbers until you get to 2048. 

3D Motor Race

Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games

Race your motorcycle on the highway alongside competitors while avoiding the numerous obstacles in your path!

Acrade Car

Publisher: GamePix

Category: games

Swerve from left to right in order to avoid hitting obstacles in the road with your arcade car.


Publisher: Kai

Category: sports

Walk, run or bike while having Activity monitor your fitness levels and provide information regarding your route, temperature and the current elevation.

Angry Chicken

Publisher: Blacksheep games

Category: games

Catch all the eggs from the Angry Chicken in your moving basket!

Astro Knot 

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Help little Astro whose spaceship has crashed and needs to return to outer space. Keep Astro jumping to reach the stars and achieve the highest possible score, but be on the lookout for other surprises.

Banana Copter Swing 

Publisher: Blacksheep games 

Category: games 

Are you ready to take the challenge to hold an banana to fly up and avoid all moving obstacles to reach to the sky? It looks easy, but really hard to master!

BeFive Jackpot 


Category: games 

Are you feeling lucky? Pull the trigger in hopes of getting a lucky jackpot with this miniature slot machine in the palm of your hand.


Publisher: Kai

Category: games

The adventures of Birdy! Follow Birdy as he makes his way through the jungle. 

Body Weight Calculator

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: health

Keep track of your health and get personalized recommendations by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) using simple measurements.


Publisher: No Moss

Category: games

Help Pip bounce, jump, and hop down the tallest tree in the land without falling!

Bouncing Balls Champ

Publisher: Roosh Interactive

Category: games

Set angle, fire balls and break brocks! The angle is the key to hit the brocks. How long can you survive Bouncing Balls Champ?

Brick Breaker 2018

Publisher: Blacksheep games

Category: games

Break the bricks, collect powerups and use them to advance through the many levels in this classic arcade game for all ages!

Brick Plunge

Publisher: Gamezop

Category: games

It’s the ultimate brain challenge! Build the perfect wall with this fun and addictive puzzle game. Maneuver the descending blocks until they fit perfectly together across the grid.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Keep your daily schedule organized and plan out your future with reminders, notes, views, and calendar-wide search.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities 

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rapidly via this easy-to-use calculator that includes decimals, as well as
negative/positive numbers.

Castle Magic

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Be prepared for anything as you try to save your friend from the clutches of horrifying magician Nefastax.

Caveman Adventures

Publisher: Freak X Apps 

Category: games 

Get ready to go back to the stone age, to grab as much food as possible under the extreme environment with rolling rocks.

Charly Bird

Publisher: Game Neeti 

Category: games 

 Manage to fly in the sky and collect as many fruits as you can.


Publisher: Bartlomiej Tadych 

Category: games 

Play a classic game of checkers and challenge your mind.

Classic Dino Run

Publisher: Dmytro Tomayly

Category: games 

Guide Dino through his adventure and score as many points as possible along the way!

Coin Grab

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Piggy and his friend are hungry for coins, and it’s up to you to fill them up. To level-up, you need to guide Piggy through the maze to gobble up all the coins. Remember to plan ahead because Piggy doesn’t like to backtrack.

Color Blindness

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: games 

Test your eyes capability to recognize various colors.

Color Clash

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games 

Match and align the colors accordingly for unlimited fun!


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Please refer to the Kai utilities announcement blog post for details.

Crazy Chopper

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Keep your crazy chopper up in the air, flying up and down in order to avoid the many obstacles in the sky. The more hot air balloons and blimps you avoid, the higher your score!

Crazy Eggs

Publisher: Kai

Category: games

Crazy eggs is a level game in which the egg is placed into one of the cups. Then the cups get shuffled while you try to keep your eye on the one your egg was originally placed.

Cuby Zap

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

You have a loose cannon on your hands! Shoot the red cubes until your lives run out but keep your eyes peeled – you don’t want to zap the blue ones!

Currency Converter

Publisher: DataArt 

Category: utilities  

Stay up-to-date with international exchange rates for many global currencies.

Cut The Pizza

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games 

Help cut the pizza as fast as you can without missing a slice, as crazy obstacles arise in the kitchen.

Danger Dash

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Are you a real adventurer? Run through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in a lost city, and hold on for dear life in the mysterious temple! A real runner could do it!



Publisher: Bartlomiej Tadych 

Category: entertainment  

Flip a coin or roll virtual dice.


Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Poor little Dodgy the cat is stranded on an island and needs your help! Collect rubies in order to increase your score,  all while helping your little feline hero stay alive by avoiding incoming fireballs crashing towards her from all directions.

Dont Drop

Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games 

Toss the egg and try not to drop it! The more you toss the higher your score!


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Connect the numbers to achieve your targets. Notice the timer that runs out for each of them. You have to complete the number before time runs out! 


Publisher: Facebook 

Category: social  

Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you.

Fake Call

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko 

Category: utilities

Free from fake calls in daily life.

Falling Through

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

The sky is falling, the clock is ticking, how will it all end? To win in this game, you just need to guide the ball through the gaps, but try to stay alive as long as possible and win as many bonus points as you can!

Feed the Pets

Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games 

Feed your favorite pets with yummy food to get points and increase your score!


Publisher: LiveSport

Category: sports 

Stay in touch with everything you love about sport. With the FlashScore app, you are always just one touch away from the fastest possible LIVE scores.

File Manager

Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Manage your internal and external storage space by keeping photos and videos more organized. Quickly access details within these files easily, thanks to search capabilities.

Fire Shots

Publisher: digi10soft

Category: games

Shoot the boxes and make your way to victory by aiming precisely and powering up!

Flexi Snake

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

A modern spin on the old-school Snake classic, Flexi Snake is sure to evoke nostalgia. Test your skills and see if you can wiggle your way about the screen and guide your snake to incredible lengths.

Fly Safe

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

This is an easy game, end of story. Just kidding! Control your little hero with the left and right keys to collect as many coins as possible, but be quick to avoid the incoming crates.

Fly Vivi Bird

Publisher: Alibaba

Category: games 

Attain a new high score, by tapping the keyboard to help Vivi bird fly high and low, avoiding pipes along the way!

FM Radio

Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Don’t miss a moment of your favorite radio station! Start the app for list of available FM stations in your area: select favorites, listen on speaker phone or headphones, and even use another app at the same time.

Free Text Reader

Publisher: Ivan

Category: utilities

Now you have convenience in the palm of your hand with the text and FB2 document reader.

Frequency Generator

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: utilities

Listen to whatever brings you peace, whether that be white noise or musical notes.

Fruit Attack

Publisher: Game Neeti 

Category: games

Attack of the fruit! Slash your way through the incoming fruit to get a high score!

Galactic Spell

Publisher: Minzao games

Category: games

Use your magic to prevent the biggest, baddest alien from destroying all the land. Take your aim at the beast and fire away in order to level up!


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Try for a high score by matching three of kind within the time limit. 

Gems Golden Kick

Publisher: Digi10 Soft

Category: games 

Play in a world class football game by giving it your best, golden kick. 

Google Assistant

Publisher: Google

Category: utilities 

Your personal Google is here to help. Ask your Google Assistant questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere.

Google Map

Publisher: Google

Category: utilities

Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic and public transport info, and explore local neighbourhoods knowing where to eat, drink and go – no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Google Search

Publisher: Google

Category: utilities

The Google app keeps you in the know about the things that you care about. Find quick answers, explore your interests and get a feed of updates on what matters to you.

Granny Vs Zombies

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Keep granny alive by helping her knock down the attacking zombies!

Gravity Switch

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Jump from planet to planet with Fluffy the Alien before your time is up!

Grumpy Gorilla

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Ever been so frustrated that you just want to chop down some trees? Join Grumpy Gorilla on his mission to bring down the tallest trees, but make sure you don’t bang your head as the branches come down!


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Make your way through hordes of incoming UFOs in this exciting shoot’em up.

Gulli Cricket 

Publisher: Game Neeti

Category: games 

Hit it! Play a classic game of cricket in the street! Choose between a solo challenge or compete against rivals!

Guns & Bottles 

Publisher: Freak X Apps

Category: games 

Think aiming at a platform of rotating bottles is easy? Well now you’ll need to focus while your gun rotates just as fast! Give it your best shot, in order to snag a high score.

Happy Bird Jump 

Publisher: Blacksheep games

Category: games 

Guide the Happy Bird to avoid enemies to reach the top of the sky.

Happy Kittens

Publisher: Raval Matic Games

Category: games 

Save the kitties by switching out the grumpiest in the litter as they pop-up across the board!


Publisher: Kai

Category: lifestyle

Start your day on a high note! Get your daily horoscope read, attributes and mood.

Hungry Piggies

Publisher: BlackMoon Design

Category: games

The pigs are hungry! Help by stacking them all the way to the top so they can reach their food.

Hunting Birds Challenge

Publisher: Game Neeti

Category: games

Do you have what it takes to be an archery master? Go hunting for flying birds, falling fruit and a moving bullseye.

Ice Breaker 

Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Eliminate the icebergs that block the route of merchant ships. 

Jiji Shopping 

Publisher: Jiji

Category: shopping

Shop till you drop! Buy and sell through the largest, free online classified that provides a simple, hassle-free solution for online shopping.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Publisher: Scott Smith 

Category: games 

Shift pieces around to complete the full puzzle! Choose between doing a plant, animal or digital puzzle, along with difficulty level.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Use Magnify app to click pictures and read the text. Freeze your pictures and app filter overlays for better readability of texts taken by you.

Math Training

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: kids & education

Brush up on your math skills and keep your brain active by tackling fun, challenging math quizzes across a variety of formats and difficulty levels.


Publisher: Raval Matic Games

Category: games

Watch out for the mines! With helpful clues, choose wisely in order to clear the board containing hidden mines without hitting any of them.


Publisher: OUSAA

Category: entertainment

Find out what the day has in store for you with this free daily horoscope.


Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: lifestyle

Find out the moon’s phase and other astronomical details for the past, present, or future.

Monsters Burn Too

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Your little zombie has just risen from the dead but he’s a little clueless on what to do next. Guide him to collect all the goodies while escaping fire balls and other traps dropping from the sky.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Classic rock fan? Country music more your style? Love the 80s? Choose from several genres and hundreds of songs to create a personal playlist. Best of all, you can access your playlist offline anytime.

Network Test

Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Test and evaluate your network connection.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Gain access to a tailored feed of relevant news based on your location, language, and genre/category.

Night Clock

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: lifestyle

Choose your favourite mode to display time with Night Clock.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Stay up to date with all the global weather info. 


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

The Life app offers educational resources including, free books, tips on healthy living, information on how to get a job, and advice for saving money together with groups. – Improve your life with one click!

Ludo Champ

Publisher: Roosh Interactive

Category: games

Roll the dice! Play the classic board game and strategize your way to the top.

Lumberjack Santa

Publisher: Blacksheep games

Category: games

Santa Claus needs your help! Help timberman Santa and the Elf helper to chop as many wood as possible!

Ninja Fall

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Help your ninja avoid numerous obstacles while falling.

Ninja Ranmaru

Publisher: Azerion

Category: games

Help ninja to fight against the enemies.

Nitro Street: Drag Mode

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Experience the intense rivalry of drag-racing competitions. Start the race and shift gears at the right moment to get ahead of opponents.

Nitro Street Run 2

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Take your ride and take on the city! Transform ordinary rides into underground racing machines & show everyone how fast and far your skills can take you.


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Need to create a shopping list or interested in tracking your weekend projects? Now you won’t need to carry around a notepad to jot down fleeting thoughts. Create, sort, and share (via text or email) notes directly from your KaiOS-powered device.

Period Tracker

Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: health

Keep track of your menstrual cycle.


Publisher: PhoneCopy

Category: utilities

Stay organized and feel secure with one of the world’s largest and most popular multiplatform services for backups and synchronization of contacts.


Publisher: Capsule Digital Ltd

Category: utilities

PhotoFunia is a good way to add a spark to your photos, make them special and more original.

PineApple Pen  

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games 

You’ll need to stay focused as pineapples and apples spin across your screen. Keep steady as you hit the center key, launching the writing utensil and perfectly piercing the moving fruit.

Pingu And Friends  

Publisher: Freak X Apps

Category: games 

Help Pingu and friends get the golden egg! Just tap on the up arrow to help your character jump their way to the top and avoid obstacles on your quest for the golden egg!


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

The Earth is very dangerous. Help our little friend to collect coins and go back to its planet. 

Prayer Times 

Publisher: VegaGroup

Category: lifestyle 

 Make accurate prayer times for your desired location easier.

Puzzle Pets Memory

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Train your memory with these adorable creatures. It only lets harder as your level increases!

QR Reader

Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Please refer to the Kai utilities announcement blog post for details.

Quick Notes

Publisher: Obibee

Category: utilities

A simple, quick and easy notepad for when you need it most!

Quick Racing

Publisher: Hammerplay Studio

Category: games

Let race a variety of super and hyper cars across different world locations.

Quick tennis

Publisher: HammerPlay Studio

Category: games

Choose from a variety of characters to win your match!


Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Category: kids & education

It’s now easier to read the Quran on the go!

Quran Book + Audio

Publisher: SkachkoMobobeat

Category: utilities

Read or listen along to the Holy Quran anytime and anywhere.

Real Football Runner

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Race against your opponents with a twist in this football-themed running game. Make sure to pick up all the goodies along the way!

Recipe Book

Publisher: OUSAA 

Category: lifestyle 

Baking and cooking are really easy with recipe book. 18 kinds of recipes are waiting for your pick!


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Whether it’s an important lecture or a self-reminder, it’s easy and convenient to capture important audio moments, thanks to Recorder. Save and store your audio files for later, and choose between small or large recording rates.

Retro Snake

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Based off the retro arcade game, feed the snake by controlling it.

Ringtones Free

Publisher: Warren Miller

Category: utilities

Instantly personalize your phone with unique ringtone options. Select from free and paid ringtones within various genres including electronic, classical and pop music to fit your style.

Rise Up

Publisher: Freak X Apps

Category: games

Jump on platforms to make a score.

Rock the Dock

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Stock the ship and stack the shipping containers by aligning them perfectly as they appear. The more you stack, the higher your score!

Shooting star

Publisher: Shinecore 

Category: games 

Be a scoring star to shot the basketball accurately into the moving basket!

Siberian Strike

Publisher: Gameloft 

Category: games 

Play this fun and challenging arcade shooting game, where the only goal is to destroy everything on the screen!

Simple World Clock

Publisher: Bartlomiej Tadych 

Category: utilities 

Just need a second to check out the time in different cities around the world.

Smash cricket

Publisher: HammerPlay Studio 

Category: games 

Give it your best shot and make as many runs as you can in this game of extreme cricket. Choose from a variety of locations and characters to achieve a high score.

Sneaky Snack

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Your baby birds are hungry and you must collect worms in order to feed them, but watch out – cruel vultures are lying in wait! Protect your hatchlings for as long as possible, in this addictive game. 

Soccer Free Kick

Publisher: Warren Miller

Category: games 

Choose your favorite soccer team and kick your way through six-levels. Try to score, in order to win!

Soccer Tricks

Publisher: Warren Miller

Category: games 

Test your skills by kicking the soccer ball as hard as you can at the targets to earn points!


Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

A little dude has to push the cube to the correct places. You need to help him! 

Spikes Don’t Move

Publisher: Gamezop

Category: games 

cute bunny is running about in an endless tunnel. Can you save her from all the pointy spikes along the way? 

Stack Building 

Publisher: Kai

Category: games 

Build a skyscraper as tall as possible, but don’t drop the blocks!  

Stack Panda

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games 

Make your panda jump as high as it can to create the tallest possible tower!

Stick Ganesha

Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games 

Little Ganesha needs to get from one podium to the next one safely. Hold down the center key to build a stick bridge, but be careful! If the stick is too long or too short, Ganesha will parachute into the sky, ending your game.  

Subway Runner

Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games 

Run through the subway, avoiding any obstacles that may arise by moving, jumping, and sliding. The longer you dodge the hurdles, the higher your score will climb!


Publisher: Ninelaps 

Category: games 

Test your brainpower by inserting the numbers one through nine in a grid so that each number appears only once within every horizontal and vertical line.

Sunset Sunrise

Publisher: Valesios 

Category: lifestyle

Plan the perfect sunrise and/or sunset viewing with access to exact timing from anywhere in the world!

Swing Robber

Publisher: Freak X Apps 

Category: games

Swing high to collect more dollar bags to make a good score.

Tank Wars

Publisher: Hammerplay Studio

Category: games

Be the best soldier on the field! Take down your enemies with a line-up of weapons!

The Dino King

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Dino King is running through the jungle, collecting the gold coins he so rightfully deserves. Collect as much gold as possible by jumping over thorny plants and sneaking under vicious vultures.

Tiny army

Publisher: HammerPlay Studio

Category: games

Fight your way through enemy soldiers and survive as long as you can to achieve the high score!


Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Please refer to the Kai utilities announcement blog post for detail.

Traffic Highway Hawk

Publisher: Game Neeti

Category: games

 Get ready, get set, and go through traffic on this high-speed highway race!

Tuk Tuk Go

Publisher: HammerPlay Studio

Category: games

Ride the classic Tuk Tuk as long as you can by avoiding obstacles. Grab power-ups that transform your Tuk Tuk to Hovercraft, Rocket, Bird and more to achieve a high score!

Turbo Skull Challenge

Publisher: Game Neeti

Category: games

Try to sustain on the path as long as you can.

Turbo Snail

Publisher: Mobi2Fun

Category: games

Take Turbo Snail on a wild ride through obstacles as fast as you can!

Twin Hop

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

In this never-ending game, the Jumper must always be on the same color as the pillar it wants to jump on. Can you keep up?


Publisher: NetEase

Category: utilities

A free dictionary resource that allows you to easily translate English words to 10 Indian and 28 international languages. Simply tap, copy or speak to quickly translate as you browse. Best of all, you don’t need internet to access the dictionary in offline mode.

Unit Converter

Publisher: Kai

Category: utilities

Tired of searching through long, confusing lists in order to convert kilograms into pounds or cups into ounces? Simply select the unit you want to convert, type in your information and the conversion will appear on your screen. Choose from several categories, including temperature, weight, and speed.

Valentine Chase

Publisher: Digi10Soft

Category: games

Avoid crashing while on this high-speed chase and stay safe as long as possible.

Virtual Candle

Publisher: Valiery Schako

Category: entertainment

Keep a lighted, sparkling candle without the risk of dripping wax, burning or starting a fire.


Publisher: Twitter

Category: social

From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first.

Wallpapers Free

Publisher: Warren Miller

Category: utilities

Transform your phone to fit your style with free and paid wallpapers. Personalize your background with beautiful landscapes, cuddly animals, action sports, cool cars, and more.

Watch the Walls

Publisher: Gamezop 

Category: games 

Little bee is trapped inside a massive beehive and the walls are covered in spikes! Help your hero navigate the hive without running into danger. Can you keep him buzzing?


Publisher: AirFind

Category: utilities

Stay up-to-date with reliable weather forecasts and conditions wherever you are, at any time, with alerts and reports from the most trusted source in weather.

Whack a Mole

Publisher: Kai

Category: games

Arcade game in which you quickly and repeatedly hit the heads of moles with a mallet as they pop up from holes to accumulate points.


Publisher: Facebook 

Category: social

Stay connected with your friends and family around the world via voice and text messaging.


Publisher: Mobi2Fun 

Category: games

Chop down the wood by lining the lumberjack up accordingly!


Publisher: Xender

Category: utilities

The world’s leading application for file transfer and sharing that offers users the convenience to transfer files of different types and sizes between mobile devices, with no need for cables or Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection, and with absolutely no mobile data usage for transfer.


Publisher: Google

Category: video

See what the world is watching — from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more.


Publisher: Kuaishou

Category: video

Stay entertained with YoVi’s large selection of short videos.


We hope you enjoy everything the KaiStore has to offer, and please let us know what you think about the apps. If you have any questions or experience challenges, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket here or head over to @KaiHelps on Twitter.

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There are 458 Comments

  1. Leo

    When is Whastapp available, is it next month? or 2-3-4 Months?

  2. Richa Sen

    Can you please decrease the scroll length/width in the music player app? I mean it skips around 10 minutes on a 100 minute long track when scrolling. Can you reduce it to half so that it is easier to navigate to a preffered part of the track? Thankyou! I love KaiOS!

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Richa, thank you for the suggestion. We have passed it on to our product team – we are pretty sure they will work on that. If there’s anything else you think is worth our attention, please let me know.

      • Roland Pedeferri

        Please fix the SMS messager on the Nokia 8110, it crashes leaving no way to respond to messages until the app is closed and reopened.

        In addition, the received time on some SMS messages are a few hours into the future.

        The Nokia 8810 4g is a banner phone for KaiOS in the western world, so fixing some basic problems would be awesome.

        • Kai Helps

          Hi Roland, thank you for spotting this and letting us know about that. Would you mind sending us your software version via email? We can be reached via our Customer Portal:

        • Nelly

          am not satisfied with the text message app on my mtn-smart, there is option to save message as draft but no way to see or view it. i saved many bank account details on my draft so i can easily forward to anyone when needed but no option or menu for draft. it will be nice if there is a menu on message app having inbox,outbox,draft etc just is it is on other message apps. copy and paste will also be nice.

          secondly, whenever am playing any game on my phone and there is an incoming call, no matter how hard i press the answer key, the incoming call will not be answered, it will like hang not until i quit the game, then i can answer or receive the incoming call. lot of lot of people complain i dont answer my calls but they dont know i tried my best to answer it but cant because of this.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out 😉 We appreciate your feedback and interest in our improvement. I will pass your advice to our product team. Have a good day.

  3. Fahim

    In this list there is Facebook but in Bangladesh there are no Facebook.

  4. Some day here will be the list of apps made by newbie/small-scale app developers ✌️

  5. Jez

    It’s great that google have bought out a few apps. Do you have any time frames on Google Keep coming ??

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Please note that we cannot comment on specific updates and/or release plans. However, we are constantly working on expanding the range of apps and services we can offer you.

  6. Ankur Saini

    I am using jio phone. There are no qr reader app. Please launch it in jio phone. And in your list whatsapp is not available. Fill it.

  7. Shiva

    Hi, i’m using jio phone ,some apps not avalable my in jiio store.
    To-do,qr code scanner,weather, twitter & more games

  8. Tris

    I have Nokia 8110 4G, can you provide an option to change the theme color on your next update ?, it would be nice.

    • Kai Helps

      Tris, thank you for this feedback. We have forwarded it to our product team. If there’s anything else you’d like to have in KaiOS which is not there yet, feel free to let us know.

  9. Tokyo Abdu

    I’m in uganda, please leak for me how far has the MTN, Kai os, Unisoc, China Mobile Smart-feature phone reached?
    Ready charged, itching to feel the Kai OS xperience.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Tokyo, could you specify your query, please?

    • Hira

      I am on KaiOS feature phone but it seems that there is no native email client (for outlook and corporate email) or on Kai store. Isn’t it very necessary? When are you planning to add this very necessary feature.


  10. McGhee

    I live in China and I have a smartphone but all I ever use is WeChat. I would love to have a very inexpensive phone that only provides WeChat. I think there are a huge number of people in Chna who resent the cost of a smartphone but need Wechat to live a normal life here. Will KaiOS support WeChat a.k.a. WeiXin someday?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! WeChat is currently not supported in KaiOS. Please note that we cannot comment on specific updates and/or release plans. However, we are constantly working on expanding the range of apps and services we can offer you.

  11. Leo

    Hi, when ik go to the Apstore ik get the massage “verbindingsfout” (no connection). is there something wrong with the store or my phone.
    My E-mail, Maps and Yuotube works perfect.
    i hav this problem yesterday and today

  12. anupam

    is kaios launch instagram? as it is 3 mst os so ……!

    • Kai Helps

      Anupam, the Instagram app is not supported in KaiOS, though we are constantly working on widening the range of apps we can offer. Make sure to be on the lookout for news and announcements here, on our blog.

  13. Neil Payne

    Hello, I have a friend who is refusing to have a smartphone (they have Alzheimer’s). I think i might get them to except a new Nokia phone as they have old Nokia phone at the moment. Do you make a phone that would let me install something like “Family Locator” – GPS Tracker Life36 which is available on Android. Kind Regards

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Neil, even though GPS is supported in KaiOS, such a GPS tracker app is not supported. However, we are constantly working on adding more apps and features to our system. We have forwarded your feedback to our product team. Should you have any other comments or questions, please let us know.

      • Jeffery

        Hi, may i know if there is any updates on this feature as i need it too for my parents as they refuse to use smartphones and currently using nokia phones

    • Raf

      Please develop that feature. Ability to find older people is crucial on those phones.

  14. Tanmoy das

    when kaios jio store launch twitter ….

  15. On KaiOS website you guys are showing us lot of apps and games that are available on KaiOS . but I am using Jio Phone but I didn’t found many of the apps on my jio store .

    Can you guys tell me the exact date when all these apps and games will come on Jio Phone.

    Thank You

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Mahir, while the JioPhone runs on KaiOS, its app store is managed by Reliance Jio and called the JioStore. For this reason, we can’t guarantee the apps mentioned in the article will be available on the JioPhone, nor does it mean apps available on the JioPhone are available in other countries.

  16. vova

    Does your browser minimize internet traffic like Opera Mini? If not, will Opera Mini be pre-installed?

    • Kai Helps

      Thanks for a great question, Vova! We will check how the Browser works with the traffic and let you know as soon as we hear from our developers. As for the Opera Mini, it is not supported currently; we are working on adding more apps and features in the future.

  17. Росен

    i am from bulgaria I ordered my NOKIA 8110 4G I need my VIBER. My phone is my job

  18. volli

    I live in Estonia.

    I bought Cat B35 -(caterbillar).
    I wish two applications – Ezviz -Video Cloud Service Platform and Air Patrol Nordic Gsm – heat pump/hear conditioner controller.

  19. Louis

    I understand KaiOS’s mission to make feature phones smarter and bringing affordable 3G and 4G phones to the market. BUT here is South Africa you are waisting your timeespecially with a phone company like Nokia. I got really exited when I saw the Nokia 8110 was back, but no-one here will pay R1300 for a phone that does not support Whatsapp. I can buy a android phone for R400 less and run Whatsapp. Come on guys get it done!

  20. Kirsten

    Will i do not see siberian strike on the store so what is up with that?

  21. Nguyễn Hữu Trung

    where’s facebook

  22. Thomas

    Is there or will there be VPN capability?

  23. Dom

    Please support messaging apps such as whatsapp, messenger and telegram. It would be nice to have physical buttons while using these apps.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Dom, WhatsApp is currently available in India and we are doing our best to introduce it to other regions. As for the Messenger and Telegram, we are aware of their importance and hope to make more apps available for instant messaging, social media etc.


        wow, telegram support, that would be good.

        • Kai Helps

          Hi there! Thank you for your request. We are on explanding the range of apps fro our users.

          • Nelly

            Does anyone have any of the Gameloft games and Recorder app listed here on their KAIOS Store? If yes what phone are you using? I have MTN Smart but cant find any of those on my Store and i really need to test them

          • Kai Helps

            Hello! Apologies for the inconvenience. The thing is that OEMs can implement or delete any apps. Maybe you will have those apps in the next update.

  24. When will Whastapp arrive on KAIOS

  25. Felix

    Hi. One question that is not related to Whatsapp: I recently bought a Nokia 8110 and was surprised that it has no file manager. At another blog post, you commented: “we work with OEMs […] which may change or exclude some baseline features.” My question is: Why don’t you offer the file manager in the KaiStore, so everyone can optionally install it if it isn’t already pre-installed on their phone?

  26. Motiur

    Hi, I m not user of kaios. I want to buy nokia 8110 4g. I need call record(must be able to record the voice of dialer & reciver), file manager and share it. Is possible to add those three apps in os store?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Motiur, although File Manager is supported in KaiOS, it may be subject to change by the device manufacturer. Thus, we recommend checking this with HMD/Nokia prior to making a purchase. As for the Call Recorder & Share it apps, they are not available in the KaiStore yet. We have forwarded your feedback to them and appreciate your suggestions 🙂

  27. Росен

    do what we want and KaiOS will replace Android around the world

  28. Nokru

    Hi! Is Viber available for download on kaios?

  29. Abhi

    Please tell jio phone to take of Gameloft

  30. anil

    here are 17 issues with kaios2.5
    power issue:
    1. a power off issue.
    steps for reproducing issue:
    1. enable read out from settings, device, accessibility
    2. set media volume to 5 then move to 15
    3. power off the device via the power menu
    you will see the device display goes blank but the device does not power off
    google assistant application:
    1. when using the google assistant to make a call example ” call 5554444″, or “call john”
    the call fail and the google assistant crashes and you can’t do any thing on the phone. you have to do a hard restart before getting the phone working
    accessibility–screen reader
    issues with readout:
    1. messaging:
    (a) the screen reader is not reading the two field(for entering contact number)
    (b) when deleting a character the reader says clear instead of the deleted character
    (c) when the left and right nav keys are used to move through the characters, the screen reader is not speaking the characters.
    2. os interface:
    (a) the date and time dialog is not spoken when selecting values
    (b) no voice feed back is given when the screen is lock or unlocked. the reader should give a notification to inform user when screen is lock or unlock
    (c) there should be an option to adjust voice pitch
    (d) there should be an option to launch read out on first setup by pressing a key for some seconds
    (e) when soft key 1 is pressed for notifications, no voice feed back is spoken. if there is no entries the reader should speak no entries
    (f) battery status is not spoken. you have to go into settings to hear the battery stat
    (g) when in settings the screen reader is not reading the sections when using the left and right nav keys. example when you move to the device section, the voice should say “device”
    (h) the google assistant options is not spoken. example under change language no items are spoken.
    (i) call logs are not spoken it only says “not selected”. if the logs are empty, the screen reader should say “no entries”
    (j) in some dialogs, the reader will speak “soft key1 [object], soft key2 [object]”. labels should be added for these
    (k) file manager items are not spoken and when deleting photos the items are not spoken
    (l) when making a phone call and a digit is deleted the screen reader says clear but it should speak the deleted character.
    (m) when a new window is open, no voice feed back is spoken until a key is pressed. example if the user press select for all apps the reader should say “all apps”
    (n) callender is not spoken when opened you have to press select two times
    (m) this issue is with sms shortcode
    the screen reader will not read the window
    example if “*123#” is entered
    the top up menu will come up and the screen reader will not announce the options(press 1 to check balance, 2 to purchase a plan)
    this occurs on multiple carrier services i have tested it on
    (o) the screen reader read out stop working in the kaios store. it will no longer read the items in the store
    also when creating or signing into a kaios account it will not read

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Anil, this is huge feedback there and we appreciate it – it helps us to learn on our mistakes and make KaiOS a better system. Would you mind telling your device model so we can pinpoint this request and send it over to our developers?

  31. Priyanka prasad

    When in jio phone whatsapp status will come please reply soon

    • anil

      hi Priyanka,
      Reliance Jio will be the best option to give you the information since they are the one developing the html5 version of the whatsapp for your phone. at the point in time i think the objective was to get a working basic version of whatsapp on the device. as such only the most basic function was implemented via the api call.

  32. Hi KaiOS, what are the Nokia phones that implement the HTML 5 system?

    • a

      hi, in theory all android and ios phone can use html.
      however if you are asking in terms of interface and app development kaios is basically linux with an html front end unlike android which is a linux with java front end. so with kaios html5 is the main application creation language.
      nokia 8110 runs on kaios.

  33. anil

    some more issues:
    note app:
    1. when using the note app to create a note, screen reader will not read the contents when using the up or down navigation keys.
    email app with screen reader:
    1. when reading emails the screen reader will not read the message body
    2. when deleting emails, the screen reader will not announce the key function example left soft key no, right soft key delete
    web browser:
    1. the screen reader will not announce the elements example if the focuss is on a link the screen reader should announce link
    same should apply to buttons, edit boxes and so on.

  34. an

    any one here is willing to do a skype app for kaios via the Skype Web SDK?
    i don’t have a linux dev environment(which is use for kaios apps)

  35. Abhi

    Pls bolo na jio wall ko Gameloft ka game install kare jio phone par pls jio ko bolo na

  36. Sajjad

    sir why apps are not come in nokia 8110 4g in pakistan

    • anil

      1. 810 has a customise version of the stock kaios and the content is dependant on the store availibility
      2. content on the store is region dependant it will use the wifi and sim carrier to determine the content for the region

  37. Sajjad

    Need WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 like jiophone,don’t need any utility except for WhatsApp 😞

  38. a

    everybody want the popular whatsapp. here is two reasons why it may not come as fast as everybody want:
    1. resourses–kaios does not have developers in numbers to android and ios this mean programs for the platform will take longer than expected.
    2. popularity –since whatsapp is popular they tend to ignore the less popular platform. as such, kaios have to colaborate(red tape process etc.) with whatsapp to get the app ported to the platform.

    • zz

      I think that everybody here has been patient enough about Whatsapp. I bought my 8110 because you said, about a year ago, that it will be available.
      Today I regret very much of my purchase, and I’m feeling fooled, because the information that you provided, was very clear. Whatsapp will be on KAIOS.
      You sold Hundred of THOUSANDS devices because this post. And people still waiting and waiting. Eventually it seems that will never arrive. You know what?
      I’ve just found out that my 8110 cost almost the half of the prize I paid, and wonder hmm, maybe is because nobody will want it??
      This is not serious. Not at all.

      • Kai Helps

        Hi! You can rest assured that WhatsApp is coming to KaiOS in its full glory 🙂 It is already available in India and we are working on introducing it in other regions. We totally understand the importance of this app and hope for your understanding. Stay tuned!

  39. Hello kaios I want Assass and spaidrman games and I hope you can add your own videos to YouTube Greetings to you that I love the kaios shop and thank you daily thanks

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Be sure that I have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them to the next software version.

  40. Neill Morrison

    Are you or are you not getting What’s App waiting for it is now getting slightly boring Yyyyyyyawn .

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. WhatsApp is available on KaiOS in India and we’re working together with the WhatsApp team to bring it to other regions. Please kindly note that we don’t have a confirmed release date for other regions yet but we’re working to bring it to you as soon as possible.

  41. When OLA or Uber will available on your store?

    • Kai Helps

      Rohit, we don’t support such apps yet but we understand their importance. Our product team has received your message and take it into account. Thank you!

    • Drahmykerl

      Hello Rohit, You can access and use Uber on your Kai phone by going to on any browser. Hope that helps😊

  42. yousuf

    hi kaios team!
    i really appriciate you to reponding on our comment.i noticed that kaios have no photo editing software your working on it?and another thing is why jio is not using gameloft games in jio games? please tell them from us to bring gameloft games on jio game.

    i hope you will take action to make a photo editing software and give us as quick as posible

    thank you

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Yousuf, photo editing capabilities are indeed available in KaiOS. You should be looking for Options->Edit once you open the image you want to edit in the Gallery. Please kindly note that the content of the app store (JioStore) on JioPhones is determined by Reliance Jio. If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link:

  43. Priyanshu Bhardwaj

    I appreciate the Kaios team. Kaios is doing good job.

    I have a request.

    Please add the app lock in next software version.

    And please launch a security app that can also clear the trashes.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Be sure that I have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them in the next software version.

  44. Abu bakar Channa

    I will need Uc browser and opera mini in my Nokia 8110 4G Kaios

  45. Amogh Murthy

    I have read multiple comments, which read: “Whatsapp is available in India”. I think you should clarify and say: “Whatsapp is available for Jio phones in India,” unless I am missing something. I own an 8110 and have been looking for a way to install whatsapp for ever (I reside in India). Please clarify.

  46. Amogh Murthy

    Also, as a suggestion (since this is a dual SIM phone), you should probably look at supporting Apps like ‘Parallel space’. But as they say, ‘one foot in front of the other’. Whatsapp first, then everything else.

  47. Sajjad

    Sir please upload file manager in store and browser like us browser.

  48. Sajjad

    Sir please upload file manager in store and browser like uc browser, in nokia 8110 4G in Pakistan.

  49. Muhammad faraz

    Can we book uber in nokia 8110 ?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Muhammad, Uber is currently not available in KaiStore. Our team is working on adding more apps and features, so KaiStore will grow bigger in some time. Please make sure not to miss it – keep following our updates here 🙂

    • Drahmykerl

      Hello Faraz, You can access and use Uber on your Kai phone by going to on any browser. Hope that helps😊

  50. Sajjad

    Sir please upload file manager in store and browser like uc browser, in nokia 8110 4G in Pakistan. (Please Please Please Sir)

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for the suggestions, Sajjad! We are working on adding more apps to KaiStore with our valued partners. Please keep yourself posted on our news & announcements.

  51. Raymond Bilson

    Hi. I see WhatsApp is now available for Nokia 8810 4g in India. I am in South Africa, any idea where I can download it for me?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Raymond, WhatsApp is getting ready to be released in other regions. We don’t have a set release date, for now, so we hope you keep track of our blog. Thank you!

  52. Isaac Way

    is whatsapp available on the Nokia 8110 in the US?
    is there a app lock or parental controls?


  53. Eagleheight

    I need opera mini for my mtn smart pls include the app on your kaios store thanks.

    • Kai Helps

      Thank you for the suggestion. We are doing our best to extend our partnerships and include more apps in KaiStore. Please stay tuned for the updates!

  54. Sajjad

    Is version 2.5 is your last update? Does there will be version 3.0 or so. If so, is it in development? What features we shall experience? And new apps, I will be glad to know your response:)
    Thank You

    • Bobo

      Hi. I would switch to a KaiOS device if it had a podcast client/app. It’s the only thing I really use my phone for other than calls and texts. Is it happening?

      • Shane

        Hi, I would also like to know when a podcast app will be added.

        • Kai Helps

          The thing is that we can’t comment on a specific update. But our engineers are aware of the importance of this app and I hope we will see it soon in future updates.

          • Simon

            Brilliant, I cannot wait for this next update. Podcast app would mean I can finally ditch my old android and solely use my 8810 on its own! thanks Kai Helps.

  55. Sajjad

    Is version 2.5 is your last update? Does there will be version 3.0 or so. If so, is it in development? What features we shall experience? And new apps, I will be glad to know your response:) (Please Please Please Sir)
    Thank You

    • Kai Helps

      Sajjad, currently, the 2.5 version is our latest release. Please note that we cannot comment on our future releases or plans.

  56. Sivakumar,v

    You to status see whatsapp

  57. Mohit

    Does kaios app store has an app for call recording.. Planning to buy nokia 81104g….can somebody suggest..?

    • Kai Helps

      Mohit, currently, there’s no such app at the moment. However, we have received a couple of similar requests already and our product team is aware of this requirement. Please stay tuned for the updates!

  58. Sajjad

    Sir Please update this app (xender) in this version we just share photos.

    • Kai Helps

      Sajjad, could you let us know more about the issue you experience in the email? Just send us a message to We look forward to hearing from you.

  59. Sajjad

    Sir why we can’t connect android to nokia 8110 4G in the new version of (Xender) app

  60. Fleury

    opéra mini app s’il vous plait (cat b35)

    • Kai Helps

      Hey, thank you for your suggestion. Opera Mini is not supported in KaiOS, however, we are working on adding more apps and features to our system in the future. Thank you for your interest in KaiOS!

  61. Don Clemente

    KaiOS lack an essential app that will make me the greatest fan of THE EMERGING OS if someone makes it –an app that will customized the NOTICE ALERTS FOR SMS!!! Presently, the tones are weak, lame and boooring! Ringtone for calls are a-ok. My favorite rock intro when a call comes in sends smiles and looks of approval my way. But the SMS TONES? Please, allow users to customized it and in no time KaiOS will go viral as the OS OF CHOICE!

  62. Sajjad

    Sir why we can’t connect android to nokia 8110 4G in the new version of (Xender) app Please Reply

  63. Sajjad

    Sir why we can’t connect android to nokia 8110 4G in the new version of (Xender) app Please Please Reply

  64. Abhi

    Pls add status update to WhatsApp & pls add castle magic game of gameloft

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for being so engaged! Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS.
      Be sure that I have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them in the next software version.

  65. Abhi

    Pls add instagram & castle magic in jio phone

  66. Abhi

    Pls add castle magic game of gameloft in jio phone pls tell jio company

  67. Mayowa a Orebiyi


  68. Sam Haruna

    I purchased your phone this week but am not pleased with the Music App, kindly include Favourite folder there please

  69. how to dowNLODE APP TELL ME

  70. Kanishka Perera

    There are many many keyboard errors in NOKIA 8110 phone’s OS.According to our region we use Sinhala language.But typing in Sinhala language I can’t type symbols and some letters of Sinhala language.Also the phone’s os is very slow.Detecting photos in gallery,detecting music in music library is very slow.And this os is no user friendly.And there is a big mistake in this os.It is there is no any file manager app in this KaiOS.So please be kind to reduce these mistakes and to include a file manager in this OS.

  71. an

    whatsapp is now available on the cat b35 after applying the kaios2.51 update

  72. Nagt

    I rather have Signal Messenger on KaiOS instead of Whatsapp due to privacy issues. Is Signal messenger in the schedule to be added soon?

  73. Sajjad

    Sir Why Are Not Come Whatsapp In Nokia 8110 4G In Pakistan

    • Kai Helps

      Sajjad, this issue can be related to the OEM (the device manufacturer). We recommend reaching out to Nokia for more help regarding WhatsApp.

  74. sir jio phone f30c model me bina computer ya laptop ke omnisd app install kaise kare

  75. Sajjad

    Sir Nokia 8110 4G in hotstar,voot,sonyliv Support in Pkaistan???

  76. Tunde

    I think you should add more apps to the store

  77. Sajjad

    Sir. Is Nokia 8110 4G support hotstar,voot,sonyliv in Pakistan???

    • Kai Helps

      Most likely, these are the apps featured in JioStore. JioStore is only available exclusively to Nokia 8110 4G thus you won’t be able to use them outside India.

  78. Deepak sinha

    Hi,I am Deepak. And I request you to make clash of clan (coc) game for jio phone. Thank you.

  79. Saaz

    I believe sideloading apps is possible on JioPhone.

  80. Aishat

    I can’t open PDF files on my Kaios phone, should I expect a PDF reader app soon.

  81. My comment is whatsapp stickers are not there in jio phone

  82. an

    developer base for kaios is very small at the moment. this means applications will not come as fast as android/ios
    also most apps require internet to run since kaios is web app orriented

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! Thank you for being so engaged. Our team does everything so all our users could get the best experience.

  83. RV

    Sir, please make paytm app for jio phone.

  84. Wonderful thanks. Please create Office apps.

  85. minitipper

    My B35 didn´t make an Update to KaiOs 2.5.1 in Germany. What can i do?
    Version LTED01082B3518091732

    • Kai Helps

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment – we are glad to help you from here. Could you send us a direct message to Thank you!

  86. prabha

    hi is it possible to recover deleted messages,call history and whatsapp details in android phone?

  87. Anders

    Hi i was wondering if there is any radio apps on cat b35 that uses KaiOS 2.5?
    Thank you

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Anders, currently there’s only one app for FM radio. However, if you mean the radio apps that use the Internet connection, these apps are not yet available. Please check our updates here for more news about apps.

  88. Jahswin

    I will like to make some cool app and game for KaiOS device


    Please I want to know if kaios can support copy and paste text messages as it is for other smart phones. Please reply through my email:

  90. Pranab Salian

    Is there a timeline to make the Truecaller app available?

  91. chimoux

    Dear KaiOS Team,
    Do you plan to include Skype app?
    Thank you!

  92. Tam Ho

    Please put Instagram on KaiOS! Thank You!

  93. Sajjad

    Does Nokia 8110 4G have BT Dialer support in Pakistan??????

  94. zahoor

    Wonderful thanks

  95. Ankush

    Can i install original kai os in Jiophone 2? If yes then can install jio apps in it? Will my phone still recognize its Jiophone? Where do i find the rom?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for interest in KaiOS! Unfortunately, you can’t install an orginal version of KaiOS because Reliance Jio has the right to make some changes and implement some features.

  96. Sajjad

    Sir why are not come apps entertainment and browsers in Nokia 8110 4G in Pakistan????????????????????????

  97. Yousuf

    Hello team!
    Something called omni sd from banana hackers is available for kaios.can i root this in my jio phone?is it safe?

  98. Ankit kr poddar

    Please save me jio phone kaios store and whatsapp video call featcher request you

  99. NS

    Just bought a brand new 8110 4G in Helsinki, Finland. They said Whatsapp is included, but it is neither on the phone nor available in-store of KaiOS, what do I do?


    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Please check the software version on your phone. WhatsApp is available only starting from 16 version.

      • A

        Hi, I have the same issue. Just bought Nokia 8110 4G Dual sim in Switzerland, and no WhatsApp in Store. The software version is 11, and when I do “Check for update”, it tells me “Your software is up to date”. Please help. I bought the phone specifically to have WhatsApp, and the Nokia Switzerland website says it’s available. Thank you.

        • Kai Helps

          The issue seems to be related to FOTA path problem. We are aware of it and working on a solution with our partner, and this issue will be resolved when Nokia pushes this update in the near future.
          All that I can advise you is to check from time to time if the update is available.

  100. shodoka

    why not develop a xterminal app as termux for example? should let the developers get to it make it more useful. Love de 8110 device but KaiOs is to much restricted.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback 😉 I will pass your idea to our product team. Have a good day.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback 😉 We are always striving to make improvements to our system and your insightful feedback is very helpful for us. I will forward your advice to our product team.

  101. Karthik Krishnamurthi

    Hi KaiOS Team,

    A few apps like PDF reader, Scanner are the ones that are frequently used. Do you have plans of getting these onto KaiOS. I have a Nokia 8110 with me and expecting these apps to come on the App store. Also Hike messenger is a popular chat app (many use it for its hidden chat feature and awesome stickers) in the Indian community. Could you please make Hike available on app store? Thanks.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I will forward your advice to our product team so they could consider your requirements. Thank you for being so engaged 😉

  102. ryan ram

    Hi, how can i use the U-dictionary using offline because i cannot open it without internet. Hope you can help me, i just bought 8110 4g. Thank you. ^_^

  103. Janis

    Just bought B35 and was disappointed that there are no off-line map option. Not even a simple one.
    Phone has all hardware needed and advertised as having navigation. I was looking for perfect backup phone/navigator, with long standby time (=small screen).
    I didn’t expected to have some fancy 3D, but it is strange not have some 10 years old OVI (Nokia) level map with basic offline maps, as last resort for worst case scenario in remote area. And it seemed almost perfect phone, but now I see that better option would be much smaller Nokia 3310 with plastic bag.
    Is there a hope for offline map option?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out and your feedback! Apologies for the inconvenience. We are aware of the off-line map’s importance. I will forward your advice to our engineers.

  104. ryan ram

    Hi KaiOS team, is there any offline english dictionary i can download compatible with my 8110 4g. Thank u, hope u can help me. ^_^

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! For now, there is no such option. However, that’s a good idea! I will forward it to our engineers right away 😉

  105. Dick

    When i first found out about kaios in may last year i was excited. I am blind and kaios is used on phones with physical keys and without a touchscreen, the perfect phone for blind people. In conversations via email with kaios i got manny promising replies: Kaios had dutch text to speech(the engeneers checked this for me), readout feature was forr blind people, when i had issues they would be fixed soon. So i bought 2 test samples: the maxcom mk241 and the Kaliho w6. maxcom runs kaios 2.5.1 and kaliho runs kaios 2.5.2. I found out none of the bugs the user Anil posted in february(the 20th and 24th) are fixed in 5 months. Readout is a quite unusable screenreader, it lacks almost support for all apps, even writign an sms is a big problem. Dutch tts was not available, and now kaiso tells me it indeed is not although they told me it was availalbe in may. I realy hoep kaios will finally give some serious tiem to readout, otherwise they can better not tell annymore kaiso is usable by blidn people. Unfortunately kaios never gives release dates. I think thsi is a bad thing, this gives kaios the freedom to take as long as they liek to fix something. Promising a date would bring more pressure on the team to deliver on-time, i think that would be a good thing. Kaios is a big disappointmet for me. @anil: do you agree nothign of your bugs is fixed?

  106. dick

    I still hope to get a reply about when those manny bugs with the readout screenreader will be fixed. but i found another bug. google assistant is not available in dutch language, although for android this is already available more than 1 year.
    It seems kaios realy does not care about their european customers, only english german and french is available no other european languages like dutch. Please become a real serious os with serious features for all users, not just for a few.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for bringing up the issue. I am extremely sorry that KaiOS hasn’t met your expectations. We are always striving to make improvements to our system and your insightful feedback is very helpful for us. I will inform our product team about the lack of languages in Google Assistant.

  107. dick

    Plese do not only inform them about the google languages, but also that the manny bugs with readout feature already posted on february 20 and 24 by user Anil are still not fixed. and a port of espeak, or another tts that supports dutch tts is realy a must to make the kaios phoens of anny use for blind people in the Netheralnds.
    My biggest problem with kaios is i do not feel bug reports are taken seriously. when bug reports are forwarded to the product team and still are not fixed after 5 months, this is not taken bug reports seriously. every reported bug should be fixed imediately, so a user will notice the improvements with the next softwae update his phone downloads. Kaios should spend more time in bugfixing before they introduce new features. Make sure 0 bugs are left before introducing new things. The kaiso policy gives to much chance of neglectign bugs. every bug report should be replied with a detailed solution promise and a specific date when this will be fixed. Otherwise things like this: bugs that remain after 5 months get normal. didn`t you read the news items about Google plannign to release a touchless android version? Do you realy think users will stick with buggy kaios when they can also have fullfunctional android on their devices? Stop deveolpign new features, make the developers read all user-posts on this site and make them fix every mentioned bug before they are gogin to play aroudn with new features. the base is instable, buggy, lacks features an os in 2019 should already have, has awfully bad support for blidn peopel(you can almost do nothign with the readout feature now), my phones crash twice a day which is also unacceptable for an os in 2019. Please stop disappointing your existing users, cause they are the ones that gave you their trust and bought a device with your os. atracting enw users is nice, but with this manny bugs in the os it is not fair play.

  108. first of all, this website is a pain when viewed from a desktop. I had to zoom out to make it tolerable.

    second of all, I want to move away from traditional smartphones and all its distractions so I am interested in a lesser evil (nokia banana phone). I want to create my own apps on this platform but information regarding that is not very discoverable. Can you point me to the right direction if I want to develop my own apps? thanks!

  109. KP

    Hi there,

    For those of you who use the 2 Factor Authentication, I found out that the GAUTH webpage by “gbraad” works perfectly on the device. Generates codes compatible with multiple services, Google included. I think he had a webapp made for Firefox OS so a port could be made for offline usage. Those utilities boost the usability of the system a lot.

    By the way, my most missed app is a PDF reader, as the one available for Jio Phones. A PKPASS reader app (passbook like) could also be a great companion.


    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback and advice 😉 We will forward it to our engineers and product team for future consideration.

  110. yemiho

    please why is the device quitting apps after ” device is out of memory” while there is still memory space. also the click is not smart enough
    when are we expecting browsers like opera thanks

  111. Maine

    Hi! When will you release viber for Nokia 8110 4G? We use viber than whatsapp here in the Philippines

  112. Dick

    When will the bugs in the readout screenreader and the lack of languages (in my case dutch) in text to speech be fixed? I have 2 useles kaios phoens here now, and i realy hope i will not have to wait for all eternity to be able to use them.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! We are aware of the importance of this feature. However, we can’t comment on a specific update. Thank you for understanding.

  113. Sajjad

    Sir why are not come Version 2.6.0 in Nokia 8110 4G in Pakistan????????????????????

  114. Sajjad

    Sir why are not come Version 2.6.0 in Nokia 8110 4G in Pakistan????????????????????

  115. Per

    Hello! Hope you can develop an FB Messenger app on KaiOS. Many person in the Philippines doesn’t use Whatsapp. It’ll be a big help. Thanks and more power.

  116. Chen Xikun

    I am a Chinese user , using the Nokia 8110 4G. When will the Kaios app store be online on WeChat or QQ or Alipay?

  117. dex

    There is volte support, can you add and vowifi support?

  118. Steve

    My kai store don’t have file manager app, danger dash,life app, etc
    My apps can’t upgrade to the next version
    Please replay me

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for keeping in touch. We will forward your requirements to our product team for future consideration.

  119. Allam

    We need more stability and faster os
    There are some bugs still with the last update
    I think strong ,faster and stable os will bring more apps.
    I have nokia 8110

    • Kai Helps

      I am extremely sorry that KaiOS hasn’t met your expectations. We are always striving to make improvements to our system and your insightful feedback is very helpful for us.

  120. Mat

    Hey ! Globally, nice work on the OS, quite interesting how it has been made. A few comments, though :

    – As mentionned above, some messaging services (Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, etc) should be supported.
    – I do not know if it is the right place to comment this – but it seems like there is no memory whatsoever on Wi-Fi connections,. My 8810 keeps forgetting my local Wi-Fi network. I am not fond of typing 30-character passwords every time I need high speed internet 😉
    – Please let us delete the useless pre-installed games (Gameloft), as they use memory and take up the menu space.
    – Adding a “from my position” and “towards my position” suggestion when using Navigation on Google Maps could really be useful !

    AND finally, when an app is available on the store, please make sure it is suited for the available OS version – Facebook is for instance asking me to update my OS to be able to use it – even though my phone is up to date …

    Thanks a lot for your work and time ! Looking forward to hear from you guys.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your comments. Some of your requests are already known and are being considered by our product team for future updates. Thank you for your advice 🙂

  121. kunal waghmare

    please kaistor update in jio phone and twitter,to-do,qr scanner,omnisd,jbstore and more app update to all jio phone

  122. Asif Ahmed

    Is Pdf file reader available in Nokia 8110 4g?

    • Kai Helps

      PDF reader is not yet available for KaiOS. We have received a bunch of these requests already, and our product team is aware of thsi requirement. Thank you for the suggestion!

  123. Imrul kayes

    please Quickly viber apps

  124. attilavagyok

    angry birds
    pdf reader ti hüjék

  125. attilavagyok

    thank yuo

  126. attilavagyok

    please messenger quickly

  127. Joko Widiyatmoko

    The store is not running on my feature phone to find the messaging service.

  128. Lauri

    Hi, is it possible to get EasyPark and Spotify to KaiOS in Finland someday? They would be very important apps for everyday use for a lots of people!

  129. Topi

    Hello! im looking forward to buy nokia 8110, can u inform when (or does ever) spotify come to kaios? i need that in my life ;_;

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Please note that we cannot comment on specific updates and/or release plans. However, we are constantly working on expanding the range of apps and services we can offer you.

  130. Rafael

    Thanks a lot for your hard work. KaiOS is a great platform. 🙂
    Expecting photo editor, pdf reader, facebook messanger, etc. apps. There are enough games already, working on apps necessary to customers will be a better step to take now. I am really satisfied with KaiOS, & expect that one day it will be on the same level as android or iOS. I am a photography lover, so i was hoping for a decent photo editor app. Please take it in your concern.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out! Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS.
      Be sure that we have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them to the next software version

  131. Atik

    I really appreciate that KaiOS team is trying their best to satisfy their customers. KaiOS needs a lot of softwares but has a few developers. After reading all the comments here, I personally think developing a file manager app(with file hiding feature), call recorder, pdf reader, photo editor(at least with sharpness, clarity, saturation, croping & bluring option), whatsapp, etc. are mostly wanted. I hope that the developers will first work on the things that customers give most priority to and develop these wanted applications as soon as possible. 🙂

  132. kim

    can you guys supports vpn or shadowsocks features?

    its very important for some people‘s network function or security in some countries

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your advice. VPN is an important feature and we are aware of it. However, I can’t confirm when it will be available. As we don’t disclose information about the future updates.

  133. Olivier

    With the OS being able to run apps like Google Maps, are there any plans plans to bring Uber to the platform.

    I’m super keen on stepping away from a smartphone to get a feature phone but that is one of the apps I will still need.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your question. However, we can’t comment on a specific update. Be sure we are working on expanding the range of apps for our users.

  134. Z

    How are we to enable VPN on the banana phone ?

  135. Darryl

    Is there a way to share your location live with a KaiOS app? Location sharing is not enabled on Google Maps or Whatsapp. Is there another app I can use? Life360 is my favourite but it isn’t available on the KaiOS platform.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Please note that location-sharing is not available. We are aware of its importance. Apologies for the inconvenience it may cause.

  136. Radeet

    Please, add spotify ASAP.

  137. PIYUSH

    Hi, I m not user of kaios. I want to buy nokia 8110 4g. I need call record(must be able to record the voice of dialer & reciver), PDF Viewer, file manager and Hotspot connectivity. Is possible to add those apps in Kaios store?

    • Kai Helps

      All these apps and feature are not supported yet. However, we are aware of its importance and are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

  138. Daniel Kang

    I really wanna buy a 2720 4G model.
    But in your app store, you don’t have Kakaotalk app which is most famous SNS app in Korea.
    Please add Kakaotalk app for more than 40million Korean people~~^^

  139. Ma'an Fauori

    Can i navigate with google map or just see direction ?

  140. Arthur

    Hi KaiOS team, I am having the Nokia 8110 at my location is Malaysia, I saw that the File Manager apps is showing on this page, however I couldn’t find it on the Kai Store. Was it due to region lock or it had yet to publish? Thanks.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. The File Manager is supported in the KaiOS baseline. However, OEMs (Nokia in your case) can delete or implement some feature. That’s why you don’t have File Manager on your phone.

  141. Frank Burns


    Can you please confirm I will be able to listen to internet radio on the Nokia 2720 4G flip which uses your apps?

    If not then when will you make internet radio available?


  142. manolis

    please viber apps??

  143. Nelly

    having a wonderful time with my MTN Smart Running KaiOS 2.51
    I never experience some of the issues some users complain of on their phones.
    File Manager, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Map, G Assistant, Youtube are all present without stress.


    1. worst dialing experience i ever had is on my MTN Smart
    while dialing a number, the phone will start searching my phone book to suggest numbers relating to what am dialing and slows down the whole process.
    Take for example i have 290+ contacts, and trying to dial a new number eg: 08123456789, just by entering the second digit 08… the phone will like hang searching all phone numbers on my contact that begins with 08…and it takes 45sec – 1munite+ to complete and until that is completed i cant proceed to enter the third digit which is 081… and that continues till i get to the 11 digit i wanted to enter. many times i lost the the opportunity of collecting my client phone numbers because they will dictate their phone numbers 2-3 times but i cant still get it because of this issue, i will then pretend like thou i collected it.
    Secondly, Take for example i mistakenly dialed 08123456689 instead of 08123456789, there is no way to edit it back and change the second 6 to 7. you just have to dial the number from the beginning.
    Note: i can dial numbers fast if my phone book has 20 or less contacts

    2.This is the first time am seeing a phone am seeing a phone that has file manager but cant open as little as .txt file. i hope to see the file manager not only open txt file but also create a new txt file.

    3. Please assume there is no bible app on Kaios Store even thou there is one that depend on the internet to use it and upon that even with your internet you cant find many books in the bible and opening bible chapters and verses is little bit hard and takes time .
    I trust kaios team because i know very soon i will see a nice bible reader that its bible data and translations will be stored on the SD Card.

    3.Copy and Paste that will work on browsers and any app on the phone will be a good idea.

    4. Music app should sort only by folder and the ability to create your own playlist also set Equalizer i love playing music with more bass.
    Video Player is already playing .mp4 videos that i never taught a small phone like this could play. it will also be nice if it can also play .mkv or .avi videos or even both.

    5. My model number is M561M3. I hope to see Voice Recorder app on my store soon and also Nitro Street 1&2 and all games from Gameloft they are my favorite.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  144. Emre

    Is 2720 flip a couple with gear s3?

  145. Abdulqayyum

    Please add Uc browser,Opera mini, Google chrome , Vidmate, Live Tv , Cricbuzz , Ass…. Creed , Midnight pool 3 , Spiderman, Subway surfers.
    These are the most important apps and games that will complete the KaiOS but none of above mentioned apps or games is present in KaiOS Store.
    Please first of all add these apps and games it will complete the store.
    Thank you.

  146. Abdulqayyum

    Please also add a file sharer app like zapya
    Very very very important

  147. abc

    Please we want IMO for calls on this Nokia KaiOS

  148. kai stax

    Man, no need to work so hard; just make your os compatible with .jar/.jad/.sys files classic Nokia app files

  149. ekene

    Please add vlc player,mx player , operamini or other web browsers to kaios store

  150. joko

    I am looking for the voice call on kaios whatsapp

  151. Hans Müller

    What is really missing, is an GPX tracker app and an telegram app.


    Please add file manager,operamini,google chrome, and please increase the scrolling down speed on kaios browser it takes about 15 minutes for reaching down the end of this page and comment. Please increase the scrolling speed on the browser and add above mentioned apps.add file manager

    • Abdulqayyum

      Please add file manager and one browser at least one browser which should be add free MI and scrolling down should be fast.this page is very lengthy it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach at the end of the page and comment. Add UC browser Opera mini aur Google chrome I bought Nokia 8110 4g file manager is also not present which is the most important app of any smart or feature phone I am commenting for 15 to 20 days but none of the apps I have suggested for are available please add above-mentioned apps these are very necessary I will be very thankful to you.

  153. Mahdi Hasan

    Please, add Bangla to English Dictionar.

  154. Eric Song

    I`m Korean, I had used old Nokia`s 3 types models from 6260, Xpress Music, Lumia 800.
    Anyway, I`m hooked on the “though 800” model.
    Is there any ways to input the Korean for the text messages?

  155. Chris

    I will buy a nokia flip phone as soon as spotify is supported in KaiOS

  156. kotz

    FB messenger please.

  157. Saviour KALU

    Does KAI OS operating phones uses Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook cause I need to get the NOKIA 800 TOUGH.

  158. surya

    i couldnt find whatsapp for 8110 4g in lithuania.why is that?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! In order to have WhatsApp available on your phone, please make sure that you have a valid SIM card inserted and that a software version of your phone is 2.5.1. If your software version is older then go to Software Update and check a new update is available.

  159. Rahul Govind


    Can you tell me if apps like Uber is available in KaiOS?

    • Kai Helps

      Uber is not supported on KaiOs devices. We are working on expanding the range of apps for our customers. I will send your request to our product team. They’re always looking for ways to improve KaiOS and meet our customers’ needs.

  160. Kyber

    Will Zalo, Messenger, Viber, Line…. will be available on KaiOS?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! We can’t comment on a specific update and release plan. However, we are aware of the importance of these apps. I will forward your app request to our product team. They’re always looking for ways to improve KaiOS and meet our customers’ needs.

  161. Piano Alice

    Have the chance discord will be available on KaiOS?

  162. Kon Sumer

    I want KaiOS smartwatch with 4G when will it be available?

  163. pietro

    Is it possible to use dual instances of WhatsApp on a dual-SIM KaiOS phone ?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! That’s a good question, actually. I need to double-check it with our engineers.

    • an

      dual whatsapp is not possible at this time on the current kaios version.
      1. the current kaios version will not handle multi-threadding/multi-tasking applications efficiently
      2. only one version of whatsapp is available for kaios.

      • pietro

        thanks ! it would have been a perfect match of the dual sim, but I understand this limitations cannot be overcome in the short term

  164. abdullah

    1. for quran red best app need
    2.j2me lodar
    4.pdf redar
    vary need…………………

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your feature request. We will forward it to our engineers, they are always looking for new ways to improve our OS.

  165. Sanju

    No updates for nokia 8110 till now. Indian version of kai os is far behind the latest version available I guess. Not sure why such a delay when there are no carrier specific devices here unlike other countries. So frustrating

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! I understand your frustration. Please note that OEMs decide when to push the next update. This is taking time for several facts, like the country or region, also the model of the device, the build number. For this reason, we cannot give you a date exactly.

  166. Brock S MacDonald

    Hello! I’m a fan of your platform and have a few requests/ideas for apps.

    Instagram Direct – a huge portion of my work is communicating with teens, usually over Insta direct, notifications would be helpful.

    Gmail app – obvious reasons.

    A Cloud service – GDrive, dropbox, etc.

    A Cloud Note service would be nice. – i.e. evernote.

    Or the ability to make webpages save as an app tile, to launch a browser to a frequent site.

  167. vineet

    Hi, after learning that NOKIA is planning to launch 2720 this year, by any chance for India location is there any plan to onboard any other apps like payment wallets supported in India and apps for cabs like Uber or Ola ?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! You are right, KaiOS powers also Nokia 2720. However, KaiOs is not dealing with a delivery plan. We can’t predict when it comes to your country. Regarding additional apps, it is difficult to say, because we can’t comment on any future updates.

  168. mirko

    I’ve opened 2 tikets already as i bought this phone 2 months ago, and the support answerd me that i had to wait an update to get whatsapp which had to be relesed in the summer, we are about to be going in the autumn and no whatsapp app in the kaios store, I only wanted to say, that this is kind of way of be cheating customer, shame on you company. first rule of making business is seriusness. well done

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! I am very sorry that you haven’t still received a software update. Could you please try to insert another SIM card? You may not receive an update due to an invalid SIM card or your SIM can be country-locked.

  169. gino


    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Apologies that our support is currently in English only.
      As I understood, you are asking about the next software version for CAT B35. We can’t comment on a specific update. However, we are striving to provide our customers with the new software version for a better experience.

  170. carlos

    He visto su producto Nokia 2720 Flip, al ser una persona invidente necesitaría un lector de pantalla para que dicho smarfhone sea totalmente accesible para mi. Agradecería los desarrolladores pusieran en la pagina de aplicaciones de KAiO una aplicación similar a talback o ha Nokia Screen Reader. Att: Carlos de España.

    The view of its product Nokia 2720 Flip, being a blind person a screen error to make said smarfhone fully accessible to me. I would appreciate the developers putting it in person from KAiO applications an application similar to a suchback or has Nokia Screen Reader. Att: Carlos de Spain.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello Carlos! We are striving to provide our blind customers with the best experience. I will forward your requests to our product team, they are always looking for ways to improve our OS and meet our customers’ needs.

  171. User

    Telegram is a must guys

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. Telegram is a very popular social app nowadays. We are aware of it and we are working on adding it to future updates.

  172. Kenning

    Hello, I love the progress you guys have made on offering a genuine alternative in the mobile phone space. I would seriously consider switching if there was Venmo support on the platform. It’s the only app I use that requires me to carry a smartphone. Thanks for the consideration, and keep up the good work.

  173. Luis C.

    I just got my first KaiOS phone. I can’t wait to see Telegram and Reddit on KaiStore 🙂

    • Kai Helps

      Telegram and Reddit are not supported on KaiOS devices. However, we understand their importance. Meanwhile, you can use such social apps as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

  174. Bowie

    Telegram is very important for certain locations, please add this in the app store

  175. Dmitro

    Can I download app Viber in KaiOS?

  176. Lachlan

    Hi, I’m really enjoying the simplicity of my KaiOS phone without forgoing Google Maps and other modern functionalities. I’ve wanted to stop using a smartphone for a while and you operating system has finally let me do it. I would just like to ask for the ability for YouTube videos to play while my device is locked and Spotify for streaming podcasts and music. If Spotify cannot be added then a standalone podcast app would suffice. Thanks!

  177. T. Henrique

    My Positive P70S device does not have an email client. Can you help me?

  178. Abdulqayyum

    Please add file manager app on Nokia 8110 4G I’m waiting for it for 3 to 4 months.
    And please xender app should be able to send music videos images and all other type of files.
    Xender is not able to send anything to Android.
    And also it should be able to get all type of files from Android.
    Please add opera browser in kaios.
    1. In kaistore make separate place for mentioning new apps.
    2.apps update notification must show the features of update.
    3.A search bar should be available in store.
    4.make scrolling faster in web browser.
    5.images cannot be uploaded on Google photos. to upload videos on YouTube.
    Please please please please work on these requests and suggestions.
    First of all add file manager.
    I will be very thankful to you.

    • Kai Helps

      Dear Abdul! Your comments are much appreciated. It’s important that you know that although KaiOS Technologies creates the software that makes smart feature phones work, we don’t build phones themselves. The companies that do build them can choose to implement or leave out a feature, so we recommend contacting them directly to confirm whether a feature is or isn’t available before purchasing.

  179. Abdulqayyum

    Add Hex editor

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