KaiOS Technologies Named Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough at MWC

From the outset, KaiOS Technologies’ mission has been to reach underserviced markets and bring the internet to unconnected communities through innovative mobile technology. In a year that has already been filled with excitement and growth, we’re proud to announce KaiOS was named the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough at MWC’s Asia Mobile Awards 2018 in Shanghai.

To date, Kai has been spearheading mobile disruption in emerging markets around the world. In January, we announced our partnership with Reliance Retail, maker of the KaiOS-powered JioPhone in India, allowing users to experience advanced digital services, while helping them to save money and enjoy a longer battery life.

We then set our sights on expanding access to core functionality and features like social media, email, messaging, and more. At MWC in Barcelona, we proudly announced partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, NXP, Nokia, Qualcomm, and many others.

And finally, in another stride toward our goal of closing the digital divide, we recently announced a partnership with Google where they’re investing $22 million in our company so that together we can connect the next billion users.

We are not taking these achievements for granted, and our vision — enriching the lives of all users in underserved markets with the best technologies — has not yet been fully achieved. At this point in our journey, however, we are proud to be numbered among the other honorees from MWC Shanghai 2018 and recognized for our pursuit to make advanced digital services available to everyone.


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  1. JS QT

    Congratulations! It would be great if the base of the KaiOS system was open sourced (like Android is). It would allow smaller OEMs to experiment with the OS on their hardware easily and accelerate the adoption of the OS in the feature phone market.

    Being open source was one of the reasons that Android became ubiquitous (instead of other OSes like Windows Phone and webOS); it was easy to deploy without many limitations.

    • Hariompuri goswami

      I am very happy to reading this artical. I wish i hope kaios technology give a best technology & apps better than android apps & technology. I am users of jio keypad phone.

  2. this technology has become one of the most improving technology these days. it provides the latest technological mode.

  3. chandan kumar bhartiya

    jio phone whatsapp and youtube kab ayega

    • Kai Helps

      Hey Chandan, we appreciate your comment here. If you want to know more information on apps for JioPhone like Youtube and WhatsApp, you will benefit from contacting Reliance Jio directly over this link: https://www.jio.com/en-in/selfhelp Feel free to let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  4. Stanley

    Hi, do you support the google voice app (not to be mistaken for google Assistant)?

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