Introducing the Nokia 2720 Flip and 800 Tough, powered by KaiOS

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced the Nokia 2720 Flip and the Nokia 8110 Tough, both running on KaiOS, the leading operating system for smart feature phones. KaiOS enables both phones with 4G connectivity and access to a hundred essential apps like WhatsApp, The Google Assistant, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps. The Flip and the Tough follow an earlier cooperation between HMD Global and KaiOS on the Nokia 8110 4G, better known as “the banana phone.”

Nokia 2720 Flip – the classic flip design 

With Nokia 2720 Flip, simply flip the phone open to answer calls and close it to end them. Inspired by the legendary Nokia 2720, Nokia 2720 Flip brings back a familiar, tactile flip-phone design Nokia phone fans know and love. With an external 1.3” screen, Nokia 2720 Flip lets you see notifications or check who is calling, before flipping it open to the main screen to answer the call. When you’re finished, simply flip it close to hang up.

Designed for effortless dialling and messaging, Nokia 2720 Flip comes with a tactile keypad with big buttons, so fans can navigate menus with ease, always in control of what key they’re pressing. Nokia 2720 Flip’s bright 2.8” main screen has the option to display text in large format, so you can read things at a glance or from afar. Nokia 2720 Flip comes with battery that lasts for up to 27 days on standby, meaning you can stay in touch with friends and family for longer.

Nokia 800 Tough – taking durability to the extreme 

Built tough, Nokia 800 Tough’s IP68 rating gives you true peace of mind knowing it can effortlessly withstand being dropped in water, carried on rainy hikes, used in dusty worksites or even covered in sand on the beach. Nokia 800 Tough is also designed for extreme temperature changes, meaning it will work perfectly whether you take it on a snow sports trip or if leave it on the car dashboard on a sunny summer day. Nokia 800 Tough is military grade MIL-STD-810G compliant, meaning it’s built and tested to meet military standards and to survive extreme temperatures as low as -20C or as high as 55C.

With the added anti-slip coating and rubberised edges, Nokia 800 Tough will fit securely in your hand. In case it slips from your hand, Nokia 800 Tough is built to withstand daily drops even onto concrete from a height of 1.8m.  Designed for easy everyday use, Nokia 800 Tough comes with big accessible buttons so fans can navigate menus and answer calls even when wearing gloves. If you want to take your work to a bigger screen, Nokia 800 Tough allows you to create your own Wi-Fi hotspot giving you an accessible 4G LTE connection on any device, wherever you are.

For more details about Nokia 2720 and Nokia 800 Tough, please refer to the HMD global press release here.

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There are 52 Comments

  1. helpwithk

    Can google assistant be disabled on Kaios in particular on the nokia 2720 flip? I don’t want a phone that’s listening to me.

    Also it would be really great if the external button on the 2720 flip that is currently available for either google assistant or emergency contacts could be used for other things. A big selling point of this phone is a wifi hotspot. It would be great if that button could be mapped for single press wifi hotspot without having to open the phone. I don’t need emergency contacts and I don’t want google assistant but easy wifi hotspot access would be great.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your interest in our progress. Nokia 2720 is not currently powered with KaiOS. We can’t comment on a specific update. However, we are working on expanding the KaiOS family 😉

      • helpwithk

        The title of this article includes the Nokia 2720 Flip powered by KaiOS. Half this article talks about the Nokia 2720 flip running kaios. I’m a bit confused as to why you would think this phone isn’t running kaios?

      • Will

        Nokia 2720 does run the KaiOS ☺

        • Kai Helps

          Nokia 2720 is not supported with KaiOS. Please send me the link to the article where you have found this information.

          • Kai Helps

            I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Nokia 2720 is powered with KaiOS. However, we don’t have all the information about this model and its specification.

        • Kai Helps

          I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Nokia 2720 is powered with KaiOS. However, we don’t have all the information about this model and its specification.

          • helpwithk

            But you didn’t answer my original question as to whether google can be turned off in kaios? I don’t think that’s a device specific question but rather a setting in the operating system.

    • Nokea

      Wat??? thats best part!

  2. jjj

    I agree with you. In fact I’ll go even further. This phone would be really perfect if it came without all these non-essential pre-installed app: games, facebook, all google services: maps, youtube, … Then you could choose to customize it to your needs by installing apps from the kaistore. I’d buy this phone. But with all google stuff preinstalled and non-removable it is a deal breaker for me.

    • Will

      Phone should have nothing but the OS. If I want f/b or anything else, I will install it from the Store. Having preinstalled crapware and not being able to remove them is also a deal-breaker for me 🙁

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for your advice! We will send it to our product team.

      • helpwithk

        I would like the ability to install and remove apps that I do not want. Even better a clean os that I can install what I need. Are you able to rearrange apps in the order that you would like? Are you able to have certain settings like tethering available at the touch of a button? Without a touch screen its more important to have the main stuff easily accessible.

        • Kai Helps

          Hi again. I am afraid for now it is not possible to rearrange apps. Regarding the tethering, it is available. Tethering on a KaiOS powered device can be found under “Settings”. Please note that we are working with device manufacturers (OEMs) and they may choose to deactivate this feature. For more specific information, please reach out to your specific device manufacturer.

          • helpwithk

            Yes but for those that do offer it surely having a quick option in the operating system is the way to go rather than having to go to settings and press a bunch of menu options of a feature phone. If its not offered in the operating system already can I make a suggestion that it should and can you pass that feedback onto the appropriate area.

  3. Page mentions “Nokia 8110 Tough” but it’s “Nokia 800 Tough” 🙂

  4. Davis

    Great news. Really enjoying KaiOS on my Nokia 8110.

    Still waiting for a “Sidekick” or “G1”-like KaiOS phone, with a QWERTY keyboard and a trackball however.

    Also, why isn’t the Instagram web app in the KaiOS store? It works perfectly on my phone already.

  5. Ond

    Can I assign a contact from which sim to be called? eg contact A will be called from sim 1, contact B will be from sim 2, or do I have to select sim before each call? This is impractical if I call from a handsfree car and I have to take the phone in my hand and select the sim

  6. Martin

    Google assistant on KAIOS does not listen until you press a button to tell it to. It’s not listening to you all the time like on an Android phone. Otherwise it would be a massive battery drain on these devices. So no worries you can swear at the TV as much as you like! 😉

    • helpwithk

      LOL. Thanks for clearing that up. It would be great if someone could do a youtube video explaining things like this and giving a detailed comprehensive view of the operating system otherwise how else are we going to know things like this. Better and more detailed FAQs on the kaios website would also help. For instance the faqs still say whats app not available when that’s now the case. I also read the official nokia user guide online for the nokia 2720 flip and wished that had more detail. I would like to know basic things before purchase.

  7. Yly Coy

    Nokia 800 Tough is amazing idea but that’s so much big size.
    That must be a small phone.
    I hope for a new version MIL-STD-810 KaiOS to this phone.

  8. Marshall

    will the new ones come out in the US? Also, what is the status of ride sharing apps uber etc?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. We are working on expanding the range of devices powered with KaiOS. However, we can’t confirm on a specific update.

  9. Nice, I have never heard of kaiOS before, I think I should write about this on my website.

    Quick question: Is the kaiOS available for Android devices? Someone reply me, please.

  10. Amber

    There are so few kai os phone is the US why is the app store not on ALL of Kai os powered devices, I bought the alcatel go flip 2 thinking I found the perfect phone, only to find there is no app store, even though this site ( says there is. Can you guys please create an update for this phone?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. I would advise you to check the software version on your phone. You need to help version 2.5 at least in order to have access to the KaiStore.

  11. Seppo PURSIAINEN

    How is Gmail used with KaiOS? Is there an app for it? The phone would be one of Nokia’s new KaiOS driven feature phones (8110, “FLIP” or “tough”).

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Good news! Gmail app is available on KaiOS phones.

    • Jon Högström

      Hi, when I try to open KaiOS Store on my new Nokia 2720 flip it only says “Connection error”. Any help on what can be wrong? (I have registered a KaiOs Account)

      • Kai Helps

        Hello Jon. Sorry to know that you have faced some issues. Usually, the KaiStore doesn’t worl well if a SIM card is not inserted. Please check it and let me know if it helped.

  12. Muna

    How to uninstall app in Nokia 2720 Flip?

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. Please note that it is not possible to uninstall apps on KaiOS devices. Apologies for the inconvenience it may cause.

  13. Keshav

    What is the release date for Nokia 2720 in India?

  14. Mario Be

    Hi everyone,

    is Dezzer or Sprtyfi avaialbe on KaiOS?
    I´m very intrested to the Nokia 800, but I need any Music-Streaming for my daily ways.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Dezzer and Spotify are not supported on KaiOS devices. However, we are working on expanding the range of apps (including music streaming). Meanwhile, you can use a Music app pre-installed on Nokia 800. You can download music to that app using USB.

      • Mario Be

        I´m sorry,
        but without streaming music like Deezer or Sportify is the KaiOS not interessting for me.
        I like the idea of KaiOS and featurephones, but without any usefull apps it is not smart enought.

        • Kai Helps

          Dear Mario, we know that there are not so many apps in the store as our customers need. However, we are doing our best to provide them with good experience. Please keep up to our updates and you will be informed if there are new apps available.

  15. Kari

    For security reasons i want to uninstall some applications from my Nokia 800 Tough.
    Those are Google Assistant, Facebook and WhatsApp. How can i delete those apps?

    • William

      You can’t and never will, unfortunately 🙁 Google invested US$22 million in the operating system and as part of that agreement, the CEOs of Google and KaiOS agreed to have Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search installed on KaiOS phones. Likewise, KaiOS “partnered with” Facebook and Twitter, amongst others, which is why those apps cannot be uninstalled either.

    • Kai Helps

      Hello Kari! I understand your concern but it’s not possible to uninstall any applications from KaiOS devices. I cam imagine how frustrating it may be. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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