Eight New Energizer® Feature Phones to Run on KaiOS

Marseille, France, February 7 2019 – Avenir Telecom, the exclusive Energizer® licensee, and KaiOS Technologies, maker of KaiOS, the emerging mobile operating system for smart feature phones, today announced their partnership and the forthcoming release of eight new KaiOS-powered Energizer® feature phones.  


“These Energizer® feature phones target entry-level users that need a device that is easy to use, ergonomic, and reasonably-priced,” said KaiOS Technologies CEO Sebastien Codeville. “This focus on expanding access to affordable solutions is exactly in line with Kai’s mission of closing the digital divide, which is why we’re pleased to partner with Avenir Telecom and serve such an important user segment.”


The eight Energizer® feature phones, starting at MSRP 19.99€, will run on KaiOS and come preinstalled with the KaiStore, as well as several apps and services including the Google Assistant, Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, and Twitter. The devices will be available for distributing partners to stock starting in June 2019.


“With 450 million units sold in 2017, the feature phone market is flourishing. We look forward to launching the first Energizer®  phones featuring KaiOS, and making further inroads into this market, notably in developing countries”, declares Jean-Daniel Beurnier, CEO of Avenir Telecom. “By integrating KaiOS into our Energizer® mobile phones, we are able to offer ‘smart feature phones’ that help to connect populations whose internet access is restricted; thus, making them a preferred choice among consumers.”


KaiOS currently connects more than 50 million users in over 100 countries. The platform enables a new category of devices that require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience. Together with its partners, Kai aims to close the digital divide by bringing mobile connectivity to the billions of people without internet in emerging markets, as well as providing those in established markets with an alternative to smartphones.

The suite of the eight new feature phones will be on display at the Energizer® Mobile stand (booth CS 96) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from February 25 – 28.




Legal note: Google, Google Maps, YouTube, and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

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There are 45 Comments

  1. Subham

    That means fb is available in KaiStore?

  2. Max Pantsyrev

    These are cool. But will there be any QWERTY phones on global market?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Max, as much as we’d love to help you with this info, we cannot comment on any release plans. However, you may forward your suggestion to particular device manufacturer you had in mind so that you can share your thoughts. Thank you! 🙂

  3. John

    Hi, are you offering whatsapp as well ?

  4. Ashish

    sir jiophone 3.0 ka update kab aya date

    • Kai Helps

      Ashish, KaiOS is already in its latest version – 2.5 If you have any feature requests which you would like to get, please let us know. Thank you!

  5. Ross

    The first two flip phones looks weird. I like fliphone as my second phone.

  6. Jorge

    try with 8 or 12 megapixel phones

  7. R d

    hey why dont you bring hotspot function to jiophone?

    is the reliance company responsible for its removal from kai os (jiophone) ?

    If yes then why

    • Kai Helps

      In general, Hotspot is supported in KaiOS. We are working with device manufacturers (OEMs) and in some cases, they will determine if a certain feature is implemented or changed. We recommend reaching out to your respective device manufacturer for more specific information about Hotspot if you cannot find it in the menu.

    • Aman

      Because data on jiophone is cheaper than regular 4g data(rs.149 instead of 399) . If they provide hotspot people will stop buying data pack for their normal phone and use data from jiophone hotspot

  8. when the nokia 8110 banana get update for whatsapp?

    • Kai Helps

      Hi, we are doing our best at providing with WhatsApp all KaiOS devices like Nokia 8110 4G. However, we don’t have a set release date yet, so we hope you stay tuned for further updates.

  9. Malachy Martin

    I purchased a Nokia 8110 within the past 2 weeks. It has KaiOS. The predictive text system is very clumsy, extremely substandard and therefore totally inadequate. I have used various phones (some more advanced and also some more basic) in the past and their predictive text systems were much more intelligent, versatile and therefore user-friendly. What are you doing to rectify this situation or do I have to get another phone (preferably one that does not have your (KaiOS) operating system)? Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

    • Kai Helps

      Hi Malachy, thank you for sharing your feedback – we are aware of the issue and are working to improve the predictive text system. We will surely add more features and make the predictive text system in further updates. Please stay tuned.

  10. Kriss

    Plz make the keyboard auto-capatalize ‘i’ like write now i am writing with kaios and it is not capatalizing i. How can u ignore something like dis r u chinese or wht lol joking bt plz also add some emojis also thnks 🙂

    • Kai Helps

      Hello! Your helpful comments are much appreciated, and your feedback will help us to continually improve our OS. Be sure that I have forwarded your requirements to our product team so they could include them to the next software version.

  11. Eagerly waiting for hotspot feature in Jio Phone!

  12. Greg

    What KaiOS phones are currently available in the United States? Any word on what KaiOS phones may becoming to the United States later this year?

  13. Erik Løvendahl

    Can i download j2me apps on KaiOS operated phones? (Cat B35)


    • Kai Helps

      Erik, we don’t support Java apps (J2ME) in the current version. However, more apps and features are coming to KaiOS soon. We hope you keep yourself posted on our news & announcements.

  14. M

    Hi, will these new Energizer phones be in North America (specifically Canada)? If not, which KaiOS phones are/will be available in Canada?

  15. Abhi

    Pls jio ko bolo na ki instagram add kar

  16. Gloria Owen

    Google Android-like licensing should make many manufacturers – especially Chinese manufacturers – jump on this platform, and create the mass effect that saw Android become the number 1 mobile OS. Is this the case for KaiOS? If manufacturers are paying some fees to use KaiOS, this is going slow adoption and keep prices higher!

    • Gloria Owen

      … I understand this isn’t a not-for-profit initiative; programmes like KaiAds, and services (VAS) that are oriented to peculiarities of individual markets could be revenue drivers.

  17. Cameron Pak

    Hello KaiOS, I have a few things to ask. My background is in web development, so I want to be able to write apps for KaiOS, and I live in the USA.

    1. Is there a KaiOS phone in the USA that has the KaiStore?
    2. When will KaiOS receive emoji support? Emojis are a great way to express emotion in text, and a lot of people use them.
    3. Can I get a glimpse of the roadmap for KaiOS in the USA?

    Thanks for taking time to read these.

  18. Hi! Is there any release date for these phones?

  19. Kane

    Hi KaiOS

    I’m really interested in getting a Smart Feature Phone.
    What devices are available in the UK that runs KaiOS?

  20. Amer

    Whatsapp is very buggy on Nokia 8110 4G. Need to be updated.

  21. Abraham

    Very interested to import and distribute your
    Energiser mobile E12 to Lebanon & Syria.
    Pls update to send you our orders.

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